Ignore the Duplicitous Public Face of Davidson and her Newborn Tory Party – The are still as Toxic as Ever and a Danger to Scottish Society

          The Leopard Cannot Change its Spots – Ruth Davidson’s Scottish Tories are still toxic Ruth Davidson has been very busy in the last few months embracing the agenda of a compliant Unionist press and the BBC broadcasting images and reports always favourable to Unionist parties. So no change in the […]

Breaking News – Former Scottish Tory Party Chairman and Ruth Davidson’s Mentor Andrew Fulton Works for Team Putin and a Mobbed-Up Russian Lawyer

  Andrew Fulton (chairman Scottish Tory Party 2008-2011)       9 February 2008: Former spy in line for top Scottish Tory job Former high ranking MI6 intelligence officer, Prof Andrew Fulton. A spy who served behind the Iron Curtain at the height of the Cold War is in line to become chairman of the […]

Getting On With The Day Job Is Exactly What The SNP Government Does – Compare This List Of Achievements To That Of The Westminster Labour-Tory and Lib-Dem Governments

          The SNP’s Achievements “I support the government, but there are policies I don’t like” is an often heard caveat. No government attracts uncritical support, especially one elected to govern a nation of hyper-judgmental, compulsive nit-pickers. We are quicker to criticise than praise. But the SNP have a lot of implemented policies to […]

Homeland Security UK Style -Counter Terrorism Strategy Information is Widely Available – Get Reading

  The new powers       Counter-Extremism Strategy – Extract from the Foreword by David Cameron Over generations, we in Britain have built something extraordinary: a successful multi-racial, multi-faith democracy. Our country today is more vibrant, buoyant and diverse than ever before in our history. There is still more to be done to defeat […]

Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) – Cameron and His Much Loved EU in a Headlong Rush to Destruction

        Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI). (The first attempt at TTIP) In 1995, (MAI) appeared as a draft agreement, negotiated by OECD members. The mission statement: “To develop multilateral rules ensuring that international investment would be governed in a more systematic and uniform way between states.” Developed in secret the draft was […]

An early General Election is on the horizon – If Corbyn is defeated New Labour will be raised from the ashes to challenge the Tories – But who would vote for more of Blair Brown and Mandelson?

                The Scottish labour Party: Kezia Dugdale is actively broadcasting Scottish Labour’s plans (for Education, Education, Education) to be given a top priority in any future government lead by herself. But in doing so she is simply repeating the slogan used by Tony Blair in his 1997 campaign. […]