Ruth Davidson Introduces Intellect Testing of Tory Candidates With the Aim of Ensuring All Are at Her Level of Intelligence






Rooth the Mooth Is Determined to Improve the Quality of Tory MP and MSP’s and Introduces Intellect Testing of Potential Candidates

Just before the last election potential candidates were gathered and put to the test.

Davidson briefed those gathered:

“As you know I am about to be promoted by her Majesty the Queen to a high ranking officer grade in recognition of my MENSA membership and my long and faithful Territorial Army service.

I fully expect all of you to display a standard of intellect mirroring my own so that Scottish voters can be satisfied they have elected Tory party members of the highest quality to public office.

It is not possible to allocate all of you to a constituency so there will need to be a cull.

To facilitate this I have devised a game designed to test your reasoning ability.

If I name a fruit, run to the wall on the right of the hall and if I name a colour run to the wall on the left of the hall.

Any questions?

No! OK!

Ready – steady – set;     ORANGE!!!!!



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