Lesbian-Gay and Bisexual people are comfortable with their gender identity and should not be conflated with the Trans movement campaign for change

    A Perilous Moment for Transgender People in the United States - Open  Society Foundations

    Apr 2021: The Equality Network

    Is a government funded lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) equality and human rights charity.

    Its influence over SNP policies and many aspects of Scottish society is absolute.

    But Scots may not embrace imposed political changes in society without informed consultation and there has been little of that.

    The political network represents around 0.4% of Scotland’s population monitors the commitment of political parties in Scotland to changes in the laws of Scotland advocated by its political champions, the SNP, Green’s and Lib/Dems.

    The 2021 Green Party and the Lib/Dems

    Party Manifestos stated that in government they would:

    “Ensure that health and social care services throughout Scotland, including mental health services, are fully inclusive of LGBT+ people and designed to remove barriers and tackle health inequalities.”

    “Implement the Time for Inclusion Education (TIE) campaign recommendations, including the delayed delivery of promised funding to assist the important

    “Deliver long overdue reforms to the Gender Recognition Act, including statutory self-declaration, recognising non-binary identities and all genders, and providing access to health care for trans minors with parental or guardian consent.”

    “Introduce an informed consent model of trans healthcare, and in the meantime continue to push for access to Gender Identity Clinics within 18 weeks, in line with NHS standards for other services.”

    “Ban so-called ‘conversion therapy’, which refers to unethical and unnecessary interventions that seek to change the sexual orientation or gender identity of LGBT+ people or alter a person’s sex characteristics without their consent.”

    “Ensure LGBT+ inclusion in Scottish Government international development policies, and enshrining the Yogyakarta human rights principles into Scots law.”

    Yogyakarta human rights principles: To avoid gender discrimination, in whatever area, full provision must be made for all those people who experience discrimination because of their gender role, gender identity or gender expression. In particular, provision must be made for those with an absence of intimate conviction as to being a man or a woman.

    The Yogyakarta Principles: Women’s Rights Were Not Considered

    Professor Robert Wintemute, Professor of Human Rights Law at Kings College London, is an expert on anti-discrimination law and sexual orientation law, and was one of the co-authors of the influential “Yogyakarta Principles”.

    He now says the international human rights community got it wrong in merging lesbian and gay rights with the idea of a right to have “gender identity” replace sex.

    The Yogyakarta principles, developed in 2006  built on the UK’s Gender Recognition Act, presenting it as international best practice. Principle 3 argues for a right to have gender identity replace sex on all identity documents and in all situations. (The Critic)


    3 replies on “Lesbian-Gay and Bisexual people are comfortable with their gender identity and should not be conflated with the Trans movement campaign for change”

    Excellent blog, caltonjock. The Yogyakarta Principles were devised without one female voice being present to put our case. As in everything, the ‘trans’ lobby has piggy-backed on LGB rights as much as on female rights. They are not the same and never have been. LGB people are sexed individuals and their sexuality is an orientation. No one knows for certain what ‘trans’ is, and, until, we do, science has to work with what it has. People are perfectly entitled to be ‘trans’ if they so choose, but they have no right to filch anyone else’s rights or to expect preferential treatment by the NHS. Everyone is having to wait for treatment because of the pandemic and because there are shortages of staff within the NHS. They do a wonderful job in very trying circumstances.

    It is time that ‘trans’ people campaigned for third spaces; few would grudge them those. Also, Stonewall and its arms should be putting their money where their mouths are and at least part-funding shelters, etc. for ‘trans’ people., as women had to do initially for themselves. Does the ‘trans’ lobby think that women’s shelters, rape crisis centres, women’s health centres all sprang up out of the ether? If they don’t start to do this, and continue with their demands that females, in particular, abandon their spaces and rights and their human right to safety, privacy and dignity, the activists will stir up a backlash such as they have never seen in their middle-class, over-privileged lives. Enough is enough.

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    “Apr 2021: The Equality Network & The political network represents around 0.4% of Scotland’s population”, are sentences that I’ve C/P today; and while I’m a regulator online visitor, I’m an amateur visitor and my qualifications have next to nothing to do with what’s quoted above; however, while I’m now a retired man, I haven’t yet lost track of basic common sense.

    There is NO reason for me to pontificate about issues that might relate to aspects that very few people may consider and/or debate? (a non-issue). In simple terms, today’s politicians should realise that THEY are remarkably out-of-touch with Scotland’s Electorate – a population which is enriched by wonderful levels of education, trades and innumerable levels of skill… These few words are only a hint of what could be written if space allowed it.

    Today’s political situation is one that I couldn’t have imagined in my teenage years and especially when I first joined a venerable political party, the original SNP; a Party that actually posed an attractive alternative, for the first time in my lifetime… Unfortunately, matters began to change a number of years ago – and for various reasons – that might remain debatable, for a while longer?

    No one can anticipate our future political circumstances or events; yet, we who have followed our previous political circumstances may have a better ‘feel’ of what might be developing in the near future – and certain individuals are better placed than the rest of us, to give the occasional hint of a better time in our near future. I am not one of these ‘certain individuals’ mentioned; however, I’m as keen to know about more, as anyone else could be.

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