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6 Nov 2017: Swinson hiding in the corner during a meeting to form a common policy on tackling abuse following allegations of sexual harassment and abuse in British politics. Wonder why Lord Rennard wasn’t invited. Hard necked eh!!!  


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July 2013: Anger as constituents pay Swinson’s Electricity Bill

While East Dunbartonshire working people, pensioners, job seekers, and families struggle to heat their homes and pay for food, local Tory/Liberal Democrat Westminster coalition Minister MP Swinson has been claiming from the taxpayer to pay her electricity bill.

Swinson who has, at the lowest estimation, not including the fact she has her food paid and subsidized, an income in excess of £100k a year – claimed £569.72.

This in the face of the calls from coalition members to end the £300 winter fuel allowance pensioners receive.

Politicians and their banker pals gamble and play with our money and caused the financial crisis, but seem to be the only ones not ‘in this together’, with the rest of us suffering wage cuts and hugely increased food and energy bills. (newsforscotland)


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September 2013: Swinson votes for war against the wishes of her electorate

Before the Westminster general election,  MP. Jo Swinson, espoused fine, compassionate Liberal principles and was generally applauded for her attitudes.

It is very sad that thereafter, and particularly since her elevation to the Cabinet, she forgot those principles and her compassion.

She voted with Cameron and Clegg on all of the big ones.

Principle after principle has fallen as her career and salary has taken an upward trajectory.

From University fees, through the privatization of the NHS and the lowering of taxes for millionaires and billionaires, the further impoverishment of those in poverty through the heinous welfare bill and the imposition of the bedroom tax on poor people with nowhere to move… this woman is for the House of Lords if she can topple enough of her principles to do the Tories bidding.

She is doing very well out of her support for the Tories.

But of course, the only thing that could get in the way of this plan of a job for life (something a huge proportion of her constituents will never have thanks to her Govt. attacks on workers rights) would be Scottish Independence, so she is working hard making sure she is photographed at every White Elephant, bazaar and three-legged race in her constituency.

And now her voting for war.

Like Blair and Thatcher did and look at how they did!

Looked after by their rich sponsors and never wanting for anything… Every lower-middle-class persons dream…Cameron’s shockingly badly handled attempt at forcing us to war- his Maggie moment- Jo’s Maggie moment – failed.

Reason, principle, compassion and the will of the people won.

And this and all of the dreadful compromises she made that impact terribly on peoples lives will be hers and her Rose Garden chums downfall. (plotsplot)


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April 2015: Lib dem Swinson walked through the lobby with the rest of her political cronies to cut Scotland’s budget by £12 billion.


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January 2015: Swinson’s taxi use excessive!!!

Prudent Lib Dem MP, Swinson has been rather quick to defend her expenses over the past few years. And she has done well after the accusations of buying ludicrous things was batted off. And I quite understand, she can have a long commute to Westminster from Westerton.

So imagine my surprise to read she has needed something called “business class taxis?” Surely a mistake?

Parliament’s official record has Consumer minister Swinson revealing her department spent nearly £80,000 last year on “business class taxis”.

Surely a mistake. How many taxis do you know, Jo, which offer economy and business class? (The Mirror)


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November 2014: All the lunatics are not locked up. Means Test the pensioners

The Business Minister has declared that wealthy pensioners should be stripped of their winter fuel allowance to fund cheaper bus fares for young people.

LibDem  Swinson said subsidizing rich pensioners’ energy bills with payments of up to “£300 [If you qualify by being over 80 and live alone]” each was hard to justify in times of austerity.

She said the cash should be used instead to help young people get to work or college with discounted bus tickets.

It didn’t occur to her that poor pensioners are dying at the rate of 200 a day in the winter because they are cold in their homes, whereas young people at work and in college are kept warm all day in their jobs or colleges because someone else is paying the heating bills there?

Perhaps even the wealthiest pensioners are more concerned about the 200 who die than is Swinson who, remarkably, is also kept warm at the House of Commons, is provided with subsidized meals and booze, and enjoys a huge salary and “Voted strongly for a reduction in spending on welfare benefits”.

No other section of our society is so vulnerable and treated so badly by Swinson and her ilk that they live in fuel poverty.

When these gas rings go off the lives of another 200 pensioners are at risk.


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November 2013: Swinson urged to ‘show consistency’ on unpaid workers

Swinson is under fire for railing against the use of unpaid workers – despite her party offering non-paying internships.

Campaigners have called on her to show consistency on the issue – and have accused her of promoting unpaid work through her Get East Dunbartonshire Working campaign.

They also accuse her of criticizing non-paying internships while backing the governments’ workfare scheme which forces people into unpaid work.

Swinson backed a campaign against the exploitation of interns – even though it was recently shown that the LibDems are the only party offering unpaid work experience.

Ross Greer, from Bearsden, convener of Dunbartonshire Greens, said:

“Young people in Scotland are being hammered by her government’s policies and workfare is a perfect example of this. Instead of investing in the economy to create more jobs, Westminster forces our young people into unpaid work experience. This system allows companies to hold back from employing new, paid staff as they can take on these young people for no cost instead. This creates a vicious circle of lost opportunities for young people in need of real, paid employment.”

Neil Scott, also from Bearsden, spoke for the Campise SSP, saying:

“While  Swinson’s constituents pay hundreds of pounds for her heating bill we have to endure damaging policies, all coming from a Tory-led government that we did not elect. She cannot campaign against unpaid internships on one hand whilst advocating unpaid work placements on the other.” (Milngavie Herald)


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November 2013: East Dunbartonshire MP Jo Swinson defends bedroom tax vote

A motion to scrap the controversial ‘bedroom tax’ fell short by 26 votes last week in the House of Commons.

East Dunbartonshire MP  Swinson was one of seven Lib Dem MPs who voted against the motion, helping to achieve the coalition majority.

The spare rooms subsidy has proved unpopular in East Dunbartonshire – with council chiefs and housing association bosses saying hundreds are being hit in the pocket.

The tax, introduced in April, means tenants have their benefits cut if they are deemed to have a spare bedroom.

However, a shortage of one-bedroom properties has meant many are unable to move and are forced to take the drop in income. (Kirkintilloch Herald)


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Swinson To Ask The Good People of East Dunbartonshire to Forgive Her Disgraceful Betrayal  of the Electorate When A Minister in The Con-Dem Government

In 2010 Swinson was returned to Westminster as the MP for East Dunbartonshire.

Her success almost entirely due to tactical voting witnessed by the support of the media, Tory and a number of Labour supporters denying the SNP candidate an expected victory.

The outcome of the election was a hung parliament but, with the backing of the Liberals the Tory Party took up office.

So yet again Scotland had a government that it had rejected outright (80%+ voted for parties other than the Tories.)

The support of Swinson and her Liberal colleagues ushered in a Government comprised of old Etonians, corrupt businessmen and unelected peers of the realm.

The infamous Con-Lib coalition government brought with it swingeing cuts and misery and the East Dunbartonshire electorate was subjected to five years of savage cuts destroying working-class families and many of the less fortunate in society.

The end result was that the poor got poorer and the rich much richer.

Given their chance in 2015 the people of East Dunbartonshire punished Jo Swinson’s betrayal, booting her, the Tories and the labour party firmly into touch.

The SNP took up the reins of office bringing confidence to the people of East Dunbartonshire that their welfare and political desires would be faithfully represented in Westminster.

Not dismayed and without apology (she is quoted as saying she had no regrets) for her actions and the misrule of the Con-Dem government (in which she held a ministerial appointment) she brazenly announced her candidacy for the East Dunbartonshire seat in the 2017 GE.

For the record, her main residence is in Peckham, London. But (planning ahead) she retained the flat, (in East Dunbartonshire) purchased for her by the obliging taxpayers of the constituency.

The Unionist media and BBC are already talking up Swinson for the seat


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Swinson Comeback Confirmed – The People of East Dunbartonshire Must Be Nuts

Swinson was returned to Westminster as an MP in the June 2017 General Election and soon found her place in a much reduced Lib/Dem Party that had been firmly rejected by the wider electorate.

The Party is so short of talent that she was elected unchallenged to the post of Deputy Leader to the old pensioner Vince Cable, he of the fraudulent Post Office peanuts sell-off to Unionist supporting financiers in the City of London.

Mindful of her appalling record of failing to support female staff under attack from Lord Rennard she had the hard neck to attend  a meeting, on 7 Nov 2017, with Vince Cable in Downing Street, convened by the Prime Minister to thrash out an agreement designed to provide staff employed by politicians with a place of work, free from sexual innuendo and abuse.


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Dangler-23-Part-2-Jo-Swinson- Minister for Women in the Con/Dem Coalition – Champions Womens Rights and defends Them Against Abuse – But evidently not when her political ambitions are at risk




Cyril Smith



Oct 2018: Protecting paedophiles in politics – a petition was submitted to Westminster calling for an amendment to the Official Secrets Act preventing its use in cases where child abuse was involved.

Swinson and her colleague MP’s voted against a proposed change to the Official Secrets Act so that public servants, including MP’s, will continue to be protected from any investigation of allegations about child abuse.

The Lib Dem votes would have sanctioned the change. Why on earth did Swinson et al vote to kill it?

It surely cannot have been part of the coalition agreement. (The London Economic)


Reader – Richard Harbury was incensed but unsurprised by the actions of politicians. He wrote:

“The can of political maggots cowering behind a misused act that hides the vile regime of controlled child abuse, blackmail, and extortion within, among other places, Westminster, are not a threat to national security.

The only threats are to their positions of freedom in society, their anonymity and the threat that they are to children.

They are criminals (pending) and any information on any person suspected of a criminal act is classed as evidence and should be made available for the prosecution of the accused and for the protection of the public in general.

Is it time to scrub the filth from parliament and the ‘establishment’? I say yes, yet successive prime ministers have disagreed.

In a perverse twist, those that should be punished for countless abuses of both power and people are actively encouraged and facilitated in child sexual abuse and child sexual exploitation with the brushing of evidence under the carpet and the burying of the carpet in a concrete coffin at the bottom of the deepest ocean, after, of course, having the evidence used to blackmail the offenders. That, my friends, is my long and short of it.”

And a wee bit about Swinson’s attitude to sexual harassment within the Lib Dem party?


Lord Rennard said that he would not apologise over the claims




Sep 2019: Lib Dem, Lord Rennard who was supposedly banished from the Party is back campaigning after only a few short months

Bridget Harris, (former political aide to the worse than useless) Nick Clegg,  has accused the Liberal Democratic Party of ignoring women’s safety after one of the party’s peers, who was accused of sexual harassment, was allowed to campaign in a recent by-election.

Her criticism after the disgraced, Lord Rennard was photographed recently on the campaign trail for the party at a recent by-election.

What the hell!!!  So much for justice!!!







February 2013: Lord Rennard – allegations of sexual impropriety

Miss Smith, a senior female officer of the Party was being harrassed and went to Swinson, the Party’s spokesperson for women and equality, who was then also the Con/Dem coalition government, “minister for women”.

A powerful position of trust had been accepted by Swinson who offered that she would be stalwart in her defense of women.

Swinson agreed to investigate and to speak to other women within the Lib/Dem Party who had also alleged that Lord Rennard had behaved inappropriately. She uncovered a very serious pattern of misbehavior.

In a follow-up, interview Swinson told Ms. Smith the problem with taking it forward was that nobody wanted to make a formal complaint.

Ms. Smith said:

“It very quickly became quite Kafkaesque. They were saying, ‘No one wants to make a formal complaint’, and I was saying, ‘I’ll make a formal complaint,’ and they were saying, ‘That’s a shame because no one wants to make a formal complaint’.”

But who knows? There’s a quote in the Mail from an anonymous “Lib Dem insider” who also spoke to  Swinson, as long ago as 2004.

Although that was before Swinson, then just 24, was even an MP, she was already a rising star in the party, famous among other things for wearing a pink T-shirt with the slogan, “I am not a token woman”.

The source said:

“Swinson said to me that Rennard had an issue about women but you have to put up with it if you want to get on in the party.”

The following year she became the youngest MP in the House of Commons.

heresycorner)  (capitalbay)


Alison Suttie (Cleggs Niece) Now a Peer of the realm





August 2013: Liberal Democrat leaders failed female staff

The formal inquiry into the Lord Rennard sexual harassment scandal has found that Clegg, Danny Alexander, Paul Burstow, and Jo Swinson “could have done much more” to protect Rennard’s alleged victims and investigate the claims against him.

Rubbing salt into the wounds Rennard’s niece Alison Suttie, who was also accused of covering up the allegations, was awarded a peerage for her efforts.

The behavior of the Clegg and his executive lieutenants over the scandal shames their party and shames politics. (trendingcentral)



Lord Rennard



Sex scandal: Con/Dem Women’s minister Jo Swinson has disappeared?

Since the Lord Rennard scandal broke, Liberal Democrat MP, Jo Swinson, the women’s and equalities minister, has gone to ground.

Why won’t she answer the questions she so urgently needs to, asks Cathy Newman.  (The Telegraph)





Dangler – 23 – Part 1 – Jo Swinson’s naked ambition is to be returned to Westminster as Prime minister after the next General Election -But little “Gummi Bear” should be returned to her family instead





Unionist Party scandal  revealed – Tax Haven firms cashing in on East Dunbartonshire PFI contract

The charge to Scottish taxpayers for PFI projects driven by  Labour and Lib Dem Party administrations in Westminster and Holyrood will add up to £30billion over the coming decades.

The East Dunbartonshire Schools PFI project is currently owned 50% by Innisfree Nominees Ltd, which is owned by Innisfree Group Ltd.

The main shareholders in this firm are Coutts and Co Trustees (Jersey) Ltd, based in the Jersey tax haven and part of the taxpayer-owned Royal Bank of Scotland group Coutts.

Coutts, whose chairman is Tory peer Lord Waldegrave, was named recently in the leaked Panama papers for asking offshore law firm Mosack Fonseca to set up almost 500 offshore companies for its clients.

Semperian PPP Holdings, which has a parent company also registered in Jersey, holds the other 50% stake in this project, which built six new schools in East Dunbartonshire including Bearsden Academy, Douglas Academy, and Bishopbriggs Academy.

Vast profits are being made by selling on stakes in PFI projects in Scotland. It is reported that one project alone made the seller several million pounds. All tax-free.

51 companies were recorded as being involved in 33 Scottish PFI projects in 2012 – including eight based in the Channel Islands.

The financial return to investors ranges from 10%-95%. All of it tax-free courtesy of the Scottish taxpayer.

Jo Swinson’s Lib Dem Party formed part of the government that implemented the disgraceful sell-off of Scotlands heritage.

Yet the electorate insists on returning a Lib Dem to Westminster. But there could be an explanation. Some may be happy campers enjoying the fruits of their investment.  Remember this:

“East Dunbartonshire has been awarded the accolade of one of the top twenty places in a UK “quality of life” survey.  The owner-occupancy rate is well above average and constituents enjoy good health and high educational results.”

The survey tracks where living standards are highest in Great Britain by ranking local performance across key indicators of the labour market, the housing market, the environment, education, and health.





Lamont The Tory Dangler for Berwickshire, Roxburgh & Selkirk – He’ll do anything to achieve power for himself including ripping off the hands that feed him







Dangle 21: John Lamont – Tory MP for Berwickshire, Roxburgh & Selkirk

Lamont has ambitions to lead the United Kingdom government in Edinburgh should the next general election bring about the demise of the Tory party in Scotland, (except for himself) but return yet another right-wing Tory party in England.

He is the last man standing from the select cabal that removed Annabel Goldie from office and replaced her with Ruth Davidson and David Mundell.

Maybe, just maybe he will get his comeuppance and be consigned to the political wilderness by canny Scots in his constituency, fed up with being lied to and abused by the people they placed their trust in.

A brief examination of the short political career of Lamont. Recently appointed to membership of the Tory 1922 committee. He is in the ascendency in the Tory party.





Political shenanigans within the Tory Party in Scotland

Ruth Davidson’s relationship with Mundell pre-dates even her election as an MSP.

In 2010, when she was on a hiding to nothing as the Tory candidate in Glasgow North East, ex-BBC journalist Davidson volunteered to help Mundell with TV debate prep as well as some general bag carrying.

This was not glamorous stuff: at one point, she found herself in the car park of a 24-hour Asda in Dumbarton, sewing kit in hand, after the shadow Scottish Secretary ripped his trousers en route to a campaign event.

It was here — the campaign trail, not the car park — where Davidson came to value Mundell’s skill as a strategist and an organiser.

When Davidson became leader she installed Mundell as interim chairman of the party in Scotland.

This was a front for Mundell to head up a small group of trusted allies tasked with steamrollering through a modernisation agenda.

Mundell and Davidson hired a hotel suite outside Edinburgh and gathered party director Lord McInnes, future Berwickshire MP John Lamont and long-time activist Kevin Ancell.

Over the next 48 hours, the quintet planned the resurrection of the Scottish Tory Party, which they assumed would take ten years rather than the five Davidson actually needed.

Mundell led the quintet behind the scenes for the next two years, on top of his duties as a Scotland Office minister.

A close ally of Davidson, says many of the ideas for which she has been given credit were actually the brainchild of the man she likes to call her ‘work husband’.

It was Mundell who thought up Conservative Friends of the Union, a group that allowed the party to reach 80,000 non-members, recruit Labour supporters and raise hard cash.

Davidson refers to him privately as a ‘co-architect’ of her rejuvenation of the Scottish Tories.

Their relationship is so close that a source tells me Davidson asked and Mundell agreed to officiate a civil wedding between her and partner Jen if the Church of Scotland was not conducting same-sex ceremonies when the time came.

An insider added:

‘Ruth and David are properly close… Ruth’s core team is actually a pretty small group of trusted individuals.

David has always been part of it. He was the one that persuaded Ruth to stand for the leadership when she thought she was too new and too green and he’s been part of the core team ever since.

You talk about people “in the room” when decisions get made, David has been in the room with Ruth for every important decision, every campaign plan, every polling report and every major change as she overhauled a creaking and failing party and turned it into one that could win seats and advance across Scotland.

They are very different people and often come at things from different angles but they never brief against each other, never allow any disagreement to go public and genuinely have each other’s backs both within the party and against the world.’

Given all this, it’s not surprising to learn that Davidson spoke directly to Boris after his victory and lobbied him to keep Mundell in place until any replacement could gain ministerial experience.

What is harder to reconcile is that a new Tory leader, who polls in Scotland somewhere south of Freddy Krueger, who has basically no working relationship with the Scottish Tory leader, would snub her first request to him as Prime Minister.

In sacking Mundell in the brutal way he did,  rather than the staged transition she is understood to have recommended, Boris has sent two troubling signals to Scottish Tories, including those who support him: He doesn’t understand how Scottish politics works, and he doesn’t care. (Stephen Daisley)






July 2009: Fresh expenses row as Lamont bills Holyrood £11,500 for single mailshot

The former lawyer also billed taxpayers £19,410 in office supplies in one year, including around £11,500 for sending a questionnaire and prepaid reply envelopes to his constituents.

The outrageous claim for a single mailshot prompted the Scottish parliament’s Corporate Body (SPCB) to limit spending to £5500 per MSP in the current financial year.

The full scale of Lamont’s spending was revealed following a freedom of information request.

In the first 10 months of 2007-08, he claimed an average £30.71 a month on headed stationery, £18.13 on white windowed envelopes, and £36 on prepaid envelopes.

But in March 2008, when he was finalising his questionnaire, costs soared to £738.50 on letterheads, £3267 on white windowed envelopes and £7200 on prepaid envelopes. From a monthly average of £84.84 on the three items, his bill in March climbed to £11,481.

The mailshot asked constituents their views on the new Borders Railway after the SNP government confirmed it would open in 2013 at a cost of up to £295 million. Such questionnaires and surveys also raise an MSP’s profile.

The cost of Lamont’s questionnaire was approved by the parliament’s allowances office, but it is understood the SPCB became concerned that the system could be used by some MSPs as a backdoor “communications allowance” of the kind available at Westminster.

This allows MPs to claim £10,000 a year “to communicate proactively” with constituents about their parliamentary duties – but also offers opportunities for self-promotion.

Last year it was revealed that Lamont was charging taxpayers to stay in hotels while in the capital, despite owning a flat less than two miles from Holyrood and renting it out for up to £10,000 a year.

An SNP spokesman said:

“I don’t know if Lamont was delivering his leaflets by taxi, but to spend this amount of public money on a single survey is mind-boggling. People in Roxburgh and Berwickshire will be staggered at Lamont’s spending spree.”

Lamont said:

“When you represent a rural constituency, by definition your postage is going to be higher than what it is when you represent an urban constituency. Yes, I did do a survey about the Borders Railway and that is a pressing concern. So it was legitimate for me to ask the views of my constituents.”

A parliament spokesman said:

“The SPCB introduced an annual limit on stationery to make it equitable to all members and to put in place further accountability arrangements for the use of public money. (The Herald)






Jul 2009: Lib Dem Michael Moore’s Tory opponent unexpectedly quits the contest

In a shock move, Tory candidate, hotelier, Chris Walker quit the battle to take the Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk Westminster seat from the Liberal Democrats.

The constituency, held for the Lib Dems by Michael Moore with a majority of 5,901 over the Tories, was targeted by the Scottish Conservative Leader Annabel Goldie as winnable.

Favourite to succeed Walker is current Tory MSP for Roxburgh and Berwickshire John Lamont, who contested and lost against Moore in 2005 then had to settle for a seat at Holyrood in 2007 in the Roxburgh and Berwickshire seat.

He made it clear he would, if elected, sit in both the Holyrood and Westminster parliaments. Yet, this is in direct contrast to the Tories’ attacks on SNP leader Alex Salmond for doing just that.

Lamont, an MSP also said that he thought (assuming he won) a by-election for his MSP seat would be “an unnecessary burden on the taxpayer” however, his boss in Holyrood, Annabel Goldie thinks the exact opposite of Alex Salmond in Banff & Buchan.

The only other Tory MP in the Borders is Mundell, who in February this year said, “Salmond has two jobs when many people in Scotland don’t have a single job at all. That is quite wrong.

Lamont failed to take the seat in 2010 and again in 2015 but finally won it in the snap 2017 General Election.


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July 2010: David Mundell, Scotland’s only Conservative MP, stands accused of orchestrating a muck-raking campaign against his Liberal Democrat boss.

The former Tory Party Westminster candidate, well respected, hotelier Chris Walker alleged that Mundell gave him a copy of Moore’s expense claims and told him to “dig up as much dirt” as he could from the parliamentary expenses claimed by Scottish Secretary, Lib Dem Michael Moore.

At interview Walker said:

“It sickened me to the pit of my stomach, I thought, this isn’t what politics is about.” (He later withdrew from the fight for the Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk constituency) and left the Tory Party.

Mundell dismissed Walker’s claim as “spurious” and denied any wrong-doing. However, it did lead to friction at the Scotland Office, where Mundell was Moore’s deputy.(highbeam) The real reason behind the demise of Walker and the rise of Lamont. The wee clique stick together.


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2016 Scottish General Election

John Lamont Re-Elected to Holyrood– How in the hell did he manage it?

Given Lamont was the highest expense claimant in Holyrood by a significant margin I was surprised that he managed to get himself re-elected as a Tory Party MSP.

He cares nothing for the Tory Party in Scotland is simply using it as a vehicle to hitch a ride on until something more substantial (a seat at Westminster) comes along.

In his campaign literature, he took great care to ensure he would not be associated with the Tory Party by omitting any mention of it.

He actively promoted himself as being the only person capable of preventing the SNP from winning.

Garnering, Lib/Dem and labour supporters to his cause and emphasised his commitment to his constituents regardless of Tory Party policy.

Paul Wheelhouse, Lamont’s SNP opponent at the May elections was a list member for the South of Scotland last time round.

Like his Tory adversary, he has an office in Hawick.

The figures show Wheelhouse submitted 107 claims totalling £8,674 between April and December 2015. Office costs came to £3,878 and travel swallowed up just £210, a fraction of Lamont’s hefty £5,900. Yet the two men live a few miles apart in Coldstream (Lamont) and Ayton (Wheelhouse).

Meanwhile, in neighbouring Midlothian South, Tweeddale & Lauderdale SNP MSP Christine Grahame, who is seeking re-election, submitted 122 itemised claims worth £12,196. Her office costs were £8,112 with travel claims amounting to £1,386.

The conclusion is that having Lamont as an MSP has cost more in expenses than Grahame and Wheelhouse combined.


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2016: European Referendum

The Scottish Borders voted 58/42% remain in the Union.

Lamont, in his electioneering campaigns stressed:

“I will always put the Borders ahead of party politics. I’m not bound by any internal rules banning me for criticising my party. My number one priority is standing up for the interests of local communities in the Scottish Borders.”

A constituent commented:

“But the Conservative split over Europe is unedifying. The Conservatives are deeply divided into Euro unionists and Euro separatists. More party discipline is required, how could anyone vote Conservative when the party position on Europe is so unclear.”


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Lamont’s Westminster voting record – Key votes about UK membership of the EU:

On 29 Mar 2019: Lamont voted to leave the EU with a [withdrawal] agreement as soon as possible and to approve the negotiated withdrawal agreement and associated documents.

On 27 Mar 2019: Lamont was absent for a vote on EU Withdrawal and Future Relationship Votes — Leave Without a Deal on 12 April 2019

On 17 Jan 2018: Lamont voted for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union.

On 17 Jan 2018: Lamont voted for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union.

On 11 Sep 2017: Lamont voted to end the supremacy of EU law in UK law; to convert EU law into domestic law on the UK’s exit from the European Union and to give ministers the power to correct deficiencies in retained EU law.

So much for his assertion that he would stand up for his constituents. They voted to remain in the EU by a substantial majority. He studiously follows the Tory party line and ignores their wishes.


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Other reading


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Luke Graham Special Advisor Appointed – Hammer of the Scots by Boris Johnson and He’ll wield it Fast and Hard



Luke Graham, Conservative MP for Ochil and South Perthshire



Luke Graham appointed Hammer of the Scots by Boris Johnson

Luke Graham, of the Conservatives, had only been MP for Ochil and South Perthshire since 2017 and faced a return to accountancy and business in Swindon or to somehow keep going with politics in the hope of an eventual return of fortune with the electorate.

He said: “I am still an accountant, I can still go back to that world but I don’t feel I’m finished with politics yet. I hope to be re-elected to be an MP. I haven’t lost my passion for politics and I think I have still got something to give. It is a setback and a gutting experience but it is what you decide to do with that next that’s important.”

That decision was not long in manifesting. Boris Johnson has employed him as a “Special Advisor” working out of the Policy Unit in 10 Downing Street.

His remit is the “Union” which vests him with a powerful yet unelected influence over Scottish affairs.

A hardline Unionist he will rapidly remove many powers from the Holyrood parliament making life very uncomfortable for Scots over the next few years.

Scots wishing to break free from the political stranglehold of Westminster will need to abandon any hope of another referendum and devise a new strategy framed around the constitutional right of Scots to decide their own government.


Defeated Luke Graham tying up loose ends after general election ...




His Political dogma  regarding Scotland – in his own words

On 18 September 2014, the people of Scotland voted to reject independence from the United Kingdom. More than 2 million people voted to remain part of the UK, which is more than the number of people who voted to remain in the EU and more even than those who voted for the SNP in 2015 or, indeed, in any election since.

It is therefore clear that remaining part of the UK is the principal constitutional choice of people in Scotland. To be clear, Scotland is not just part of the UK—it is the UK. It was a Scottish king who united the crowns, who made the lion and the unicorn stand together and who commissioned the union flag. He recognised the value and opportunity of Britain, and so do the majority of our constituents.

The fact that a petition opposing a second referendum was signed by nearly 200,000, more people than signed the petition supporting a second referendum makes clear the true voice of people in Scotland.

Indeed, the petition in support did not even reach the 100,000 signatures that it needed to be considered for debate and had to piggyback the 220,000 signatures opposing a second referendum.

All polls indicate that a second referendum is not welcome. A recent (2017) poll showed that only 39% of Scots support another referendum, compared with 52% who now oppose one—not just now, but next year or even in five years. That is two of Nicola Sturgeon’s generations.

Supporters of Scottish independence may ask why that is.

First, there was the breaking of the promise that the referendum would be a once in a generation, once in a lifetime event.

Secondly, there is the benefit of the Union to Scotland. The most recent Government Expenditure and Revenue Scotland figures—the SNP Administration’s own figures, I might add—revealed a Union dividend worth £1,750 per head in extra spending for Scotland. Meanwhile, as we know, Scotland exports four times as much to the UK as to the EU, making the UK single market the most valuable barrier-free single market to Scotland.

Thirdly, the threat of a second referendum is creating damaging uncertainty for the economy, and most people in Scotland do not want our country plunged into another divisive campaign. That is borne out in the statistics. Business investment is down 7.6% on the last year, and growth in quarter two of 2017 was just 0.1%, versus 0.3% for the UK as a whole.

I am an optimist, but unfortunately, I do not expect the SNP to give up its quest to separate Scotland and end the UK. However, the SNP can surely see that the uncertainty and division is not helping our constituents while the key devolved areas of education and healthcare need serious attention to return Scotland to No. 1 in the UK for education and to reverse the fact that Scotland has the lowest life expectancy of all the nations of the United Kingdom.

To put it simply, people want us to move on. They want politicians to offer positive solutions to the problems we face in education, transport, agriculture and international trade, and to move our country forward, not continually question its very existence.

The constitution stirs passions, but this divides our community and does not move forward our conversations.

We have heard talk of how fantastic the 2014 referendum was, and many of us were engaged in that campaign, but it was not entirely positive.

I know of one story from a now Conservative party member in my constituency, who is now a councillor but who at the time of the referendum was not. He went down to the polling station with his wife, actually undecided; he did not know whether he would vote yes or no. He was asked in the polling station, “Which way will you vote, sir?” He said, “I haven’t decided yet; I intend to keep this private.” His wife was asked the same question, and she repeated his answer—she was not sure. But when she said that with her English accent, the campaigner at the door of the polling station said, “When we win, we will take you back to the border and kick you back to England.” That was a real comment—it comes directly from one of my constituents who is now a Conservative councillor in Clackmannanshire. He had to endure that.

Although I am sure that SNP Members always encourage a positive tone of debate, they have to recognise that the referendum and the constant constitutional wrangling is divisive for our constituents and does not help unite us as a people.

We already have a major constitutional change on the horizon, and at this moment we need to focus on getting the best possible deal for us all across the United Kingdom.

In 2014, the Scottish people decided on a legal, fair and decisive referendum to remain a strong part of the UK.

The Edinburgh agreement in 2012 committed both the UK and Scottish Governments to respecting the outcome of the Scottish referendum, which is why people are clear that now is not the time for a second referendum.

If SNP Members stuck to their words, they would agree that it should not be the time any time soon, either—perhaps not even for a real generation.



 Luke Graham has been branded a 'cheapskate'



My abiding memory of Luke Graham

Graham was branded a “cheapskate” after he charged £36.63 to his House of Commons expenses account to pay for him and two staff to attend a charity fundraising village fete in his constituency.

Commentators deplored his conduct saying his penny-pinching was “not the done thing” for a senior backbencher earning £79,000 a year. One said, “Shame on him. He has deep enough pockets on an MP’s wage to chuck a few quid towards a fundraiser for a local charity. Apparently, he is only serious about supporting good causes if the taxpayer is footing the bill. What a cheapskate.”


Image result for luke graham mp brexit




Luke Graham – Special Agent

He is a political carpetbagger who conned the constituents of Ochil and South Perthshire using them as a stepping stone to glory within the Tory party at Westminster. 

This guddle of a constituency, grouping traditional Labour voters in the old mining communities, farmers in Crieff and the rich people of Auchterarder often throws up weird election results from time to time. and the success of Graham surprised political pundits who considered the SNP candidate to be a shoo-in.

Graham, whose home was and still is in Swindon, had contested the seat at the 2015 General Election and although he had been swept aside together with the Labour and Lib/Dem candidates in the SNP tsunami (Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh won the seat taking around 19% votes from Labour and the Lib/Dems).   But the warning was there. He retained almost the same voting base as he had gained in the 2010 election. The Tory vote in the northern part of the constituency was solid but in the south, voting was volatile with three parties in the mix.


London: Conservative Luke Graham told the Commons about the incident.





The EU Referendum – Britain Stronger In Europe Campaign

Graham, an avid supporter of Britain’s membership of the EU took on the duties of finance director of, “Britain Stronger In Europe”, dubbed “Project Fear” by sections of the media.

The group, launched in London on 12 October 2015 unsuccessfully campaigned in favour of the United Kingdom continuing membership of the European Union in the 2016 British referendum.

Ochil & South Perthshire voted to remain in the EU recording a strong 60% in favour.





03 May 2017: The 2017 General Election

Selected as the Tory candidate, he notified the Electoral Commission his place of residence was Stables Cottage, near Crieff. But his permanent home was in still in Swindon.

His candidacy was sponsored by Alistair Mair the multi-millionaire Tory whose son Hamish was the Chairman of the Tory party in Scotland.

Stables Cottage is owned by Mair who rents it to Tory MSP Elizabeth Smith, MSP, Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Education. Graham was a lodger.

The Tory Party was on a high after a good showing in the Scottish local elections earlier that year and the fight for the hearts and minds of voters in South Perthshire was between the SNP and the Tory’s, the other parties were reduced to fringe voting status.

Tactical voting aided by a relentless and ultimately successful dirty tricks campaign was perpetrated against Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh by the Unionist supporting media and Graham soon after electioneering began and it worked. He gathered swithering Labour and Lib/Dem voters in the south of the constituency to the Tories.





His appalling record as an MP

Graham’s performance as an MP was vintage, unionist. His campaigning commitments to the voters was abandoned. His support of the Tory government in Westminster was absolute.

Together with the other Scottish unionist MP’s he voted:

Against an energy price cap.
Against a properly resourced industrial strategy.
Against maintaining the benefits of the European Single Market and Customs Union.
Against maintaining the existing rights of EU nationals living in the UK and EU nationals living in the EU.
Against increased funding of public services.
Against scrapping university tuition fees.
Against restoring Education Maintenance Allowance, maintenance grants and nurses’ bursaries.
Against ending the public sector pay cap.
Against increasing the minimum wage.

Brutal measures from a government determined to continue with the imposition of harsh austerity measures, rewarding the rich minority of society whilst destroying the will to live amongst the many.





Graham the turncoat europhile voted to remove all aspects of EU Integration from Statute

A formerly self-declared, “die-hard” europhile and ex-Finance Director of  “Britain Stronger In Europe” he became a hardline Brexiteer against the express will of his constituents who voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU.

His voting record exposed him and his lying rhetoric. Talk about a somersault. Ochil and South Perthshire voters were conned by a political charlatan.

  • On 11 Sep 2017: He voted to end the supremacy of EU law over UK law; to convert EU law into domestic law on the UK’s exit from the European Union and to give ministers the power to correct deficiencies in retained EU law.
  • On 14 Nov 2017: He voted to end the supremacy of EU law in domestic law and to remove the mechanism enabling the flow of new EU laws into UK law.
  • On 14 Nov 2017: He voted not to require courts or tribunals to have regard to anything done on or after exit day by the European Court, another EU entity or the EU.
  • On 21 Nov 2017: He voted against requiring the UK Government to report on changes to EU legislation which form part of UK law, and against requiring the Government to consider adopting such changes to ensure that the rights of workers and employees in the UK are no less favourable than they would have been had the UK remained a member of the EU or EEA.
  • On 21 Nov 2017: He voted against the European Union Charter of Fundamental Rights remaining part of UK law on the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union.
  • On 21 Nov 2017: Luke Graham voted against retaining general principles of EU law derived from EU treaties, direct EU legislation and EU directives, as part of UK law after the UK leaves the EU, and voted to only retain those general principles deriving from European Court [of justice] case law.
  • On 12 Dec 2017: He voted to allow laws which were required by the UK’s membership of the European single market to be weakened, removed or replaced by Ministers after the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. 
  • On 13 Dec 2017: He voted to allow ministers to withdraw the UK from the European Economic Area, the European single market.
  • On 20 Dec 2017: He voted against the UK retaining the EU’s common customs tariff and common commercial policy.
  • On 13 Jun 2018: He voted against making the UK’s withdrawal from the EU conditional on seeking, as an objective for the UK’s negotiation of the withdrawal agreement, full access to the internal market of the EU rather than merely European Economic Area membership.
  • On 13 Jun 2018: He voted against largely retaining the EU “Charter of Fundamental Rights” as part of UK law following the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union.
  • On 13 Jun 2018: He voted against steps designed to ensure that the UK’s withdrawal from the EU does not result in the removal or diminution of any rights, powers, liabilities, obligations, restrictions, remedies and procedures that contribute to the protection and improvement of the environment.
  • On 17 Jul 2018: He voted against making retaining membership of the European medicines regulatory network a government objective.





Promotion to the Tory Government Head Office in Downing Street 

Brown nosing has its rewards. His unqualified support of the Tory government at Westminster was recognized through his early promotion to the Cabinet Office as a parliamentary private secretary, (PPS).

His remit included responsibility for the constitution and civil service and he was also appointed leader of communications and relations between Westminster and Holyrood.

The latter role required him to focus on Brexit, concentrating on constitutional issues.





18 Mar 2018:  Graham to lead Young Conservatives Campaign to Win Over Millennial Voters

The campaign is yet another relaunch of the much-maligned Young Conservatives following nearly three years in mothballs after bullying, sex scandals, suicide and other scandalous behaviour.

It is being developed in conjunction with Tory activists of the recently formed and very well funded “rust-belt Tory” group operating in Scotland and the north of England and is aimed at appealing to a generation of young voters who the Tories claim are not as left-wing as portrayed.

Tory Party chairman Brandon Lewis said the youth arm of the party would seek to engage with “thousands of young people who keep being told they must be “Corbynistas” but aren’t.

His roles, leading the Young Conservatives while completing the heavy workload of a PPS in the Prime Minister’s cabinet office begged the question: “Where did he find the time for constituency matters?”

Clearly, the constituents of Ochil and South Perthshire were short-changed yet again by a carpetbagging special agent from England.






And in his own words – My home

Reflecting on his short time in Scotland he said:

  “I’m proud of Swindon. It is where I come from and I think people see that. I have always felt very strongly about being British and my parents still live in Swindon so when I go to see them, I feel like I’m going home.”


More here: “”


Guardian climate score: how did your MP do? | Environment | The ...


will-westminster-proscribe-the-snp-forcing-an-election-in-scotland-returning- the-Unionists-to-power-part-5 – Is this the end game???





Image result for john smith labour



So who was John Smith?

The public persona was that he was a genial, whisky-drinking Scots lawyer from the traditional Labour right. Not so.

John Smith and his close friend and political ally Denis Healey were senior figures, with others, of the influential right-wing, Bilderberg Group and were members of its Steering Committee.

It was Smith, the leader of the committee who arranged for his young protegee, Gordon Brown to be invited to the 1991 meeting of the group.

He also recruited Ed Balls, formerly a leader writer for the Financial Times as political advisor to his team. An ideologist for globalization, Balls had spent a year in America as a Kennedy Scholar at Harvard from where he adopted US economics ideology.

A trend embraced by other prominent Labour figures, such as, Yvette Cooper MP, (whom Balls later married). David Miliband, head of Blair’s policy unit and Gordon Brown, later to become the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Just about all of the “New Labour” people with influence had some connection to America and American money……Tony Blair took the US government’s free tour of the States and an extended stay in 1986 with Gordon Brown and assured his hosts that, while officially members of CND they and the Labour Party under their leadership supported the nuclear deterrent and retention of Trident by the UK. Blair, and his team in 1983, all joined the CIA front, Labour Friends of Israel.




The gathering of the Unionists under the guise of the John Smith Centre for Public Service

The Glasgow University supported John Smith Centre is an insidious development that will adversely impact upon Scottish politics.

This warning might possibly fall upon many deaf ears but it is my intention to post/repost articles that amplify and support of my concerns.

For information: amid many differences between “Old Labour” and “New Labour” is that “New Labour” is Fabian. Tony Blair and Gordon Brown are Fabians.

The ultimate objective of the Fabians is to create a One World (‘Third Way’) government. This links to the “New World Order” project financed and controlled by the USA.

Fabian New Labour has developed and implemented the secretive “educational charity”, “Common Purpose”, which controls many aspects of local and mainstream politics and the media (BBC).

More on “Common Purpose” here: and here: .

In Blair then Brown the NWO/Bilderberg movement enjoyed the guarantee that the UK government would manipulate the electorate and parliament to support their efforts without question. War and War and yet more War. All unjustified.

John Smith was a Bilderberger!!

It is feasible that this lot could be asked to form a government of National Unity should the SNP be proscribed following a unilateral declaration of independence by the SNP government should the Scottish public support it.

Indications are that the political scene is fast changing but something is in the air politically and it stinks.


Related image




Dangle 8: Kezia Dugdale:

In her first years with the Labour Party Dugdale was mentored by George Foulkes. Even in those early days of her venture into politics, she displayed a talent for intrigue which she finely honed over the years despite being thin-skinned and overly aggressive.

Her short time as Leader of the Scottish branch was an unmitigated disaster precipitated by her insistence on supporting “New Labour” philosophy much derided by many of her colleagues and regarded as a failed venture by the electorate.

Her transfer of employment to the recently formed “John Smith Centre for Public Service”, based at Glasgow University was not unexpected since the company she now enjoys is very much more politically acceptable to her.





Dangle 9: George Foulkes

Steven Dorril’s history of MI6 provides support to much-repeated allegations that Foulkes and a number of his Labour Party colleagues had been recruited to the Secret Services. He wrote:

“Politicians including Dewar, John Smith, Gordon Brown, George Robertson, and Robin Cook were precisely the types the intelligence services longed to see take control of the Labour party and he believed that contemporaries and acquaintances of these leading Scottish Labour figures took active roles in organisations sponsored and endorsed by MI6 and the CIA.

“Elizabeth Smith (John Smith’s widow) was approached. So was Margaret “Meta” Ramsay, president of the Scottish National Union of Students between 1959 and 1961, who worked at the Fund for International Student Cooperation (FISC) where the organiser was George Foulkes.”
“In 1969 the Radical Student Alliance published a pamphlet alleging that FISC was a CIA front,” says Dorril. “That was denied, but in 1969 Ramsay joined MI6. She was a specialist in the Scandinavian states.”
More on the foregoing here:




Dangle 10: George Robertson

Well known to all.



Image result for russell gunson



Dangle 11: Russell Gunson

Leader of  “Independent Public Policy Research” (IPPR) think tank which he formed and expanded over a number of years. Supposedly independent of any political influence which is a bit of a joke (in bad taste) on the public.

Read this, from 2007:

“Two parliamentary researchers, Kezia Dugdale, who works for the Labour MSP Lord Foulkes, and Russell Gunson, who works for fellow MSP Claire Baker, were seconded to Wendy Alexander’s office last night providing spin doctor cover until new staff would be appointed.”

Gunson clearly has a long association with the Labour Party, not mentioned on the IPPR site or anywhere else, and even spent some time in the jungle of Labour Party politics as stand-in spin doctor with Kezia. I smell a rat, like the ones we saw all over Kez’s face a year or two ago. Actually, it’s probably Lord Foulkes I smell.


Related image




Dangle 12: Sarah Smith

BBc News presenter is included through association, her mother is was head honcho in the Secret Service and leads the new John Smith centre at Glasgow University.



Image result for Jackie Bird




Dangle 13: Jackie Bird

BBC Presenter was married to the now-defunct News of the World which attacked Tommy Sheridan and brought about his political demise.



Image result for ed balls




Dangle 14: Ed Balls:

John Smith Centre board member. And the aims and ambitions of the Centre include championing excellence in politicians to act as role models for public service.

Ian Dale wrote this about balls:

“Balls used Damian McBride, the disgraced spin doctor, to smear ministerial rivals and advance his own ambitions.

A No 10 insider revealed that Balls was the mastermind behind a “dark arts” operation by McBride to undermine colleagues. He claims he is running a destabilising “shadow operation” inside Downing Street to clear his path for the party leadership if Labour loses the next election.

The insider said: “There is now an operation within an operation at No 10 and it answers to Ed Balls.”

Full story here:



An assessment of his time at the Treasury was compiled by financial commentator  Alex Brummer who said this about Balls:

“it was a bit disconcerting to hear the former MP and Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls pronouncing on steps to curb the Bank of England. Balls rightly can claim some ownership of Bank independence.

As an economic guide to Gordon Brown at the Treasury, he was the architect of giving the Bank ‘operational control’ of monetary policy and interest rates in 1997.

This despite reservations by Treasury traditionalists and the refusal of previous reforming Chancellors to take such a step.

We tend to forget that Balls gave with one hand and took away with another. It was Brown and Balls who removed policing of the banking system from Threadneedle Street and gifted it to the now-defunct Financial Services Authority.

The result was catastrophic when the credit crunch and financial crisis blew up in 2007-08. The Bank of England lacked the intelligence network to see it coming and the FSA was useless.

Balls’ new idea, contained in a Harvard academic paper, talks of setting up a new systemic risk body, headed by the Chancellor, to take the political heat off the Bank.

This essentially is a rerun of the past when Balls and Brown drove Eddie George to the brink of resignation after they moved banking supervision to the FSA.

The Bank already has a Financial Policy Committee with outside members to take hard decisions on risk. Major policy changes such as the Bank’s right to curb loan-to-value ratios for mortgages require Treasury concurrence.

Politicians find the independent Bank an easy target but governor Mark Carney at the Bank has demonstrated the strength of character to defend his institution robustly and go about the business of central banking.

There is a case for increasing the political accountability of the Bank. One way of doing that would be to give the Treasury Select Committee and House of Commons a binding vote on approval or rejection of nominees for the governor-level jobs at the Bank and all the members of the policy committees.

Handing back powers to the Chancellor – even if the idea is to somehow strengthen the Bank – is not the answer. Balls should spend more time perfecting his footwork.



Photo of Matt Carter



Dangle  15: Dr Matt Carter

John Smith Centre board member.  New Labour, Worked at the most senior level in politics as General Secretary of the Labour Party, overseeing political campaigns and organisation in the period running up to and including the 2005 General Election, which saw Tony Blair win a successful third term in office.

Involved in the “cash for peerages” scandal that almost brought down Blair’s New Labour government. Statement:

“Labour general secretary and registered treasurer at last election. Now managing director of a Washington political consultancy. Wrote to party supporters who agreed to lend the £14 million in the run-up to the election. The letters have been studied by the police. One of the few officials who knew about the loans, he signed off the nomination forms to the House of Lords Appointments Commission which omitted to mention that four of the nominees for peerages had made secret loans.”



Image result for ruth davidson


Dangle 16: Ruth Davidson

Privy Councillor, Ruth Davidson MSP the ex-leader of the Tory party Branch Office in Scotland needs no introduction. Possible First Minister in the event of a Whitehall directed coup??



Image result for david muir labour




Dangle 17: David Muir

Muir took on the role of Director of Political Strategy for Gordon Brown in 2008.  The former Glasgow University graduate cut his teeth in the USA political rat race and was instrumental in persuading Brown to adopt the failed tactic of attacking Tory manifesto policies in the 2010 General Election as opposed to defending New labour’s record in office.


Image result for baroness of gilmorehill



Dangle 18: The Baroness Smith of Gilmorehill

John Smith’s widow awarded a peerage in 1995 in recognition of her long career with the British Secret Service.

As Elizabeth Margaret Bennett she attended Glasgow University with John Smith whom she later married.

A fluent Russian speaker she was recruited to the British Secret Services together with her friend Margaret Ramsey.

Her powerful role in the service was only revealed after the death of her husband when she was awarded the title of Baroness of Gilmorehill and elevated to the House of Lords.

She is a member of the Intelligence and Security Committee, which provides parliamentary oversight of the Secret Intelligence Services and is an advisory council member of the foreign-policy think-tank, the Foreign Policy Centre.

She is also the Lords Chair of The Labour Friends of Israel and leads the London based “intelligence” company, Hakluyt, allegedly started by MI6 officers to carry out “deniable” operations in support of government policies.

Her background and friends of the family does little to engender public confidence in her political impartiality


Image result for andrew wilson charlotte street partners




Dangle 19: Andrew Wilson

From 2003 He held a number of posts at the RBS Group from 2003 including Deputy Chief Economist and through the banking crisis as Head of Group Communications.  Founder of political media company, Charlotte Street Partners.

Ian Fraser, the political author wrote of him:

Classic over-reach as Goodwin boasted about RBS’s immensity

A FactSheet compiled by RBS’s senior communications executive and deputy chief economist Andrew Wilson in February 2007 pleased his master, the bank’s chief executive, Fred Goodwin, as it put RBS’s financial success in context. But it was also incredibly bombastic and dangerously hubristic

Royal Bank of Scotland issued an extraordinary flyer to journalists on the day it released its 2006 annual results – 1 March 2007.

Just 18 months before it collapsed and needed a £45.5 billion taxpayer-funded bailout, RBS proudly unveiled a 14 per cent rise in operating profits to £9.414 billion, on income that was up ten per cent, to £28 billion.

At the time – four months before the beginning of the subprime-related credit crisis that paralysed global financial markets and would ultimately torpedo RBS and many other banks worldwide – chief executive Fred Goodwin seemed to think he could walk on water.

Goodwin was already in covert talks for a €72 billion three-way, carve-up takeover of the near-worthless Amsterdam-based bank, ABN Amro.

Four years earlier Goodwin had hired Wilson, who had lost his Holyrood seat in the May 2003 Scottish parliamentary elections, as deputy chief economist and occasional spin-meister.

Goodwin, who had taken over as chief executive in March 2000, was unhappy with some of the negative headlines that had greeted the bank’s strong financial results in previous years.

He saw record profits as something to celebrate, but certain sections of the media and some politicians insisted on using them as a club to beat the bank, claiming they were evidence it was ripping off its customers.

So Fred was delighted when, a few days before the results were to be announced, Lanark-born Wilson came into Goodwin’s palatial office at RBS’s Gogarburn World Headquarters with what seemed like the perfect antidote.

Wilson, had written a four-page flyer that strongly conveyed RBS’s global reach and the good it was doing for society through a selection of carefully chosen nuggets on which it was hoped journalists would graze.

“It was one of the few times Fred ever congratulated anyone in media relations for anything,” said one ex-RBS insider. “He was delighted with that document. Andrew got a lot of kudos”.

The panegyric to RBS – discreetly titled “RBS Factsheet Scotland” underneath the banner “RBS Results 2006: Make it Happen” – was emailed to journalists by RBS press officer Nicola McGowan at 7:05am on results day, alongside the message: “Also to provide some context around RBS Group and these Results, I attach a factsheet for your information”.

With the benefit of hindsight, it is a most extraordinarily hubristic and bombastic document, that’s indicative of the proverb “pride before a fall”.

Among the more prominent boasts were that RBS was, by market capitalisation, “bigger than Sony and Apple combined; We make more profit from the US than McDonald’s do globally; our European profits are equivalent to the global profits of Volkswagen.”

The document bragged about the size and scale of RBS’s branch network:

“In the UK, we have more branches than there are Starbucks coffee shops – a larger branch network than any other UK bank.”

It stressed how much tax RBS was paying and how many people it employed: “We are the number 1 corporate taxpayer in the UK; We employ more people than the electricity, gas and water supply industries [more people than] Vodafone, Virgin and Rolls-Royce combined.”

In other words, the document stressed what an amazingly good corporate citizen RBS was.

There were also several bullet points about the numbers of people using RBS’s retail banking services in a single minute and how these were, ostensibly at least, free-of-charge:

  • In one minute at RBS in 2006, 1,398 customers make a withdrawal from one of our ATMs…for FREE
  • 2,073 cheques were processed….FREE for personal customers
  • 136 customer telephone calls answered…for FREE
  • 3,690 payments processed…FREE for personal customers
  • 320 customers are served in one of our branches.

The document added that RBS was “one of only five FTSE 100 companies (and the only bank) to have grown profits in each of the last ten years’ and that it ‘serves 36 million personal customers worldwide”.

Complete article here: