Good People Of Edinburgh Conned by Ruth Davidson and Her Tory Ratpack – The Poor Sods Will Learn the Hard Way – Never Trust a Tory








Ruth Davidson Fails the Scottish Electorate who sent her to Holyrood

Gaining seats at the last Scottish election was paramount in the thinking of Ruth Davidson and Tory activists in Scotland. This entailed a public denial of Westminster Tory policies and (as did Judas) the Party Branch in Scotland embraced Davidson’s policy with gusto. An examination of Tory Party electioneering literature in Scotland confirmed party insiders statements that: ” Davidson distanced the Scottish party from the UK Tories in several key policy areas including campaigning in the recent Holyrood election under the banner “Ruth Davidson for a strong opposition” rather than the Conservative name. The gullible Edinburgh public and others in Scotland believed the hype, to their and Scotland’s cost.

In the EU referendum 74.44% of Edinburgh Central voters supported Davidson’s oft stated policy that leaving the EU would be a catastrophic mistake, very possibly leading to a sea change in the attitudes of Scots resulting in Scotland voting to leave the Union. Her decision (after the referendum) to strongly support the Westminster government and it’s Brexit policy revealed Davidson’s own personal agenda did not and never has included supporting the wishes of the people of Scotland that elected her and her Tory cronies to office.




In support of the remain campaign Mundell said:

“those of us who are elected to positions of responsibility and who support these political institutions should be put on our mettle to defend them. Whether it is the United Kingdom or the European Union or whatever – if we believe sincerely that they are in the best interests of our country and our people, we should make the case for them with clarity and honesty.

The benefits which Scotland and the rest of the UK gains from EU membership are clear. Stepping away from the EU would be backwards step. We would be forfeiting our genuine freedom for a false freedom, which would impose real risks and dangers. In the end, it makes sense to be a part of the things which influence you. So let’s make the case for the real freedom which Scotland in the UK, and the UK in the EU gives to us all.



EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND - MARCH 31:  Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson, joins activists campaigning on March 31, 2015 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Scottish Conservatives reveal new figures in relation to the Scottish Governments widely criticised changes to stamp duty, during the second day of general election campaigning.  (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)


In support of the remain campaign Ruth Davidson said:

Davidson savaged Boris Johnson when she argued that: “a Leave Vote would be a conscious decision to make Britain poorer which would hurt the poorest the most Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage would be OK; The wealthy are always able to fall back on their pension pots and savings. It would be ordinary workers who would suffer: the “Easyjet” air hostess who could lose her job because, after Brexit, the airline would be priced out from flying within Europe; the dad on the factory floor at one of our many car-makers whose job disappears because Europe has slapped a new tariff on British-made motors; the single mum on a zero-hours contract whose job is extinguished to cut costs.”






Davidson: A few days after the referendum – In support of EU nationals being allowed right of residence:

“That’s an assurance that I want from the Government, and I want it pretty quick. It’s not enough to say to people who have come here and made a home here, and have made their life here, that we want your labour, that’s all we want. We have got to be able also to say we want your brains, we want your culture, we want your passion, we want you in our country, making our country better, and giving these people security. This result is testing this country’s sense of unity. In Scotland, where people voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU, the result is testing the binds of the Union as well.”







One reply on “Good People Of Edinburgh Conned by Ruth Davidson and Her Tory Ratpack – The Poor Sods Will Learn the Hard Way – Never Trust a Tory”

Davidson & dugdale have no beliefs, the only reason both are in politics is to further their own careers.
Even within their own parties they toady up to whoever they think will advance them up the ladder, hence dugdales’ contempt for corbyn,as she obviously thinks his days are numbered and doesn’t want to back a loser. Methinks she could be gone before him though,as even the union bosses are getting sick of her.


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