North Lanarkshire A Troubled Region – So Many Inter Tribal Clashes – SNP Unable to Make a Breakthrough – Projected to Support the Unionist Cause -SNP Need to Get a Grip







North Lanarkshire Council 3 May 2017: Comprises 70 Councillors

North Lanarkshire Council 3 May 2017: 41 Labour, 26 SNP, 2 LibDem and 1 other.

A Labour council is in place
North Lanarkshire Council 4 May 2017: Comprises 77 Councillors

North Lanarkshire Council 4 May 2017: 32 Labour, 33 SNP, 10 Tory and 2 Independents.

The Tories took 10 seats from Labour. The SNP gained 7 seats (mainly from the increased council total.) A partnership labour-Tory administration is the likely outcome.





2014 Referendum: 48.93% No: 51.07% Yes:

Second Referendum Projection at 4 May 2017: 65% No: 35% Yes:






Comment: The SNP failed to make a major breakthrough, probably due to an extended period of internal strife involving a number of councillors and the publicly aired disagreements of their differing factions.

The projected referendum “no” vote reflects the mood of an electorate fed up with being used and not served by their elected councillors.

Labour did well considering their poor record over the last 5 years,losing only 10 seats to the Tories which, it was expected would go the the SNP.

The SNP vote is solid in Cumbernauld but not in other wards and the Party will need to address and resolve areas of discontent very quickly otherwise the Region will be lost to the Unionist parties.





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