Dangler-23-Part-2-Jo-Swinson- Minister for Women in the Con/Dem Coalition – Champions Womens Rights and defends Them Against Abuse – But evidently not when her political ambitions are at risk




Cyril Smith



Oct 2018: Protecting paedophiles in politics – a petition was submitted to Westminster calling for an amendment to the Official Secrets Act preventing its use in cases where child abuse was involved.

Swinson and her colleague MP’s voted against a proposed change to the Official Secrets Act so that public servants, including MP’s, will continue to be protected from any investigation of allegations about child abuse.

The Lib Dem votes would have sanctioned the change. Why on earth did Swinson et al vote to kill it?

It surely cannot have been part of the coalition agreement. (The London Economic)


Reader – Richard Harbury was incensed but unsurprised by the actions of politicians. He wrote:

“The can of political maggots cowering behind a misused act that hides the vile regime of controlled child abuse, blackmail, and extortion within, among other places, Westminster, are not a threat to national security.

The only threats are to their positions of freedom in society, their anonymity and the threat that they are to children.

They are criminals (pending) and any information on any person suspected of a criminal act is classed as evidence and should be made available for the prosecution of the accused and for the protection of the public in general.

Is it time to scrub the filth from parliament and the ‘establishment’? I say yes, yet successive prime ministers have disagreed.

In a perverse twist, those that should be punished for countless abuses of both power and people are actively encouraged and facilitated in child sexual abuse and child sexual exploitation with the brushing of evidence under the carpet and the burying of the carpet in a concrete coffin at the bottom of the deepest ocean, after, of course, having the evidence used to blackmail the offenders. That, my friends, is my long and short of it.”

And a wee bit about Swinson’s attitude to sexual harassment within the Lib Dem party?


Lord Rennard said that he would not apologise over the claims




Sep 2019: Lib Dem, Lord Rennard who was supposedly banished from the Party is back campaigning after only a few short months

Bridget Harris, (former political aide to the worse than useless) Nick Clegg,  has accused the Liberal Democratic Party of ignoring women’s safety after one of the party’s peers, who was accused of sexual harassment, was allowed to campaign in a recent by-election.

Her criticism after the disgraced, Lord Rennard was photographed recently on the campaign trail for the party at a recent by-election.

What the hell!!!  So much for justice!!!







February 2013: Lord Rennard – allegations of sexual impropriety

Miss Smith, a senior female officer of the Party was being harrassed and went to Swinson, the Party’s spokesperson for women and equality, who was then also the Con/Dem coalition government, “minister for women”.

A powerful position of trust had been accepted by Swinson who offered that she would be stalwart in her defense of women.

Swinson agreed to investigate and to speak to other women within the Lib/Dem Party who had also alleged that Lord Rennard had behaved inappropriately. She uncovered a very serious pattern of misbehavior.

In a follow-up, interview Swinson told Ms. Smith the problem with taking it forward was that nobody wanted to make a formal complaint.

Ms. Smith said:

“It very quickly became quite Kafkaesque. They were saying, ‘No one wants to make a formal complaint’, and I was saying, ‘I’ll make a formal complaint,’ and they were saying, ‘That’s a shame because no one wants to make a formal complaint’.”

But who knows? There’s a quote in the Mail from an anonymous “Lib Dem insider” who also spoke to  Swinson, as long ago as 2004.

Although that was before Swinson, then just 24, was even an MP, she was already a rising star in the party, famous among other things for wearing a pink T-shirt with the slogan, “I am not a token woman”.

The source said:

“Swinson said to me that Rennard had an issue about women but you have to put up with it if you want to get on in the party.”

The following year she became the youngest MP in the House of Commons.

heresycorner)  (capitalbay)


Alison Suttie (Cleggs Niece) Now a Peer of the realm





August 2013: Liberal Democrat leaders failed female staff

The formal inquiry into the Lord Rennard sexual harassment scandal has found that Clegg, Danny Alexander, Paul Burstow, and Jo Swinson “could have done much more” to protect Rennard’s alleged victims and investigate the claims against him.

Rubbing salt into the wounds Rennard’s niece Alison Suttie, who was also accused of covering up the allegations, was awarded a peerage for her efforts.

The behavior of the Clegg and his executive lieutenants over the scandal shames their party and shames politics. (trendingcentral)



Lord Rennard



Sex scandal: Con/Dem Women’s minister Jo Swinson has disappeared?

Since the Lord Rennard scandal broke, Liberal Democrat MP, Jo Swinson, the women’s and equalities minister, has gone to ground.

Why won’t she answer the questions she so urgently needs to, asks Cathy Newman.  (The Telegraph)





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