A Briefing for the Serious Followers of Scottish Politics – Part 3- British Secret Services in Scotland – I’m edging Closer to Identifying the SNP Affiliates

The British Secret Services (SIS)

The security services are comprised of three branches each of which provide graduates, post graduates, linguists, IT specialists and writers a wide range of career opportunities in intelligence work.

MI5:  Staff 4000: It is responsible for protecting the UK against covertly organized threats to national security encompassing terrorism, espionage and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

MI6: Staff 3500: Operates in secret overseas, recruiting and developing foreign contacts and gathering intelligence. An opportunist organization it identifies then exploits favourable circumstances avoiding risks to national security, military capability and prosperity. Its remit also includes counter terrorism, resolving international conflict and prevention of the spread of nuclear and other non-conventional weapons.

GCHQ: Staff 6000: It is the UK government’s expert in cyber security, using technical expertise to provide intelligence, protect information and inform government policy.

Note: In the case of MI5 there are probably less than fifty agents fitting the James Bond profile. The bulk of the remaining group of specialist agents operate in England and Ireland with a cadre of around 250 likely to be permanently deployed in Scotland. Contrary to popular perception many agents fulfil mundane duties, such as research, office and other administration work. Once in there is no “out” although the pursuit of other careers is encouraged, if applicable.

There is another group recruited direct from Universities and deployed to intelligence gathering duties, media manipulation and deep penetration of subversive groups. Many of this last lot are “deep throat” agents located career term within the ranks of senior people in Universities, politicians, police, charities and other institutions of power.

About Secret Services operatives

Those who sign up to employment with the services swear allegiance for life to the “Crown” and the preservation of the “Union”. They owe fealty to no political party but, if deployed to that activity they are permitted to exercise a choice of the political dogma they wish to follow and if elected to office they will serve their constituents to the very best of their political ability but always mindful of the criteria that shapes their thinking.

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Are secret services persons easy to identify?

Only if information is released into the public domain, which isn’t that often. Unverifiable identification is possible, usually through the “association, utterances or actions” routes and as such assertions need to be taken on trust. The articles that follow will do just that.

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1703: Daniel Defoe – The first and very special British secret agent destroyed Scotland 

A close study of the activities and subterfuge of the English government and Daniel Defoe in the period before and after the 1707 Act of Union reveals a similar pattern of events occurred before and after the 2014 Scottish Referendum.

In 1704, Defoe, in jail at the time, offered his services to William Paterson, the London Scot and founder of the Bank of England and part instigator of the Darien scheme.

Dependent on his release from prison and a large fee he would, through his writings and subterfuge encourage a swithering English populace to support a union of Scotland and England and then go to Scotland, where he had extensive contacts with many highly placed sources in government to finish the job.

Paterson,  who had the confidence of Robert Harley, 1st Earl of Oxford and Earl Mortimer, leading minister and spymaster in the English Government consulted with his confidant. Harley accepted Defoe’s services and arranged his release in 1703.

Defoe wrote and published “The Review”, which appeared weekly, then three times a week. It soon became the main mouthpiece of the Westminster Government promoting an Act of Union with Scotland.

In an early edition “The Review” claimed an “act of union” with Scotland  would end the threat from the North, gaining for the Treasury an inexhaustible treasury of men for war’s in Europe and other places” and a valuable new worldwide market greatly increasing and expanding the power of England.

In September 1706, Harley ordered Defoe, (who was conscious of the risk to himself) to Edinburgh as a secret agent to do everything possible to help secure acquiescence in the Treaty of Union. His first reports to Harley were not encouraging since they contained vivid descriptions of violent demonstrations against any prospect of a Union with Westminster. “A Scots rabble is the worst of its kind”, he reported.

Years after, John Clerk, of Penicuik, a leading Unionist, wrote about Defoe in his memoirs:: “He was a spy among us, but not known as such, otherwise the Mob of Edinburgh would have pulled him to pieces.”

But Defoe, a Presbyterian who had suffered in England for his convictions, was readily accepted as an adviser to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland and a number of the more influential committees of the Parliament of Scotland.

He told Harley that he was “privy to all their folly” but “perfectly unsuspected as with corresponding with anybody in England”. He was enabled to influence any proposals that were put to Parliament and reported;

“Having had the honour to be always sent for the committee to whom these amendments were referred, I have had the good fortune to break their measures in two particulars via the bounty on Corn and proportion of the Excise.”

In Scotland, he used different arguments, even the opposite of those which he used in England, usually ignoring the English doctrine of the Sovereignty of Parliament, for example, telling the Scots that they could have complete confidence in the guarantees in the Treaty.

Some of his pamphlets were purported to be written by Scots, misleading even reputable historians into quoting them as evidence of Scottish opinion of the time.

He disposed of the main Union opponent, Andrew Fletcher of Saltoun, by ignoring him.

Nor did he account for the deviousness of the Duke of Hamilton, the official leader of the various factions opposed to the Union, who seemingly betrayed his former colleagues when he switched to the  Unionist/Government side in the decisive final stages of the debate.

Defoe made no attempt to explain why the same Parliament of Scotland which was so vehement for its independence from 1703–1705 became so supine in 1706.

He received very little reward from his paymasters and of course no recognition for his services by the government.

Glaschu, described by Defoe as a “Dear Green Place” became a hotbed of sustained unrest against the Union prompting clergymen to urge their congregations “to up and anent for the City of God”. Which Scots did in their thousands tearing up copies of the “Treaty of Union” at every “Mercat Cross in Scotland. The response from Westminster was a deployment of a heavily armed English army to put down the rioters.

Years later he reflected on his experience and betrayal of Scots to write his Tour thro’ the whole Island of Great Britain, published in 1726, in which he admitted that the increase of trade and population in Scotland which he had predicted as a consequence of the Union was “not the case, but rather the contrary”.

Apr 1998: Malcolm Rifkind – special agent never denied calls for political pact to block Scottish nationalists

Rikind: Tory and Foreign Secretary between 1995-2000 and in charge of Britain’s secret services accused Labour of fostering the mood of nationalism within Scotland by exploiting “nationalist language” during its spell in opposition saying; “The genie is out of the bottle and, like all genies, once they are out of the bottle they are difficult to put back in.” He then called for the formation of a cross-party movement to protect the Union and prevent the SNP taking power. He said: “I think there is a need for a non-party movement in Scotland to support the Union.” An agreed cross party action plan was put in place that same year and it has never been rescinded.

In 2009, Rifkind, became Chairman of the British Parliamentary Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC), which oversees MI5, MI6 and GCHQ – (the most important position in the UK intelligence community) and took overall charge of the “Better Together” disinformation campaign.

Andrew Fulton

2000: Glasgow University – A hotbed of powerful Unionist activity at the heart of Scottish education

Andrew Fulton – Former MI6 Head of Station (Washington) uncovered as a spy working for the University. Former Glasgow University, Law student Fulton, described as “more George Smiley than James Bond” served in Saigon, East Berlin, Bosnia, New York and Washington. At the peak of his career he was the sixth-most powerful official in the British Secret Service. In 1992, Fulton as head of European operations, was one of the MI6 chiefs who handled the aborted plans to kill Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic. He was also an adviser to the Armor Group, Chairman, Sir Malcolm Rifkind, a secretive organization that provided security services to national governments and large corporations.

He was forced to step down as a member of the Lockerbie Trial Briefing Unit (LTBU) which provided media briefings on the trial in Holland of the two Libyans accused of the Lockerbie bombing.

The revelation raised concerns that he may have been in a position to influence the way the Lockerbie trial was being reported to ensure the minimum of criticism of the British and American intelligence services.

The title, “Visiting Professor” was authorised by Glasgow University Principal Graeme Davis, also a member of the Scottish North American Business Council  (SNABC).*

The unusual thing about the Fulton professorship was that he had never worked in the legal profession in any capacity, had never taught classes and did no research at Glasgow University. So how was it he was considered to be qualified to be a “Visiting Professor of Law?”  The answer is that Graham Davis, Glasgow University Principal permitted MI6 to plant Fulton in the Media unit.

The American ambassador Philip Lader was also a member of the (SNABC) at the same time justifying claims that it was used as a front organization allowing Fulton and Lader to meet without drawing attention, to discuss Lockerbie the handling of the press corps steering them away from the Americans.

* The (SNABC) is the Scottish chapter of the secretive, well connected Atlanticist body aimed at fostering closer relations between the UK the US British-American Business Council and has interesting intelligence connections.

Its current Chairman is former MI6 Washington Station Chief Andrew Fulton. The Council retains Media House International for PR and its executive chairman Jack Irvine is also a former board member. (Powerbase)

Adam Tomkins

2. Professor Adam Tomkins appointed – Chair of Public Law (John Millar School of Law)

Tomkins, with established links to senior officers in the Foreign Affairs branch of the US State Department, is an intellectual and political genius, but perhaps only in his own mind and imagination and a leading constitutional scholar and hard line republican relocated to Scotland from England in 2003, taking up employment with Glasgow University as a lecturer in constitutional law.

His previous employment had been teaching English law in English educational establishments and his appointment to a prestigious post remitting him to inform students of Scottish law created disquiet in the minds of some and raised the question. Is this guy for real or is he a British Secret Service plant?

Adam Tomkins


Is a recently created Glasgow University course covering Security, Intelligence & Strategic Studies – A two year post graduate course: Graduates from the programme are prepared to pursue careers in security-related posts in government offices and public administration, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, transnational business corporations and private security and risk analysis companies.

Andrew Dunlop

Graduated in economics from Glasgow University. Joined Thatcher’s inner circle as one of the seven members of her “policy unit”, specializing in defence, employment, tax reform and Scotland. Was a special adviser to former Defence Secretary George Younger. One  of the architects, together with David Cameon of the hated 1989 Poll Tax.  Left government, appointed managing director of top lobbying firm “Politics International.” David Cameron’s right hand man in the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum. Ennobled by Cameron in 2015 then installed as, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Scotland working with Tomkins and Mundell maintaining the subjugation of the Scots.

Glasgow University Officers’ Training Corps

The University of Glasgow’s links with the British military can be traced back to the Jacobite risings of 1715 and 1745, when companies of Militia were raised to defend the unionist supporting University against the Jacobites.  During the First World War, Glasgow , by the summer of 1916, around 2,800 officers had been trained by the University. In the Second World War the UOTC’s role was to train officers from University students conscripted into the Army and to provide basic training for those who remained behind as a Home Guard unit. Glasgow UOTC still exists and remains based at the drill hall in University Place.

Ruth Davidson emerges from the shadows of Glasgow University

Davidson, was employed by the BBC for around eight years until 2009. In that employment she was deployed to Bosnia as a correspondent, at the time Andrew Fulton was head of the Secret Service in Bosnia. She resigned her employment with the BBC in 2009 and signed up to a one year post-graduate course in international diplomacy at Glasgow University. In that same year she joined the Tory Party, later claiming “I liked David Cameron’s looks”. A few months later, she assumed, the role of Chair of Glasgow University Young Conservatives. Only a year later she was appointed to the leadership of the Tory Party in Scotland by Andrew Fulton. Does the link to Fulton permit  Davidson to be exposed as a Secret Service agent? How does that smell to you?


25 thoughts on “A Briefing for the Serious Followers of Scottish Politics – Part 3- British Secret Services in Scotland – I’m edging Closer to Identifying the SNP Affiliates

  1. Great work CJ. Can’t wait for the next article.
    I reckon I can guess who at least two of the SNP affiliates are. Both women with unelected posts.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. CJ at least two that I’m absolutely certain of.
        Another maybe 8 or 10 that could easily fit the bill as having or attended events funded by American Universities. I await your next article with bated breath.
        As an aside, didn’t John Nicolson attend Harvard University?


    1. Very much protected by the state!!! Look back at her meteoric rise to power guided by her mentor. At no time did she ever promote anything but herself. Now in Whitehall she will be hidden away from mainstream politics for a time only to reappear after Boris and his ilk are retired by the English electorate.

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  2. What was that about someone who studied Law but didn’t manage to work as a solicitor? Thanks to your depth of digging CJ we can see why those who make headway towards Scottish Independence, Alex Salmond for instance, have horrendous obstacles dumped in their path.
    Is this what silences the present SNP politicians? If that is the case the whole messy business should be opened up and paraded before the EU. Now is the time when every country appreciates the English/British double standards – thanks to the present PM and friends.

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    1. In 1658 voters were warned that in selecting someone for political office they should avoid “those who in a selfish ambitious manner, seek and hunt after the employment, and use unlawful and direct means to attain thereunto. The unfit and unworthy are commonly in the vanguard of those who sue for public places and offices. Only the truly independent should be chosen, for engaged men commonly have their eyes, ears and tongues in their heads, at the dispose and command of others. Their corrupt and carnal dependences and compliances choke their affections to the Public-interest”. That is where we are with the SNP today. The Party has lost its way.

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  3. David Harvie? He of the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service? Known britiish intelligence officer. Reported/reports to Leslie Evens? Possibly involved in Salmond/Hirst/Murray stitch ups?

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    1. If he reports to Leslie Evans who reports to the Cabinet Secretary in London Westminster who reports to Boris Johnson who answers to Whitehall mandarins who answer to themselves???????


      1. You appear to be a little confused, Leslie Evans Husband is a well known SNP Activist https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/16602169.alex-salmond-probe-conspiracy-theory-mi5-debunked/
        Sturgeon herself chose Leslie Evans by only Her own choice , it was merely a promotion anyway as Leslie Evans already worked for Sturgeon for many years in a lesser job role but was still already part of the Sturgeons Scot Gov team, she was Sturgeons own choice because Leslie Evans too is a Yesser. (Look up wikipedia for info on previous job roles ) There is no conspiracy involved. . https://www.civilserviceworld.com/professions/article/nicola-sturgeon-appoints-leslie-evans-as-new-scottish-government-permanent-secretary


      2. We are addressing this person: Edinburgh District Council Scandal – Leslie Evans Nailed In Public. Evans caused Edinburgh Council to lose millions in the Usher Hall Lottery debacle of ’98, which led to the resignation of Roger Jones, the best and most popular Head of Department the Council ever had. When Roger was forced to resign over the loss, Evans had the temerity to give him a leaving card comparing him to Churchill – he was a hero, she said. If she truly felt that way, maybe she could have ‘fessed up and taken the rap, resigning in his place? Not our Leslie. Full Article here: http://www.kidsnotsuits.com/fake-news-how-public-lies-begin/

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      3. Andrew Wilson of Charlotte St partners also worked for Fred the Shred Goodwin when he was at RBS at the same time before Goodwin was finally sacked. Andrew Wilson was also previously an SNP MSP at Holyrood did you know that ? . Alex Salmond also worked for RBS and praised Goodwin himself , so is Alex Salmond also M15 ? I don’t think so, therefore its unlikely any of the others are M15 either. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2760109/How-Alex-Salmond-cheed-pal-Fred-Shred-ruined-Royal-Bank-Scotland.html

        Andrew Wilson has also admitted Indy for Scotland would be very costly but still “worth it”


      4. What you offer is adequately covered in the article in which I wrote: “There is another group recruited direct from Universities and deployed to intelligence gathering duties, media manipulation and deep penetration of subversive groups. Many of this last lot are “deep throat” agents located career term within the ranks of senior people in Universities, politicians, police, charities and other institutions of power.” and Those who sign up to employment with the services swear allegiance for life to the “Crown” and the preservation of the “Union”. They owe fealty to no political party but, if deployed to that activity they are permitted to exercise a choice of the political dogma they wish to follow and “if elected to office they will serve their constituents to the very best of their political ability but always mindful of the criteria that shapes their thinking”

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      5. “If he reports to Leslie Evans who reports to the Cabinet Secretary in London Westminster who reports to Boris Johnson who answers to Whitehall mandarins who answer to themselves?”
        Nicola Sturgeons own Campaign Manager Tweeted Lesley Evans reports directly to Nicola Sturgeon in a reply to Denise Couper , you can read it here https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-XazLSW02eqY/XwBnb2N65uI/AAAAAAAADq8/PmX5MlC1el0yBSyx-rsCpNTLuOWdI7ufQCLcBGAsYHQ/s1600/Leslie%2BEvans%2Breports%2Bto%2BSturgeon%2Bsays%2BSturgeon%2BCampaign%2Bmanager.JPG


      6. Sandy; You are astute enough to know you are bandying with the words “reporting” and “accountable”. By design, Civil servants are “two headed dogs”. Evans “reports” to Sturgeon but is accountable to the Cabinet Secretary at 10 Downing Street.

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      7. There is plently of evidence to see you are just maiking up a complete lot of nonsense , if you are incapable of understanding that for yourself then seek help. It is exactly the same Leslie Evans and quoting some nutaces personal Blog filled with more nonsense doesn’t change that , do you perchance know the owner of it ? Mostly likely you know the owner of it very well. ” Evans joined the Scottish Government in September 2000,[3] having spent 20 years working for local authorities in Scotland (City of Edinburgh Council and Stirling Council) and England (Greenwich London Borough Council and Sheffield City Council).
        Her previous post within the Scottish Government was Director General Learning and Justice. Previous positions include Head of Local Government Constitution & Governance Division, Head of Public Service Reform Group, Head of Tourism, Culture and Sport, and Director of Culture, External Affairs and Tourism. In May 2015, it was announced that Evans would be the first woman to become the Permanent Secretary to the Scottish Government, taking up the position on 1 July 2015.[4] As of 2015, Evans was paid a salary of between £160,000 and £164,999 by the Scottish Government (she now earns around £175,000 a year), making her one of the 328 most highly paid people in the British public sector at that time.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leslie_Evans#Career


  4. What is going on? Three comments posted (mine and another’s) on this thread 5th November referring to the missing/removed Part 4 of this excellent series of blogs have also disapppeared. Whose is the eraser?


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