Aberdeen Needs an “Untouchables Unit” to Free it From the Financial Mismanagement of the Incompetent Con/Lab City Council

    The Newly Built Events Complex Aberdeen (TECA) Aberdeen’s replacement exhibition centre, built using  finance borrowed from the London Stock on a long term loan, cost £425m to build has been devalued by KPMG and is now worth only £318.7m.  A whacking great financial loss from which it doubtful the council will ever recover. […]

Methane heavy air expelled by heavyweight Unionist farts at Westminster is destroying the only there for the money weak and ineffectual farts from Nationalist MP’s- climate change will only be achieved by radical action. Bring them home now

Nicola Sturgeon’s Speech at the Doors of Westminster “The SNP will be the principled opposition in this place to the Conservative government. The SNP has worked long and hard in this election to make Scotland’s voice heard. To have people in Scotland in such overwhelming numbers put their trust in us is fantastic, but also is […]

Chilcot Inquiry Fraudulent Content – Severely Compromised by the Old Boy Network – Report Should Be Subject to a Judicial Review Chaired By Independent Judge

                The Chilcot Report – Millions of words without meaning – Philppe Sands catalogues the report’s criticisms of Blair and points to its failings: “Yet the inquiry has chosen to hold back on what caused the multitude of errors: was it negligence, or recklessness, or something else? In […]

Westminster legacy to Many of Scotland’s Soldiers and Veterans – After Nearly 20 Years of War is a Lifetime on Alcohol – Drugs – Homeless – Depression and Abuse – But Scots Look After Their Own

                The Armed Forces Covenant An Enduring Covenant Between The People of the United Kingdom Her Majesty’s Government – and – All those who serve or have served in the Armed Forces of the Crown And their Families The first duty of Government is the defence of the […]

Obama and the Democrats Beat their Chests In Anguish Claiming- Without Supporting Evidence that Putin Fixed the Election in Favour of Trump – But Obama Fixed the Scottish Referendum in Favour of the No Campaign – Just Reward

                  Donald Trump Under Fire From the Democratic Party, Actors and Other Bleeding Hearts  Congressman John Lewis, a Democrat, said on Friday he would not attend the inauguration of Donald Trump as President of the United States of America on the grounds that he did not see […]

Israeli Missile Attack on Syria – Another Twist in the On-Going Battles Reshaping the Middle East – And Russia Confirms Plans to Establish and expand a permanent presence in Syria.

                  Monday 16th January, 2017: Russia to Upgrade Its naval Air bases in Syria Russia plans to improve and expand its naval and air bases in Syria, Interfax news agency reported on Sunday, citing an unnamed source, as Moscow cements its presence in the Middle Eastern country, […]