Scottish Secretary of State – David Mundell MP – Clueless Bunch of No-Hoper -Tory MSPs Still in Place Despite Purge – Indicative of a Dearth of Tory Political Talent







March 2007: Tory MSPs Are Clueless No-Hopers – According to Conservative MP David Mundell.

Murdo Fraser MSP had raised the spectre of a split from Westminster control so that the Party in Scotland would be able to decide upon policy.

Countering the Fraser challenge Mundell delivered a damning statement in a four-page memo to leader David Cameron revealing that Tory chiefs had lost confidence in the Holyrood team claiming there was a “lack of thinkers” among the Tory MSPs and that they were incapable of coming up with new policies.

He added: “There are more obvious problems than solutions emanating from Scotland from a party point of view. And I see little in the short term that can be done to improve the MSP group situation.”

And he was scathing about Tory MSPs’ abilities saying: “Whilst it is possible to agree in principle that the party in Scotland can make its own policy on devolved matters, the simple lack of thinkers is apparent.”

He urged a purge of lame-duck MSP’s and the speedy appointment of a new Scottish party Chairman, new Scottish party leader and new management team comprising strategic thinkers.

His advice prevailed and the Scottish Tory party was subjected to a brutal putch which brought Ruth Davidson, and her team of wanabee’s into the Scottish public domain.




9 February 2008: Former Spy Appointed To Top Scottish Tory Job

Former high ranking MI6 intelligence officer, Prof Andrew Fulton, was identified as the most effective “agent for change” available and it was agreed he would be appointed chairman of the Scottish Conservative Party and apply himself and the extensive resources of the secret service to the tasks of completing a root and branch reorganisation of the party in Scotland removing anyone who did not fully commit to Westminster Party ideal.

He would also put in place a long term strategy and resources undermining the SNP government ensuring any referendum for independence would fail.

It was believed that the SNP would fall apart in the aftermath of a failure to gain independence.

But a number of lame-duck MSPs’ all incapable of “strategic thought” survived the clear out and continue to occupy key positions within Davidson’s team;

Jackson Carlaw, Murdo Fraser, Margaret Mitchell, John Scott and Elizabeth Smith.

The emasculated Scottish Tory party in Holyrood and the inexperienced Davidson and her team of lame-duck gophers have not evolved a single new policy since its appointment. And secret agent Fulton, has moved back to London.




So what next for the Scottish Tory party and its lame-duck MSPs’ if Davidson decides to get-out of Scotland?




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