Scotland’s Old Age Pensioners – Driven to Poverty – Sacrificed on the Alter of Bankers Greed and an Uncaring Government






Mortality Rates & Pensions

Up to the early 1950’s, Scottish mortality rates were broadly comparable with the rest of the UK. But from that time, (attributed to increased levels of deprivation) life expectancy, in Scotland has hardly increased over a period of 60+ years. In England, (over the same period) rates steadily increased year on year and there is now a very significant gap in life expectancy between England & Scotland.





England Home Counties & London

Male pensioners, (approximately 1 million) of affluent areas of London & the South East of England enjoy a life expectancy of approximately 80 years. Female life expectancy,(similar in total)is approximately 84 years.









In Scotland, male life expectancy is approximately 72 years. Female life expectancy is approximately 78 years.









Scottish Pensioners Ripped Off – Subsidising Pensioners in the South of England

Allow individual pension contribution payments, (through taxation) approximately £60,000, (assume 40 years @ £1500 per annum) are the same for all taxpayers.

Maximum pension payments to male Scots. £6k x 7 years = £42K

Maximum pension payments to male English. £6K x years = £90K

Maximum pension payments to female Scots. £4k x 13 years = £52K

Maximum pension payments to male English. £6K x 19 years = £76K


Scottish pensioners are heavily subsidizing pension payments of English pensioners. In his article the, “Artful Dodger”, (Gordon Brown) proves once more that, “liars can figure but, “figures don’t lie”. Ignore the negative hype of the, “No” campaigners we should not be subsidizing pension payments for the rest of the UK. Vote, “Yes” to independence.






Worrying Statistics

The Office of National Statistics provides, age expectancy for 2010-2012, the years most favourable to England;

London & SE England: Males 80y Females 84y.

Glasgow & West of Scotland; Males 73y Females 78y.

Babies born in Glasgow & West of Scotland that reach age 65y; Males 73% Females 79%, (attrition rates much higher than those enjoyed by males and females in London & S/East England)

27% of males and 22% of females in Glasgow & West of Scotland will contribute to a pension all of their working lives and get NOTHING in return by way of pension, (Nice saving Mr Osborne). Scotland is poorly served by the United Kingdom. We would be much better off running our own affairs.

So as to be fair, I selected one, (similar in population density) conurbation in each country, namely,”Glasgow & West of Scotland & London & S/East England”.

Statistics extracted reflect an accurate snapshot of age expectancy in both countries.

Scotland is much worse off in the UK. Our people are dying much earlier than those in England and life expectancy for 25%+ of our children indicates they may not survive beyond age 65y. 

A damming indictment of the so called fair and equal distribution of resources in the UK. Time we were out of it.








Pensions have been severely eroded from the time Gordon Brown changed the rules and tied old age pensions increases to the rate of inflation.

Brown, armed with his insider  knowledge well knew that all was not well with the UK economy and the adverse effects of his change would be to hit pensioners very hard. Indeed the old age pension was increased, in the first year by a miserable 14pence.







The Banking Crisis – Old Age Pensioners – driven to poverty meeting the heavy cost of the Bankers bail out

The financial crisis has had and will continue to have a negative impact on pensions and pensioner poverty will continue to increase. This due to the Westminster governments, (Labour then Tory) fiscal policies.

The Uk taxpayer (including pensioners) owe the world bankers nearly £1.8trillion.  Interest payments are horrendous and it is doubtful the prime sum  of loans will ever be repaid.

David Cameron, George Osborne and the rest of the Tory Party introduced the phrase “austerity, we are all in it together” to the nation.  Many of the electorate in England and Wales believed the mantra and returned the Party to office in 2015,  for another 5 years.

But bankers in the UK who plunged the nation into financial crisis have escaped unpunished. Indeed there are many former bankers and associated politicians appointed to high office as peers of the realm who now sit in judgement over the many millions of citizens they ripped off.

Bankers who remained in the “bailed out by the taxpayer banking system”  have been and are continuing to attract bonus payment measured in the hundreds of £million simply for doing their job. The rich have got much richer and old age pensioners and many other member of society are increasingly dependent on charity (faced with a lack of support from an uncaring welfare state) to remain alive.

Apart from severe cuts in welfare the major weapon deployed by the government was and still is maintaining interest rates at or near zero. The policy, has in effect reduced the value of pensions by around 30% in the past 10 years resulting in ever increasing numbers of pensioners needing welfare assistance which cannot be guaranteed. Other changes in the pipeline will result in many more cases of pension poverty.






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