Henry Hendron – Intelligent-Ambitious-Destined to Succeed-But Destroyed by the Tory Party and the Westminster Cesspit-Scotland Needs to Break Free.

              What attraction does the Tory Party, London and Westminster hold for young gay men?  London is a cesspit of crime, vice, drugs, sex and politicians of all ages and sex who prey on immature and impressionable youngsters. The churn factor is high with many reported deaths and casualties […]

Ruth Davidson Has an epiphany – Scottish Tories to Back Independence in the event of a “Hard Brexit” !!!!

      Scottish Tories increasingly restless about Brexit In the months following the outcome of the European Union referendum Ruth Davidson and her Tory party colleagues in Scotland have been significantly reticent about getting involved in the political scene in Scotland. It appears to be the case that many MSP’s and Party activists in […]

Is the Labour Party at War with the Zionists? If Affirmed Will the Party Split? The Track Record of the Zionists is Impressive

    Ken Livingstone         20 April 2016: Ken Livingstone leaves the Labour Party in turmoil after claiming Hitler backed moving Jews to Israel When Jeremy Corbyn finally suspended Naz Shah, a Labour MP, for anti-Semitic comments on Wednesday afternoon he had hoped to draw a line under the furore engulfing his […]

Brian Wilson – Unionist Labour Party – Politics Before People Advocate – Hates the Thought of an Independent Scotland – A Sad Figure

          Brian Wilson Brian Wilson former Labour party minister at Westminster and in Scotland has been at the forefront of Scottish and Westminster politics for nearly 40 years. He is an accomplished author and Journalist responsible for many hard hitting articles almost always attacking the SNP government. He is always vociferous […]

Scottish Pensioners to reap the reward for voting against independence – There might be another chance -Grab it and vote Yes

                    On the Andrew Marr show on Sunday 18 September 2016 Work and pensions secretary Damian Green said he would not reverse Iain Duncan Smith’s devastating welfare cuts which have unfairly targetted the poorest members of society creating hardship and increasing the levels of poverty beyond […]

Libya – Another Mess Created by Powerful Western Allies Driven by a Desire for the Country’s Resources – An uncertain future – A War without End.

                 The Assassination of Colonel Khadaffi was ordained by President Obama and Hilary Clinton Tony Blair urged Khadaffi to find “a safe place to go” as part of a managed process of political change before the situation reached “the point of no return”. Failure to accept the offer […]

Alex Rowley is no Puppet and the Battle is on for the leadership of the Labour party in Scotland – Lets Hope Alex Wins This Time

              About Alex Rowley Alex Rowley was born in Dunfermline and raised in Kelty. He attended Edinburgh University, graduating with an MA Honours in Sociology and Politics, and an MSc in continuing education. He was also a local councillor with Fife Regional Council between 1990 – 2012 and was […]

Brexit Pitfalls – Passenger and Freight Air Travel – Scottish Independence Benefits – Its a “no Brainer”

              Ryanair – Brexit – Air Passenger Duty The National reported today that Ryanair chief Michael O’Leary anticipates lower growth in airline traffic resulting in financial loss to his business over the next few years, whilst Brexit is being negotiated at Westminster. Referring to the Scottish Government’s intention to […]