Dangler-23-Part-3-Jo-Swinson – More Right Wing than Boris the Beast – East Dunbartonshire Pensioners Gummi Bear is after you – Her record in Government is Appalling

            6 Nov 2017: Swinson hiding in the corner during a meeting to form a common policy on tackling abuse following allegations of sexual harassment and abuse in British politics. Wonder why Lord Rennard wasn’t invited. Hard necked eh!!!             July 2013: Anger as constituents pay […]

Dangler-23-Part-2-Jo-Swinson- Minister for Women in the Con/Dem Coalition – Champions Womens Rights and defends Them Against Abuse – But evidently not when her political ambitions are at risk

          Oct 2018: Protecting paedophiles in politics – a petition was submitted to Westminster calling for an amendment to the Official Secrets Act preventing its use in cases where child abuse was involved. Swinson and her colleague MP’s voted against a proposed change to the Official Secrets Act so that public […]

Dangler – 23 – Part 1 – Jo Swinson’s naked ambition is to be returned to Westminster as Prime minister after the next General Election -But little “Gummi Bear” should be returned to her family instead

        Unionist Party scandal  revealed – Tax Haven firms cashing in on East Dunbartonshire PFI contract The charge to Scottish taxpayers for PFI projects driven by  Labour and Lib Dem Party administrations in Westminster and Holyrood will add up to £30billion over the coming decades. The East Dunbartonshire Schools PFI project is […]

Lamont The Tory Dangler for Berwickshire, Roxburgh & Selkirk – He’ll do anything to achieve power for himself including ripping off the hands that feed him

            Dangle 21: John Lamont – Tory MP for Berwickshire, Roxburgh & Selkirk Lamont has ambitions to lead the United Kingdom government in Edinburgh should the next general election bring about the demise of the Tory party in Scotland, (except for himself) but return yet another right-wing Tory party in […]

will-westminster-proscribe-the-snp-forcing-an-election-in-scotland-returning- the-Unionists-to-power-part-5 – Is this the end game???

            So who was John Smith? The public persona was that he was a genial, whisky-drinking Scots lawyer from the traditional Labour right. Not so. John Smith and his close friend and political ally Denis Healey were senior figures, with others, of the influential right-wing, Bilderberg Group and were members […]