Under Sturgeon leadership LGBTI rights are of “Prime” importance whilst the battle for Scotland’s independence “withers on the vine”.

Stonewall has been on the receiving end of a backlash for its position on trans rights, concern over which was reportedly the reason for many companies parting ways with the scheme.

The charity holds that people should be able to self-identify with the gender that they choose, but has also been accused of attempting to shut down any debate on the issue by labelling anyone who disagrees with this position – for example people who argue that allowing trans women to use women-only facilities or compete in female sports violates the rights of women – of being transphobic.

Critics also point out that self-identification is not currently recognised in UK law, and changing gender is governed by the Gender Recognition Act 2004, requiring a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria.

Increasing numbers of high-profile employers are ending their partnerships with the charity. Among them are Channel 4, Ofsted, the Cabinet Office, and the UK’s equality watchdog, the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), the latter two of which said the scheme no longer provided good value for money.

The Scottish Government and Civil Service have retained membership of the scheme and enter into its annual “Workplace Equality Index” and “Global Workplace Equality Index” where they are benchmarked against other companies. The list is published as an annual rundown of the top 100 employers for LGBTI inclusion.

Political leaders fronting “pride” events and/or parades gain points for their team which are credited to the two equality scheme competitions. Nicola Sturgeon has performed well in this regard. Yet she has never attended any of the numerous marches for independence. Evidently LGBTI rights are of prime importance whilst the battle for independence “withers on the vine”.

Stonewall co-founder Matthew Parris, said: “the charity has become tangled up in the trans issue and cornered itself into an extremist stance”.

Stonewall co-founder Simon Fanshawe, said: “Stonewall has become single-mindedly focused on a particular and by no means universally accepted approach to trans rights”.

Nicola Sturgeon, Stonewall fanatic defended the controversial LGBTI Lobby Group amid a backlash against it from the UK Government


6 replies on “Under Sturgeon leadership LGBTI rights are of “Prime” importance whilst the battle for Scotland’s independence “withers on the vine”.”

(Under Sturgeon’s leadership, LGBTI rights are of “Prime” importance whilst the battle for Scotland’s independence “withers”)

LGBTI rights??!

Stonewall lunacy: ‘LGBTI rights are of “Prime” importance’;
Monty Python’s Flying Circus had wonderfully wry talents;
Off-beat surreal sketches – amateurs, compared to NUSNP.
Today’s ‘British SNP’ is NOT as it was… before Sturgeon!

Many of us left that political party after N.S. appeared and inherited what had become a real threat to London’s government… There’s no shortage of beliefs about this surreal situation in today’s Scottish political situation. A growing number of Scotland’s electorate are now joining and actively supporting such as the following: This, along with many more options, attracts countless numbers of people; an encouraging and very promising movement is developing here and now.
Please remember, that Scotland’s people ARE more important than the politicians that WE might choose to vote for.

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I would have thought securing Independence first and anything else is a bonus. The SNP have always been big on how can we do this when Westminster blocks it or we don’t have the powers to do anything about it, well all these problems Scotland and its people are facing can be fixed including LGBTI when Independent.

Would the EU be less likely to welcome Scotland back into the EU with the SNP gender reform bill?

I come to ecept Indyref Isn’t going to happen, i’d rather see Scotland not become Independant than run by the NUSNP, I honestly believe Scotland whole ecomony would fail simply because there isn’t one of them running the country its stonewall and SUB-CONTRACTORS.

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Patrick Harvie and Lorna Slater are holding the SNP to ransom, but Nicola Sturgeon has been their enabler. I would like to say that she is being extremely cynical, but, in this instance, I think she is truly captured by this stuff – far, far more than she is captured by independence. Most of the enablers in the SNP she has known during her climb up the greasy pole and she has given them the positions, changing the rules as necessary, to get into formation for this stuff.

Woman-facers should trigger alarm bells in any female with a sense of self-preservation and of self, with their over-the-top ‘female attire and make-up’ which, in some societies, is wholly masculine. It is the claim of womanhood that goes with the attire and make-up that is the give-away that most of the men are paraphilics, and autogynephilia is certainly the driving force for so many under the Stonewall umbrella of ‘trans’. We are being quite deliberately brainwashed into ignoring our instincts about this stuff.

It infuriates me, too, that Nicola Sturgeon has attended more than one Pride Rally, but not one independence march – not one. If she lays claim to being leader of the independence movement as a whole, then she should be out there at the head of any march, with her banner and linking arms with any and all who share the aspiration of self-determination. Does she share that aspiration, though? I hae ma doots.

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CJ, you put together devastating pictures of the truth. To have both co-founders of Stonewall in print, criticising their current approach to trans issues, specifically trans issues, is damning.

To have Nicola Sturgeon rather see Manny Singh, a working man, in jail than attend an AUOB march, is just as damning.

This is weird, but I actually think NS’ s time is just about up. And it may be down to her intransigence and bigotry on the trans issue.

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Not as “weird” as you might suppose tombkane and for the reasons given. Sturgeons mask is slipping rapidly as are the scales from the eyes of more and more of her erstwhile legion of sycophants. Bigoted she most certainly is!


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