Tory Fisheries Policy Towards Scotland is Decided in Consultation with the Scottish Fisheries Federation whose membership is dominated by Five North East Coast – Multi Millionaire Families – Whose Trawlers Dominate the Whitefish Industry. But the West Coast is Where the Money is Yet It is Ignored

              Impact of the 2014 and 2016 referendums In the 2014 referendum the affluent North East of Scotland constituencies voted to remain in the UK Union. In the 2016 referendum they voted to leave the EC. In 2016 the Tory party concentrated their political campaigning in the North East […]


    Truth Will Out The wall of silence may not be able endure much longer. Foreign Office minister Alan Duncan ordered an official investigation into the Institute, and Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry, a target of the Initiative’s critical tweets, seized the issue with some gusto. In a parliamentary debate December 12, she noted the “Integrity Initiative’s” use […]


        The “Institute For Statecraft” and “Shared Outcomes Initiatives”   In a summary of a “private discussion” between Chris Donnelly, the Director of the “Institute for Statecraft” and retired British Army officer Gen. Sir Richard Barron, the British Army’s Twitter and Facebook wing, the 77th Brigade is praised for its “exploitation of […]


          13 Dec: 2018:  British Security Service Infiltration, the Integrity Initiative and the Institute for Statecraft Craig Murray published his take on events in his blog: ( Stating: “Having been told where the “Institute for Statecraft” skulk, I tipped off journalist Kit Klarenberg of Sputnik Radio to go and physically check […]

Reds Under the Beds – McCarthyism at Fever Pitch Yet again – Democracy in Danger yet again part 2

        10 Dec 2018: “Anonymous”  Exposes UK’s Cyber Warfare Project On 5 November 2018,  The international hacktivist group “Anonymous” exposed the UK’s “Integrity Initiative” to be an offshoot of the “Institute for Statecraft”. The “Institute”, backed by the secret service was created by London to meddle in other states’ domestic affairs.  More details […]

All you need to know about Unionist rudeboy Andrew Skinner – The guy from Haghill who made it good then cocked it up by joining Scotland-in-Union

  Andrew Skinner     5 Mar 2015: The 2015 General Election Unionist supporters strategy for the 2015 General Election included tactical voting in 30  constituencies aimed at defeating the SNP and stemming the nationalist tide. A group of young Labour party activists, led by Andrew Skinner, spent a morning distributing Tory election campaign leaflets […]

In 2014 Scots Committed National Suicide in Front of a Live Global Audience in Declining to Take Responsibility for Their Own Governance, Instead, Entrusting It to a Cabal of Elitists From Whom They Received Naught but sneering contempt -This is How to Win Next Time

        Nov 2014: The 2014 Referendum In the Scottish Independence referendum, the voter list included anyone entered on the current electoral roll, over the age of 16,, whose place of residence was in Scotland, regardless of nationality. The usual caveats about Service personnel also applied. Voter turnout was 84.59%. The result: Yes, […]

Scotland in Union – Intent On Keeping Scotland Prisoners of An Enforced Union – Further Revelations To Ponder

        Alistair Cameron – Scotland in Union – Change Management Network In part two of my recent briefing article I alluded to an obvious experience mismatch between members of Scotland-in-Union and Alastair Cameron. I am also inclined to the view that his family heritage is at odds with his outspoken support of […]

Exposing – Yet Another Westminster Conspiracy – Scotland in Union – Part Two of Two – Alastair James Cameron – Just who the Hell Is He?

        Kinloch Rannoch       The Camerons of Rannoch Clan Cameron is a West Highland  Scottish clan whose boundaries range from Aberfeldy to Locaber. Alastair Cameron’s family are from Rannoch. Excellent review here: (       The lineage of Captain Alastair James Cameron 7th Grandfather: Donald Cameron: b1700. Born: Dull, […]