The 1707 Treaty of Union – Full Awareness of the Facts of the Betrayal of Our Ancestors by the Landed Gentry Should Persuade Scots That We Should Reclaim Our Right to Govern Ourselves-The Union is Tarnished-Dying and Not Fit For Purpose

      Scottish Public Opinion and The Making of the Treaty of Union of 1707         Karin Bowie  University of Glasgow Karin is a Senior Lecturer in Scottish History at the University of Glasgow. She completed her PhD on Scottish public opinion and the Union of 1707 at Glasgow in 2004. […]

Douglas Ross MP – I Am A Democrat and I Take Orders From Boris Johnson and Westminster Not From the People of Moray

      Douglas Gordon Ross: He was born in Aberdeen in 1983 and educated at Forres Academy and the Scottish Agricultural College. His early years were spent on a dairy farm near Forres where his father worked as a cattleman. On completing his secondary education he completed a 4-year course at Agriculture College returning […]

Tory MP Bill Grant – The Most Right Wing Unionist Tory in Scotland – Were the Voters of Ayr, Carrick & Cumnock Possessed When They Sent Him To Westminster?

          William Grant: MP Miner’s son, William was born 14 August 1951. He was raised in Rankinston in Cumnock and Doon Valley, East Ayrshire, and educated at Littlemill Primary in northern Rankinston and Cumnock Academy. He joined the fire service and served for 31 years before retiring at 55 as a […]

David Duguid MP for Banff & Buchan – Elected on a Campaign Promise to Fully Extract Scottish Fisheries From the EU Common Fisheries Policy – Nailed By the Lie He Should Stand Down As He Foolishly Promised

      David James Duguid Born 1970. Raised on the family farm at Breedless, just North of Turriff. Educated at Banff Academy. Studied Chemistry at Robert Gordon University. Employment Took up a career with BP (10 years) in the oil and gas industry before moving on to project management with Hitachi (15 years). Lives […]

aberdeenshire-west-tory-mp-andrew-bowie-a-political-toady-sponging-off-the-scottish-taxpayers-part-3-Ambitious-Conceited- and More Right Wing Than Thatcher

          2 Jan 2018: The Tory Party in Scotland has fewer than ten thousand members aged under thirty and faces a generation gap crisis Bowie acknowledged the party faced a “serious problem” following years of heavy dependence on the loyalty of older voters and called for a drive to promote new […]

President Trump – Pilloried by the Press, Lefty Luving Hollywood Elite and Politicians With Their Heads in the Trough – Yet Adored By the American Public – His Record in His First Year In Office Is Enlightening

                In Defence of President Trump In just about any other circumstance the people of Scotland would praise the achievements of “The  Donald” attributing them in some measure to the Scottish blood coursing through his veins. And they would be right to do so. But credit for his political success […]