The BBC Is the Most Effective Tool In the Secret Services Formidable Armoury and It Will Be A Cold Day In Hell Before They Give It Up

      BBC political presenter Sarah and her friend Ruth     August 2018: BBC Scotland – counter subversion vetting of staff Unionist politicians of the Labour Tory and Lib/Dem party’s cast scorn on anyone raising the spectre of state control of the BBC in Scotland but finally the evidence is in the public […]

Purnell the Labour Party plant with his hands firmly on the levers of power at the bbc – Cost the licence payer nearly £800k in year one of his employment.

          2007: Labour Party – Fake News – James Purnell Culture Secretary, and local MP, Purnell, turned up late for an event at a Manchester hospital, and missed the official photo opportunity, only to appear in group press photographs of the ceremony. He denied any knowledge of a decision to fake […]

A bunch of Spivs Crooks and Wide Boys the Tory Party Basks in the Glory of its Widespread Abuse of The Electorate Part One

          Introduction I follow articles written for the Guardian and the Observer, by the Wee Welsh Terrier, Carole Cadwalladr, a fearless journalist who doggedly searches for the truth in any investigation in which she participates. In the last 2 years, reports and articles written by herself and her associates have exposed […]

Liam Fox and Ian Paisley – Tarred by the same brush – The Tory Party and the DUP cultivate a regime of shame – Scots should vote for independence and get shot of them

            13 October 2011: Liam Fox and The Sri Lanka connection It was a classic south Asian scene. Sundown, some drinks, a colonial-era hotel with fans cooling a terrace, waves crashing on the nearby beach, a group of British diplomats, a minister – and a 34-year-old businessman called Adam Werritty. […]

Liam Fox – Only for the serious reader of my blog – This post reveals just who runs the UK – and there’s more to come as I clarify the relevance of Fox to the future ofScotland

              Who runs Britain? The British Israel Communications and Research Centre, (BICOM), is an influential pro-Israel lobby operating in the corridors of power at Westminster and is a common thread running through the political and financial network of political friendships enjoyed by Liam Fox.       Government within […]

plausible-paranoia-how-westminster-hoodwinked-the-scots-in-1707-and-2014-and-their-preparedness-to-do-so-again-part-9-The UK Parliament is sovereign, the Scottish Parliament is not.

        March 2015: Disinformation distribution continues In a blatant misuse of taxpayers money a Con/Dem government leaflet promoting the “vow”, (production and distribution cost estimated at £3 million) was sent to every one of the 2.5 million households across Scotland promoting changes to be implemented over the next 2 years. The 8-page […]

A-Z – List of People of Angus (1689-1746) who Said no to Independence and their Fate at the Hands of Their English masters Is your Ancestor on the list??

          After Culloden The Angus Jacobite’s who rose up in 1745 were led by twenty year old Lord David Ogilvy, whose force of around 600 men came from his father’s estates. His father and Sir David Kinloch later managed to raise another 400 men from Angus and the Mearns. Following the […]

plausible-paranoia-how-westminster-hoodwinked-the-scots-in-1707-and-2014-and-their-preparedness-to-do-so-again-part-8- The Aftermath of the Referendum

            Sep 2014: Tomkins and Goldie – Addressing the the Strathclyde proposals A letter from Tomkins and Tory constitution spokeswoman Annabel Goldie MSP stated: “We stand by the recommendations and analysis of the Strathclyde Commission. We regard its recommendations as a starting point for further discussion – as a floor […]