Ruth Davidson and the Tory Party Surge in Scotland a load of Tosh – Yet Another Media Manipulative Headline Created by the BBC Assisting Their Westminster Paymasters







11 Sep 2011: Only 6% of Scots think Scottish Tories put Scotland first

Polling of 1,500 Scottish voters for the Tory Party in Scotland before the Holyrood elections asked whether certain parties put mainly English, Scottish or British issues first. The Scottish Conservatives were seen as the most English and the least Scottish… and by some distance.

Murdo Fraser (MSP) said the finding strengthened his argument that the Scottish party needed a new identity: “No problem was ever solved by brushing it under the carpet. We have watched our vote decline at every election since the inception of the Scottish Parliament, and this polling tells us exactly why.

We have been fooling ourselves for almost 15 years and we must not allow it to go on. There is a belief amongst some that if we bide our time for another 10 years, things will get better. But we said that 10 years ago. It hasn’t got better, and it never will without radical change.

The anti-change approach will ultimately drag us down to a single-figure vote share, a single-figure number of seats in the Scottish Parliament, no seats at Westminster and effectively the end of the centre-right in Scotland. (conservativehome)




10 August 2012: Ruth Davidson Castigates lazy Scots for being content to live off handouts from Westminster

Ruth Davidson, the leader of the Scottish Conservative Party claimed that nearly 90 percent of Scots households are currently “living off state’s patronage,” reports. At a Tory conference on Monday, Davidson cited that only about 283,080 households in Scotland – 12 percent of the total number – pay more in taxes than what they receive in public services from the state. In addition, due to the dominance of the public sector in Scottish life, she said that state spending now represents at least one-half of Scotland’s wealth.

She thundered: “It is staggering that public sector expenditure makes up a full 50 percent of Scotland’s GDP and only 12 percent of households are net contributors, where the taxes they pay outweigh the benefits they receive through public spending. The rotten system of patronage, which denies so many people real choices in their lives, has created a corrosive sense of entitlement which suits its political gang masters.”

Referring to the exalted 12 percent who are “responsible for generating Scotland’s wealth,” she rhetorically asked: “I wonder how many of them work on public sector contracts.”

Citing data from the Office for National Statistics, Davidson said that the average Scottish household uses £14,151 more in public services every year than it pays out in taxes. Even middle-income Scots, she noted, consume £20,000 more in state spending than they pay out. Only Scotland’s wealthy, that is, those who account for the top 10 percent of earners, pay £17,205 more in tax than they receive in public services.

She also alleged that over-dependence on the public trough has created a generation of Scots who are hopelessly loyal to the Labour and Scottish National Party, at the expense of the Tories. “If the gang master state is the only provider people can see for their housing, education and employment, it’s no surprise those who seek to break the stranglehold find barriers in their way,” she declared.

It contradiction, the Telegraph reported that on the whole Scotland paid 9.6 percent of the United Kingdom’s total tax bill, while accounting for only 9.3 percent of British public spending. (IBTimes)




20 Jan 2010: Ruth Davidson, ex BBC journalist was shortlisted for the Ultra-Safe Bromsgrove Worcestershire, England seat. But was not selected as the candidate.

17 Apr 2016: Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson quit her well-paid job as a popular drive-time radio presenter with the BBC in 2009 in order to stand for Holyrood. (The Guardian)

Comment: The written word condemns the Tory party spin, Ruth Davidson’s political career was focused on gaining a seat at Westminster for an English constituency. Her failure to gain the trust of English Tory party activists altered her thinking and prompted a return to Scotland to stand for election to Holyrood an institution she had previously slagged off for being all spend and no accountability. She eventually managed to gain a place as a list MSP.




12 May 2016: The Tory Party Surge- Yet another BBC fantasy designed to manipulate the outcome of the election

Using the 2014 referendum as a bench mark it is evident that Scot’s polarised their vote’s around one of two banners. The Green Party and the SNP voted “yes” and the Unionist party’s voted “no”.

Utilising the same benchmark, assessing the performance of each of the parties in the 2016 Scottish Parliamentary election is relatively straight forward.

The “New Labour ” element of the miscalled Scottish Labour Party returned to the Tory Party they had deserted (in preference for Tony Blair) nearly 20 years before.This had the effect of increasing the Tory Party vote by nearly 19%. No great effort was demanded of Davidson since voters had decided upon their choice of party some two year’s before.

Tory claims of a massive surge in their support enhanced by the popularity of Davidson is abject nonsense and they know it. The electorate had simply returned the Tory Party base vote to the pre-Thatcher days – between 24-25%.

The collapse of the Labour Party seems to be terminal, with their support amongst the electorate being reduced to a rump 18-20%. Two decades before, the base vote would have been much enhanced by voters loyal to the Party.

A resurgent SNP benefited from good governance and in retaining the confidence of the electorate laid claim to a substantial 49% of the overall Scottish vote and a historical third term in office.

The decline of the other Unionist Party, the Lib/Dem, by nearly 4% confirms well established pattern of rejection by Scottish voters, with only Orkney, Shetland and the largely rural North Fife sticking with it.

The Green Party’s common sense approach to opposition politicking ensured it’s love affair with the electorate also continued with a near 5% increase in their vote.

Applying the outcome of the election to the 2014 referendum provides the following result:

SNP + Green (Yes)  53.5%

Tory, Labour & Lib/Dem  46.5%

Ruth Davidson, in her after election victory speech made the silly claim “The increase in the Tory Party’s share of the vote sends a clear message to the SNP and their supporters that there is no appetite for another referendum.”

But her speech and that of other Unionist Party leaders betrayed their fear of another referendum since the SNP manifesto had not included any reference to another referendum.

The outcome of the election (without any campaigning by the SNP) also gave every indication that another referendum would result in a “yes” vote.

The first use of the term “Tory surge in Scotland” was introduced into the election coverage by the BBC in it’s balanced election coverage a couple of weeks before the election.

And was speedily picked up and given maximum coverage by the compliant Scottish Press. Another example of the blatant misuse of the power of media manipulation by the Westminster government and the BBC.

It was incredulous to many voters that the party of rampant “austerity”, and ever increasing levels of family and child poverty, had gained votes in Scotland despite the wanton freezing of the elderly fuel allowance (against a 20% depreciation in the allowance purchasing performance), and the reviled bedroom tax, ruthless attacks on the disabled and health and welfare benefits so much admired by many countries worldwide.

There is still hope that members of the Labour party in Scotland will “grasp the nettle” and get onside with their fellow Scot’s taking up the mantle of freedom, rejecting the “federalist” policies of Kezia Dugdale which will only result in total rejection of the Labour Party by Scot’s.

In any event the future is now much clearer, the polarisation of Scottish politics is complete. The die has been cast. The Unionist Party’s have been exposed as a bunch of bully’s with no interest in the Scot’s except as a source of income and armed forces. The future is ugly (without effective representation), for Scot’s unless they vote with their hearts and minds and break free from the oppressive yoke of Westminster.









4 replies on “Ruth Davidson and the Tory Party Surge in Scotland a load of Tosh – Yet Another Media Manipulative Headline Created by the BBC Assisting Their Westminster Paymasters”

Good to read, thanks. I read it as, ‘Tory Scourge’, not, ‘surge’. Telling or what. Quite amazing really, they can manage to make a reduction in support, in effect, a positive. Wow, must start using their eye glass, negative is positive, lies are truth, oppression equals freedom! Oh aye.


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