Energy Production – Scots Are Getting Ripped Off By Westminster and it will Get Worse Unless We Gain Our Independence

      Scottish Electricity Generation – The Black Start Scotlands increasing reliance on renewable electricty generation places the Scottish grid at risk of “blackout” in the event of a prolonged period of calm conditions. The risk is partially reduced by the output from the Peterhead gas power station (0.55GW) which is capable of sustaining […]

Better Together “Bash Street Kids” Team Resurface 3 Years After the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum – Tory Party Policy Exchange Think Tank Expose’

      Policy Exchange   Better Together “Bash Street Kids” Team Resurface and Cause Mischief 3 Years After the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum On 22 May 2018 “Policy Exchange” hosted a major conference in London considering the future of the United Kingdom. Keynote speeches were delivered by: Ruth Davidson, Michael Gove, Arlene Foster, Brandon […]

Scottish Secretary of State – David Mundell MP – Clueless Bunch of No-Hoper -Tory MSPs Still in Place Despite Purge – Indicative of a Dearth of Tory Political Talent

            March 2007: Tory MSPs Are Clueless No-Hopers – According to Conservative MP David Mundell. Murdo Fraser MSP had raised the spectre of a split from Westminster control so that the Party in Scotland would be able to decide upon policy. Countering the Fraser challenge Mundell delivered a damning statement […]

Tory Placeman Tomkins Asks the Scottish Parliament to Trust the Westminster Government and Support Their Centralising of Devolved Powers – History Indicates Such Support Would be Folly

          The Application of Laws in England and Scotland before 1707 The principles of Roman Law, a system of ‘rights’ and ‘obligations’ prevalent in European countries was used to develop Scots law over many hundreds of years before 1707. Whilst, in England, lawmaking evolved by writing “Common Law” into statute, using […]

The Scottish rising of 1820 -Unionist spies betrayed the cause – many innocents were murdered by English soldiers – 23 Scots were tried for High Treason and Sedition and were sentenced to death by hanging

The 1820 Scottish Uprising James Wilson, Andrew Hardie & John Baird (all weavers) were accused by the Crown of being leaders of the “1820 Rising”, a group of Scots campaigning for universal male suffrage, better working conditions and a Scottish parliament. They, together with 19 others, mostly weavers: Thomas M’Culloch, Benjamin Moir, Alex Latimer, Alex Johnstone, […]

Tory Luddite Tomkins Mocks the SNP Government Attacking Proposals For Safe Drug Taking Facilities – But fails to Bring Forward Any Answers to the Question – How do you reintegrate people to Society who were not integrated in the first place?

          Drug-Control Policies in Britain The late Prof Geoffrey Pearson was an eminent and highly respected Criminologist noted for his research into violence among the young. In his journal, The New Heroin Users (1987) he gave a voice to users and addicts, confounding many stereotypes concerning this demonised group, who were […]

Scotland – Englands First Colony – Ravished – Pillaged – Blockaded – Betrayed – Castigated – Absorbed on False Promises – Brexit is Our Chance to Right the Wrongs of the Past – All We Need is a Referendum

          The Alien Act – Bully Boy Nation England Forces a Treaty of Union On Scotland The 1701 Alien Act was the culmination of the England’s efforts to subjucate Scotland, and the negative impact was huge. An embargo on Scottish goods to both England and its colonies, enforced by a naval […]

Syria – The US, UK and French Have Given Up On Regime Change in Syria – New Strategy is to Establish a New State East of the Euphrates – More Blood to Be SpiltCarve

                6 May 2018: Tensions Rising Between Syrian Army, Kurds Amid Creation of US Bases The probability of all-out war between the Syrian army and Kurdish militias in northern Syria has intensified amid reports of the creation of more new US bases, along with reports of a possible […]