Corbyn V Labour Friends of Israel – How many bodies will the Internecine strife in the Labour party claim –



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Smearing Corbyn – with friends like his who needs enemies?

The Labour right and its “new Labour” MP’s, under the leadership of Mandelson et al is determined to smear their party leader, Jeremy Corbyn as being in league against Jews together with a myriad of unnamed anti-Semites in their defence of Palestinian human rights. The “roll-out” of the tried and tested tactic of, ” guilt by association.”

But a look back at the Labour Party’s record in office exposes its vicious racist policies and warmongering which led to the death and disability of many thousands of young British servicemen and women coupled with a similar fate in the case of many hundreds of thousands of innocents in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and other theatres of conflict generated by the “Allies”. War without end!!!!!

The right wing press (see below) attacks Jeremy Corbyn daily and it is evident there is not to be an honest debate about the future direction of the party. More it is about the all powerful Jewish lobby “The Labour Friends of Israel” which is insistent on retaining control over the party’s approach to the seemingly endless Israel/Palestine conflict and the vision of peace that will prevail. The politics of spin, jiggery pokery and attack dog politics is back on the agenda with a vengeance.

Will the lobby fight dirty? Yup!!! A very full smear bucket is handed to the press and supporters. Corbyn is charged with being unelectable, perhaps because he and his team avoid the politics of spin and little substance that caused so much damage to UK citizens over the last four decades. In truth he has learned from lessons handed down to him by Ed Milliband and his pathetic group of failures who had the election on a plate and “blew it” big time.



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How does the foregoing affect Scotland ?

The outcome of the battle for the hearts and minds of the Labour Party in England and Wales is important for Scotland and independence. A win for Corbyn would be to the advantage of Scotland since it would most likely lead to internecine warfare within the labour party in Scotland.

Dugdale might then resign passing the leadership of the Party “branch office” in Scotland to someone whose politics are more finely tuned with the politics of the party masters in London.




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The UK press acts in unison against Corbyn – Why?

23 April 2012: How the Jewish Chronicle is trying to smear Jeremy Corbyn MP

16 Aug 2015: U.K. Jewish Newspaper Sounds Alarm On Anti-Israel Opposition.

19 Sep 2015: Jeremy Corbyn Riles Jews With Staunch Criticism of Israel .

30 Jun 2016: The Jewish Chronicle is trying to smear Jeremy Corbyn.

1 Jul 2016: Corbyn’s Labour Party ‘not safe for Jews’ blasts MP.

11 Sep 2016: Why Jews in Labour place little trust in Corbyn.

13 Sep 2016: The Left’s Jewish Problem: Corbyn, Israel and Anti‑Semitism.

13 Sep 2016: Corbyn purges top Jewish donor.

13 Sep 2016: Why Corbyn’s rise makes British Jews afraid.

13 Sep 2016: Why Jeremy Corbyn Scares British Jews So Much.



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Jeremy Corbyn and the Momentum movement – Its Aims appear to be laudable

● Organise in every town, city and village to secure the election of a progressive left Labour Party at every level, and to create a mass movement for real transformative change to:

o Redistribute wealth and power from the few to the many;

o Put people and planet before profit and narrow corporate interests;

o End discrimination, advantage and privilege based on class;

o Target growth not austerity, invest to create tomorrow’s jobs and reverse privatisation of railways, the energy sector and public services.

o Provide protection at work and strong collective bargaining to stamp out workplace injustice.

o Ensure decent homes for all in public and private sectors through a big house­building programme and rent controls.

o Support workers and their trade unions defending the interests of their members, families and communities.

o End discrimination based on race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or age.

● Transform Labour into a more open, member-­led party, with socialist policies and the collective will to implement them in government.




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2 replies on “Corbyn V Labour Friends of Israel – How many bodies will the Internecine strife in the Labour party claim –”

I blame Harold Wilson.

He started the rot by appointing Joe Haines, and since then both main UK parties have ceded policy to PR so-called ‘professionals’.their think tanks, which are lobbyists and pretend they are academic seekers after objective truth, and focus groups.

Political thinkers have been sidelined.

If they were hypocritical, that would be bad enough. Sadly, it is worse than that. They are stupid. They are stupid enough to believe their own propaganda.

Foot was not a failure. He was winning till Thatcher started a war.
The Left is not unelectable. According to some, the SNP are far left, yet they aren’t doing so badly.
Blair was a failure. He lost 5m votes, though not to the Conservatives.

This narrative comes from looking for arguments to support the client’s brief, rather from looking for facts, and drawing conclusions from them,

I don’t want stupid people, or authoritarians and their followers in government. I’d rather have thinking politicians from anywhere in a wide range of political backgrounds and experiences.


I agree with your assertions. I well remember wee Harold. He arrived in Edinburgh for a conference (in a big jaguar car. His secretary Marcia (I think that was her name)was tucked up nicely with him. I thought it was his wife.


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