The 2014 Commonwealth Games Were Nobbled by Unionist Civil Servants, Politicians and Labour Party Councillors and There Was No Legacy



The Glasgow Commonwealth Games

This report formed part of an earlier post which in retrospect was overlong and had lost impact.

In December 2009 “Elite” civil servant Franseca Osowska was promoted to the role of Director for Culture, External Affairs, and Tourism with responsibility for developing Scotlands bid for the Commonwealth Games.

Promoted yet again in January 2013 she was appointed Director of the Commonwealth Games, a role requiring her to coordinate the work of a large team of senior officers, political figures, and civil servants (seconded to Scotland from London).

Through her links with the secretive “Common Purpose” networking organization, she recruited the “33Fifty” group, a team of young right-wing leaders of the future who participated in the policing of the games ensuring any display of the Saltire or singing of the Scottish anthem was snuffed out and guilty parties ejected from venues.

Talk about a police state. The Unionists even nobbled the games in their favour. All under the noses of Scots caught up in the Westminster civil service carefully manufactured hype.

She was rewarded with an OBE and her team of “Elite” civil servants from London were praised and awarded “Civil Service Certificates of Merit” in recognition of the long hours and their hard graft undermining the will of Scots to break free from the Union. And she would later tell the Scottish Affairs Committee that her team of “Elite” civil servants had acted entirely appropriately throughout 2014. A statement later exposed as a lie when the Civil Servants crowed to the English press about their undercover, illegal work in support of “Better Together”

The remit specific to herself was to regenerate the East End of Glasgow and to ensure the delivery of a lasting legacy for Scotland. This she duly did and for which in January 2015, she was awarded an OBE, for services to Government and the Commonwealth Games Committee in the Queen’s New Year’s Honours list.

Her sales pitch to the nation:


Physical Fitness in the Community

A major selling point of the Games was the promise of a significant and sustained increase in physical activity within the community as residents flocked to and used the many new sports facilities available to them.

But a study completed four years after the games by “GoWell East” found the number of physically active locals had fallen from 62 percent in 2012 to just over 50 percent.

 Dalmarnock in 2008 sees a playpark and trees



Halls and other facilities were demolished as part of the regeneration of the area and replaced with a sparkling new facility named the “Legacy Hub” which cost around £4m to build.

Four years on, plagued by corruption and malfeasance the “Hub” shut its doors. Another Commonwealth Games venture that had failed to deliver the much-vaunted “Games Legacy.”

Large areas of the Dalmarnock community housing estate were razed to the ground because they were considered to be unsightly and residents, in some cases were forcibly removed from their properties under compulsory purchase orders greatly undervaluing the housing.

Many residents were relocated to similar run down pre-war properties outwith Dalmarnock with some finding accommodation after the games in the new housing stock built to house the games athletes.

Four years on Dalmarnock is still an eyesore and as shabby and derelict is as it ever was.

Local residents complain that their community has lost its heart with the closure of just about all of its corner shops and other amenities.

The much-vaunted investment in the future had proved to be a crock of s**t.

A local councillor admitted the promised improvements had not materialized and the community was hopelessly split between residents of “old Dalmarnock” those of the new village (previously the athletes’ accommodation.)

Full story here:

 But in 2019 things look no better


Improving the Lifestyle of Underprivileged Families

A key legacy of Glasgow 2014 was that thousands of mattresses, beds, wardrobes, chairs, and other furnishings from the athletes’ village was to be distributed to poor and vulnerable families.

The scheme was announced to great fanfare prompting a long list of social housing clients to sign up in the hope of transforming their homes with little-used items.

But the Glasgow Housing Association (GHA) charged with administering the scheme had to destroy many thousands of mattresses, wardrobes, bed frames, and chairs after dumping them in damp and filthy warehouses in Renfrew.

A source at the GHA said: “It is a disgrace that this has been allowed to happen. It highlights an almost unbelievable level of mismanagement on the part of the GHA bosses.

This equipment was supposed to be distributed to poor and vulnerable families after the Games, but instead, the vast bulk of it is completely unusable.

There is not a single item that I would have in my house as a result of the damage that has been caused, it is all infested.”

Full story here:


afternote: Francesca Osowska was promoted further and went on to work with David Mundell in a lead role with the UK Government of Scotland during and after the 2014 Independence Referendum. And that’s another story.




3 replies on “The 2014 Commonwealth Games Were Nobbled by Unionist Civil Servants, Politicians and Labour Party Councillors and There Was No Legacy”

Will share this on twitter…when on my pc. It’s about time the SNP started demanding answers about this and other dodgy goings on at GCC when Labour ran the city like the mafia for so very long. The BritNat scammers once again have preyed on the people of Scotland, in this case, some of the poorest.
Osowska, is she still installed in the ScotGov? Something stinks to high heaven about her involvement in anything connected to the workings of councils or government in Scotland.
These people installed by the BritNat gov do not work in the interests of Scotland or the people of Scotland. Utter disgrace.


Francesa, the golden child of Westminster has been placed in positions of power in Scotland by her civil service bosses in Westminster for the last 20+ years. Her present post gives her control of Scottish National Heritage, another quango and a big salary to go with it. Just to keep her happy. I am thinking she was given charge of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow to ensure the SNP could not claim any credit for the £100m spend. And she succeeded in ensuring the games were policed (remember the ban on displaying the Saltire at the various sports venues) by the right wing students she recruited through Common Purpose. And the absence of any Scottish commentry on any of the sports. The BBC even recruited Englishman Gary Lineker, Welshgirl Gabby ? and other so called personalities from outwith Scotland to present the games on television. Not a Scot in sight. And the personalities who entertained the worldwide audience. Englishman Rod Stewart, gay actor John Barrowman who last lived in Scotland 40 years ago and a cople of hundred people prancing around dressed as Tunnocks teacakes. Tunnock returned the favour in giving moral and financial support to the NO campaign. There were many other nuances designed to underplay Scottishness and overplay the promotion of the benefits of being in the Union. The Westminster Civil Service, through Osowska delivered the Commonwealth Games for the Unionist Party’s (and I believe all three of them were in on the subterfuge). And there was no Heritage. £100m spent on what? My revelations in other articles reveal some of the shenanigans. Suffice to say that many wallets were bulging with cash siphoned away from the purposes it was provided for.

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