Boris Johnson and his Tory rich boy Cronies epitomise the corruption of the English meritocratic elite and its continued domination of Scottish society

England’s Meritocratic Elite

England’s imposition of a meritocratic elite on Scottish society created the dystopian environment that plagues the lives of many Scots who might be best categorised as “wee timorous beasties” afraid of their own shadow.

The English political system from the sixteenth century encouraged the development and implementation of colonial expansionist policies which were then forced on many countries by conquest with superior military muscle providing security for English born political and financially motivated individuals and organisations who ruthlessly imposed power and control.

Scotland’s existence as an independent nation was ended after a lengthy period of economic hardship imposed on it with stealth and force by England with the illegal signing of the 1707 “Treaty of Union” which changed the nature of the relationship between England and Scotland. Scotland had become a colony under English rule.

The Unionist’s established control over many of Scotland’s businesses and industry and migrated large numbers of English managers and their families to ensure their success through the introduction of English operational systems which required financial returns regardless of any adverse impact of the lives of employees. Foreign systems imposed on Scots by foreigners.

England destroyed the Scottish clan system in 1746 and gifted the highland region from Perth to the North to the ownership of the English aristocracy who were given a remit to ensure significant financial returns to the English treasury. They achieved their goals by cleansing their ill gotten lands of humanity, (replacing them with sheep) through the forced removal and compulsory emigration of many tens of thousands of clansmen and their families.

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