UK Public Brainwashed Into Accepting Austerity – We’re All in It Together – Nuts Say the Tories – Our Money Is In the Bahamas With the Hedge Funds – Is It One Finger Or Two?

          21 September 2015: Hedge Funds and power over people and governments. This is power. Hedge Fund manager increases drug cost from $13.50 to $750 per unit What would you do if the price of your everyday prescription rose 5,500%? It may seem far-fetched, but it’s exactly what happened to Daraprim […]

Scotland – The Only Country Ever to Vote Yes To Being Governed by Another Nation – Well You Asked For It – So here’s a Wee Look Forward to What May Be the Future

    Early moves setting up the UK Goverment of Scotland         Let me Set The Scene The UK Government of Scotland Many will not know this body of government over Scotland exists, but it was formed in secret only recently. Sir Andrew Dunlop and Mundell are the architects of the change […]

Westminster Strategy – Asset Stripped – Oppressed and Enslaved the Irish for over 120 Years Before They Broke Free. Read Their Story and Reflect upon Scotland’s Journey

    Ireland under the Union 1800 – 1900 In 1800 Westminster announced Ireland had agreed to join the United Kingdom, mirroring the 1707 decision of Scottish lords. But, as it was in the case of Scotland where Scots were not consulted, the Irish too were sold down the river. It would take Ireland 130 […]

Ian Murray – The Lone Arranger – An Avid Twitterer – A Look at His Tweets Reveals a Lot About him – Time the Baby Faced Assassian Faced the Ninja Force

    Couldn’t resist it April 2010: Murray Campaign gets nasty early – Sign of things to come? Early warning for anyone intending to run for political office against Murray. He gets into the gutter very early on and will broadcast anything to gain advantage regardless of truth. Success in politics is not gifted to […]

Scotland – Bristling With Nuclear Weapons and Submarines – But There Is No Surveillance and Reconnaissance Cover – Which Is Why A Russian Submarine Was Reported Near To the Entrance To the Clyde – The Buck Must Stop Somewhere – Allegations of Professional Incompetence Need To Be Subject To A Public Inquiry

Nimrod aircraft scrapped at Stockport BAE factory   £30bn to be spent purchasing aircraft from the USA         Negligence bordering on the criminal – Scrapping the Nimrod MRA4 planes Left a bloody great hole in the defences of Scotland In 1994 proposals were submitted to the Tory government, which if implemented would […]

JK Rowling – Staunch Labour Party and Better Together Champion – A £1Million Contribution to the Cause and a Long Statement Issued to the Unionist Press Justifying Her Decision – Anticipating the Next Referendum I Addressed Many of Her Concerns

  JK and Alistair Darling         “Yes” Campaign supporters consider JK Rowling £1million donation to the Labour Party’s anti independence campaign offensive In her letter to the public, JK predicted that some pro-independence campaigners would discount her views because she was born and raised in England. She likened that approach to the […]