Scotland in Union – The Anti-Independence Group Hiding and Sniping Against Scotland From the Safety Of the Political Gutters of Politics – Good Company For the Vermin That Shares the Space With Them



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Remember this bunch of forget-me-nots. They have been very active throughout the campaign. Here’s hoping that Scots have sussed their gutter politicking and ignore their vile lies.

The Green Ink Gang – (


There exists in Scotland a small group of Ultra Unionists who were originally the foundation of the group – Scotland in Union

This group was highlighted in a leaked Email on the Website, Wings Over Scotland – and gave blanked out contact details for a few people and a message from their erstwhile leader telling them to keep their plans very strangely secretive.

You see, these ultra unionists have a plan – this plan has been going on for a year or so thus far and it is this – They take it in turns to Blitz every single newspaper every week with dozens of letters about their opinions on just how TERRIBLE life in Scotland is under the dreadful SNP.

And these people are being published in many of the mainstream newspaper letters pages very successfully…The Editors seeing the same names popping up all the time are patently complicit in this.

On twitter that one chap – Keith Howell of Peeblesshire had around 20 “Letters of the Day” published – some gaining £50 from the likes of Barrhead Travel. (…/status/946440109087436800)

Looking at the list of names of those involved revealed a few prominent individuals:

Jill Stephenson – the infamous “History Woman” an elderly retired lecturer from Edinburgh – who made the news when she was caught tweeting vile comments about the “Slut” Mhairi Black.

But she deleted that account and became Historywoman @2351onthelist – and then blitzed the newspapers and lo and behold got many of them published – she was brazen enough to share her letters on her Facebook page.

The continual damning of Scotland and the SNP by these people undoubtedly had an influence in the 2017 General Election and there may be more than just letter writing and bitching to the papers going on – hence the strict secrecy mentioned in the Wings article.

There are people listed who are “Friends” with the MP’s – Unionist Party Councillors – Ex and present MSPs – and vocal unionist supporters – who most likely orchestrated the successful tactical campaigns in the last General Election.

Caithness and the Northern Isles, for example, was bombarded with Lib/Dem propaganda – receiving literally no other paraphernalia from any other unionist Party.

Salmond and Robertson both failed to hold their constituencies having been subjected to similar treatment

And in the Borders,  Kezia Dugdale toured the area constantly telling people to vote Tory to stop the SNP.  Unbelievable but true.

The Unionists conducted their unsavory campaigns from the political sewers and devalued Scottish politics


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Now you know who is behind the release of dubious information about SNP candidates leading to their suspension from the party.


Scotland in Union is not a grassroots group for supporters of the Union as it would like us to believe.

It was a company set up in London with the sole aim of destroying the Scottish people’s chances of managing their own wealth, investments and opportunities.

This becomes apparent when you look at the board running Scotland in Union:

Chief Executive: Pamela Nash:



Founder & Executive: Director: Alistair Cameron:



Director: Sheila Cannell:

Graeme Pearson: Director:



Patrick Harkness: Vice-Chair: Ulster born: Lecturer/Reader, specializes in space research: University of Glasgow



William Ramsay: Campaign Manager:

Andrew Skinner:




Martin Redfern: Allan Sutherland: Jennifer Young: Cllr Scott Arthur: Keith Howell: Keith Shortreed: David Bone: Ian Lakin: Dennis Grattan: Regina Erich: William Ballatine: Carol Ford: Alice Struthers: Richard Marsh: Hugh Pennington: Fraser Whyte: Joe McCauley: Phil Tate: Jill Stephenson: David Clews: Victor Clements:


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2 replies on “Scotland in Union – The Anti-Independence Group Hiding and Sniping Against Scotland From the Safety Of the Political Gutters of Politics – Good Company For the Vermin That Shares the Space With Them”

Thanks for updating the list, one or two names I’d forgotten, don’t buy papers other than the national, but regularly pick up copies of metro for workmates.
This helps me point out to them the agenda by the “concerned” ordinary citizens as they pretend to be in their daily attacks on the SNP.


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