Stirling Council – Still a Unionist Stronghold But Only Just and by Default Since Ruth the Mooth Davidson Ensured the Vote Would be Polarised on a Second Referendum and She Made it By the Skin of Her Teeth








Stirling Council 3 May 2017: – Comprises 22 Councillors

Councillors at 3 May 2017:  9 SNP, 8 Labour, 4 Tory and 1 Scottish Green. A partnership Unionist council is in place comprising 8 Labour and 4 Tory councillors.






Stirling Council, 4 May 2017: – Comprises 23 Councillors

Councillors at 4 May 2017: 9 SNP, 9 Tory, 4 Labour and 1 Scottish Green. It is expected that the Tory and Labour Unionist parties will form another partnership






 2014 Referendum: 60% No: 40% Yes:

Second Referendum Projection at 9 May 2017: 53% No: 47% Yes:






A Blueprint for Stirling

This is how Ruth the Mooth Davidson sold Tory Party local council policies?  to the Stirling electorate:

“Despite promising it would be a “once in a generation” decision, it didn’t take long for the SNP to start demanding a second referendum on independence.

The Scottish people don’t want another independence referendum, they just want government at all levels that gets on with the day job and delivers on the things that matter.

So the Council elections in May will be an important opportunity for you to tell the SNP – we voted No to independence, respect that result and stop trying to put us through it all again.

A vote in May for the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party will help strengthen that message in your own community, in all of Stirling and across Scotland.

The simple fact is that every SNP Councillor elected here on 4th May will use their position to agitate for another referendum, while every Scottish Conservative elected will oppose one.

We need to make our voice heard loud and clear. We said No to independence and we do not want another independence referendum.”

Ruth Davidson MSP
Leader of the Scottish Conservative & Unionist Party







Blatant abuse of the Stirling electorate. No mention of policies relevant to Stirling. Davidson’s message revealed the true nature of the Unionist parties. The Tories, formerly the junior partners in the Stirling Council increased their numbers at the expense of their partners. When will Labour supporters waken up and transfer their loyalty away from the Unionist cause to supporting an independent Scotland? Their vote would tip the balance in Stirling in favour of independence.

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