Background Information – The Baby Box Aberdeen Councillor – Claire Louise Imrie






Claire Louise Roe

b1976 – Lived in Southend, England. Parents divorced and she returned to Scotland with her mother.

Son, Cameron Roe, b 2001. Raised child as a single mother.

2015: Married Neil Martin Imrie. Recently announced she was with child. Due Aug 2018.

Parents: Father: Michael David Roe: b1956, Southend-On-Sea, England. Prison Service Officer. Resides England.

Mother: Karen Fraser Lovie: b1955 Aberdeen, Scotland. Divorced. Re-married Gary Trimmer 2000. Employed Aberdeen Council. Resides Aberdeenshire.

Education: Thorpe Bay High School (Near Southend-On-Sea) Secondary Education

Voluntary Community Service:

C-Fine Enterprises Ltd. ( Charity operates food banks, good neighbours schemes.
Aberdeen performing Arts Committee
Gordon Highlander Museum Committee
Macdonald Art Committee
Rubislaw Field Committee
Friends of Hazlehead Park




Elected Councillor (Tory Party) for Queens Cross, Countesswells & Hazlehead, May 2017


Jun 2017 – to date: Dishy Dogs Ltd. (production and retailing of spicy sausages. Owns and operates enterprise together with her husband Neil.

Jul – Sep 2016: Events Consultant. 11th Annual Asset Integrity Management Aberdeen.

Jan 2009 – Jun 2016: Clerical duties. The Wood Group.

2004 – 2013: Part time Photographic and fashion modelling for a number of Agencies.

1994 – 2003: No record of employment in 9 years. Aged 18 – 27 years old.





8 Mar 2018: The Baby Box Story

The baby Box story first appeared in the the Unionist local rag,  The Press & Journal quoting Louise saying:

“I am lucky enough not to require a box which, in my opinion should be provided only to those in most need. Aberdeen Council, of which I am a Councillor, produced a working budget for the current year with reduced resources unlike the SNP government who are insisting on the provision of unnecessary provisions such as baby boxes which should be means tested. I intend donating mine to the CFINE foodbank where I am a volunteer helper” (paraphrased)



Willie Young gets involved accusing the midwife of completing the application form then attempts to deny it!!!




Government and SNP Councillor Reply

A Scottish Government spokeswoman stated: “Every baby born and living in Scotland is entitled to a Baby Box, but parents must opt in to the scheme by registering at an existing midwife appointment, or via their family nurse.

“The registration form must be signed by both the parent and the healthcare professional to validate the claim.”

SNP Councillor Michael Hutchison said: “I fundamentally disagree with the principle of means testing the baby box, but let’s consider how absurdly impractical means testing would be.

“What sort of cut-off are the Tories and Jennifer Stewart suggesting? Would we be taking baby boxes back from mothers-to-be if they get a pay-rise before they give birth? Or would it be phased, with a few less [items] if you earn more, up until you just get an empty box?”






Unionist Councillor Supporters Have Their Say

She was backed by former Lib/Dem now Independent Councillor, Jennifer Stewart who called the boxes a “vanity project. Adding most people I know wouldn’t want to put their baby in a box and neither would I.”






Readers Have Their Say:

Anonymous: The box only comes if she signs for it. She did not have to sign for it. This is gesture politics of the worst kind…
Gordon Anderson: I suppose if she gets prescribed Paracetamol from her GP she would take that too and donate it to CFINE. Oh look at me I can afford this not like you plebs. How lucky am I……… Patronizing git!
hoddles10: “People like me shouldn’t get baby boxes. Where do I sign to get one?” Laughable nonsense from a Tory Councillor.
ntg61: If she bothered to take any notice she would know that she already has the option of refusing to take one just as my daughter did for hers.  Unfortunately she is a Tory politician so can’t stop herself making a political point about this initiative rather than praising it for helping out less well advantaged mothers.
Terry Arthur: Using her own unborn just shows how low the Tories will go to try and score a few points. Why did she apply for it in the first place?
jdmanjohn: What a horrible woman she is, why on earth did she apply for it if she didn’t need it? Anything for an SNP bad story eh!




Comment: A background search of her wider family group reveals no evidence of any political preference, with one exception. Her husband Neil. A declared Unionist. Claire is extremely photogenic, as are the other Lovie ladies and it is not surprising she enjoyed a successful career as a model. She is a talented, well intentioned, hard working lady who should do well in politics, always provided she avoids petty political punch-ups; eg. the baby-box fiasco. Caroline Lucas (Green Party leader) would be a much better choice for her, as a role model than Ross Thomson.




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