The End Of the Post Will knock Your Socks Off – The Scandal That should have brought down the First Labour Party Government in Scotland – The Inside Story of the Cover-Up and Perversion of Democracy That Followed – This Is a Very Long Post

  Gordon Beattie         Scotland and the Lobbyists Gordon Beattie left the Evening Times at the age of 26 to set up a news agency. Now he runs Scotland’s largest public relations company. In its early days the stories the young Lanarkshire news agency would flog to news desks were ‘crap’, according […]

North Lanarkshire District Council – £20 Million Plus Corruption Report at Scandal Hit Labour Controlled Council – Add Cover-up of Child Pornography Allegations and other Incidences of Graft – In May 2017 the Voters Should Turf the Lot of Them Out of Office

            North Lanarkshire District Council Meltdown North Lanarkshire is the fourth largest Scottish local authority, located in west central Scotland, between Edinburgh and Glasgow. It covers an area of 47,358 and serves a population of 328,000 people. Party insiders are on record as saying that: “if Labour lose North Lanarkshire […]

Ruth Davidson and the Tory Party Surge in Scotland a load of Tosh – Yet Another Media Manipulative Headline Created by the BBC Assisting Their Westminster Paymasters

          11 Sep 2011: Only 6% of Scots think Scottish Tories put Scotland first Polling of 1,500 Scottish voters for the Tory Party in Scotland before the Holyrood elections asked whether certain parties put mainly English, Scottish or British issues first. The Scottish Conservatives were seen as the most English and […]

Unionist Scaremongering 2014 referendum – Scots are simply not genetically programmed to make political decisions – But Savvy Scots should lend an ear to the thoughts of these people

            David Cameron: English Politician: “It would be wrong to suggest that Scotland could not be another successful, independent country.”     James A Froude: English Historian: “No nation in Europe can look with more just pride on their past than the Scots, and no young Scotsman aught to grow […]