Scotland – The Only Country Ever to Vote Yes To Being Governed by Another Nation – Well You Asked For It – So here’s a Wee Look Forward to What May Be the Future



Early moves setting up the UK Goverment of Scotland





Let me Set The Scene The UK Government of Scotland

Many will not know this body of government over Scotland exists, but it was formed in secret only recently. Sir Andrew Dunlop and Mundell are the architects of the change and they are a couple of cute cookies who will have ulterior motives fordoing this.

I know Mundell has been beavering away in Orkney and Shetland in recent months, concocting plans usurping the Scottish Parliament, creating an environment within which he would be able to divide and rule Scotland whilst giving the impression he is only seeking to assist the regions.

His mucker Dunlop has been charged with the role of Foreign Minster for the Scottish Government in the UK. To this end he has been busy setting up his own contact network within the EC and other parts of the world.

Other MP’s in Westminster with Scottish connections will, in time be allocated posts in the newly formed Scottish Government for the UK increasing it’s size and powers

The Scottish Parliament will be neutered  dealing with mundane matters.

Scottish MP’s will become increasingly disaffected as their role at Westminster fades and questions will be raised at Westminster as to the need to retain them in light of the new arrangements.


Image result for scottish referendum disappointment images


The UK Government in Scotland. A Likely Scenario

The Scotland Office is part of the UK Government for Scotland. It’s full terms of reference will become clear in time. But in essence all finance allocated by Westminster will be first transferred to the UK Government for Scotland. Distribution of Funds will be decided by The Secretary of State for Scotland after consulting with appropriate bodies within Scotland. The emphasis of governance will be to allocate some budgets to local government on a direct reporting basis.

Finance not so tramsferred will be allocated to the Scottish parliament to administer to universal functions on a national basis in Scotland. A number of budgets will be ring fenced and any year end underspend will be returned to The UK Government for Scotland for consideration of amended distribution or return to the UK Treasury.

Special development areas will be formed,  or they may apply directly to the UK Government for Scotland, with/for, increased levels of autonomy. The elected leaders of these areas will work closely with the office of the Secretary of State for Scotland so that improvements can be assured and monitored. Two areas will be formed within the lifetime of the present UK Government for Scotland, namely Orkney and Shetland.





Good Governance and the Role of the Upper Chamber

At the time of the 1999 devolution settlement the need for a second chamber was given consideration, but rejected as unnecessary due to the limited powers of the newly formed parliament.

However, the recent decision to greatly enhance devolved powers brought about the need to establish an upper chamber with powers and responsibilties matching those presently enjoyed by the House of Lords at Westminster.

The upper chamber, to be known as the Scottish House of Lords will sit at the Royal High School in Edinburgh. It is expected to be in place by 2019.

Under these arrangements Scottish peers presently at Westminster will transfer to the Scottish House of Lords or resign. In the event of resignation from the House they will retain their peerage. Total membership of the House will not exceed 50. Retirement will be compulsory at age 70. 25% of peers will subject to election at the end of each parliament.





There will be other changes and these will be published in the course of time.







Scotland is the only nation in the world in modern times to have rejected freedom in favour of being governed by another nation whose track record over the past 300 years is worse than that of Ghengis Khan and his hordes. I love my country and fear the future.





13 replies on “Scotland – The Only Country Ever to Vote Yes To Being Governed by Another Nation – Well You Asked For It – So here’s a Wee Look Forward to What May Be the Future”

Wonder if this foreshadows direct WM rule over what is now, effectively, a Scots bantustan with the passing of EVEL at Westminster and this “re-branding” ploy of the Scotland Office?

Partition, floated as kites before, to follow as you allude to in citing the Northern Isles (?) – a large portion of our seabed already hijacked under the neo-Tory Blairites perhaps indicating a pattern of carving up further the still breathing “corpse” (this cadaver of the Scottish body politic being the operative perception of the British state when restoring its full-blooded will on the unruly serfs of a “client territory”. And this one – Scotland – in particular at this particular historical moment).

“Suddenly” – after the flowing of the deep, dark, pseudo-constitutional waters of the Anglo-British state – we find ourselves in very dangerous rapids populated by life-threatening rocks in terms of our re-sovereign aspirations as a people as well as our very existence: I trust and hope – and believe – that our elected Scottish Government and our elected pro-re-independence representatives at Holyrood and Westminster are fully on top of this situation, and that they have learned from Parnell’s and the Irish experience (as well as from India, Aden, Cyprus, et al}.

I also hope and trust that our SNP and other sympathetic local councilors plus trades unionists, business leaders and civic groups are all on the top of their perceptual and ethical game, too.

The whole community vigilant.

To conclude, there seems to be a coup d’etat being mounted under our very noses at the moment in the wider UK by the uber-UK plutocracy aligned to neo-Lib/Con forces elsewhere with Scotland as a crucial chess piece in this variation on the Great Game.

Vital times.


Well written. Westminster .at the heart of all that is wrong in Scotland. They stripped industry and manufacturing to England and Wales. Now they are intent on destroying our dignity


Thank you, sir.

Your writing is a joy.

Your analysis, too.

Points taken and weel kent as I remember the process happening (and saw Mick McGahey Matt Lygate, and many more trying to advise us as to what was happening – Arthur Scargill supporting the analysis but bottling on the MacLean/Connolly/Lygate anti-imperial/pro-democratic solution to, at least, wheeching a leg from under these increasingly more gallous forces of malicious/imperialist/neo-Lib/Con nihilism tarted & pimped up to what we know, and some now accept. as the only source of “democratic” legitimacy, currently).

The branding/marketing/focus groups/ “impact groups” drawn from a narrow demographic driving the propaganda/PR/MSM pernicious drivel simply, I trust, driving the rest of us humans on to giving these variations on simple – but not simplistic – humanity their jotters.

Keep up , please.



Look a little deeper!
Hasn’t it struck you yet that the islands Mundell has been wooing, should they decide that Westmonster offers a better deal, would effectively cut off mainland Scotland from most of the oil-rich waters, thereby ensured the vast bulk of profit continues to flow into the coffers of our southern neighbours?!


What nonsense. Scotland has been part of the UK for over 300 years, so how can it be ruled by another nation? It’s like saying Aberdeen is ruled by the Scottish government when of course it is, it is part of bloody Scotland! Articles like this really get my hackles up because it shows the shortcomings of Scotland are through its inability to work with the rest of the UK which is a direct result of our shite SNP government. Education is worse in Scotland than anywhere else in the UK, the SNP tried to tell us we would be oil rich and the price plummets, they merge our Police forces which have become a debacle, they try to say the NHS is in danger to get votes for yes, but the NHS in Scotland is fully devolved and the UK government has as much affect on our NHS as I do over my sisters kids diet. Industry in Scotland was not stripped away, it is the same as everywhere else in the world, some country provides a cheaper service, usually in Asia where they pay their workers peanuts. People always moan about the UK, but it is only under threat because morons like the SNP spend more time trying to change Scotland into their vision than worrying about exactly what the people of Scotland actually want. It gives money back to Westminster from its Barnett allocation, wastes money on Gaelic road signs and then pleads child poverty. #snpout


Your provincial attitude typifies the problem. Scotland is a nation , supposedly in alliance with England etc. You may well be right in saying that a lot have accepted that it’s far northern England: a province of the ruling nation. How could it be otherwise with only a tenth of the population! It is regrettable that people expressing a view different yours is upsetting but only makes it all the more sad. Last I checked, we were still democracy with free speech for all, however inaccurate your analogy may be. ☺


UKFOREVER There really is no point crafting a reply with facts on the topic as some kind of rebuttal to your irrationality in the face of facts. E.g. if what you say is true and we are all just the UK, then why did Blair move the maritime border to move Scottish oilfields inside England?????? You never asked yourself this as you are a typical blind unionist moron and no amount of being suckered will ever make you sway just like a sizeable portion of nawbags


The nonsense is what you just posted. Scotland is a sovereign nation with a separate legal system, education system and thankfully a separate NHS. Thus your analogies merely expound your ignorance.
I do agree that three centuries ago it was literally sold down the river and that recently the Westminster parliament persuaded a couple of million turkeys to vote for Christmas.
True, we might as well be “far north Britain” for all the attention that is taken of the aspirations of the Scots, but to liken the nation if Scotland to Aberdeen voting for independence is very revealing of the patronising attitude of the better Together lobby.
Just because previous generations have been willing to be good little peasants tugging their forelocks (how’s that for a bit if dramatic overstatement?), doesn’t mean that’s how it always has to be.
To quote Bob Dylan, “The times they are a changing!”


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