Jim Murphy – Gloves Are Off – Abuse Of An Elderly pensioner – Using His Image Promoting Porky Pies Is Not On – Murphy should be Ashamed

    5 April 2015: Labour Party Election Promotion leaflets Leaflets being distributed by Jim Murphy in his constituency feature are given over to an elderly pensioner, David Arthur who claims his support for the Labour party is based on the promise that it will protect pensioners free services, preventing the SNP from scrapping free […]

people-of-influence-whom-you-hardly-know-Carol Craig-(one time girlfriend of Gordon Brown) & husband-Alf Young-BBC & Labour Party Activists

  Carol Craig   Carol Craig:  Close links to Gordon Brown, Donald Dewar et al. Labour Party in the West of Scotland. B.A Politics – Strathclyde University, Phd Politics – Edinburgh University.  1992. Set up her own training consultant company Enspire,  2004. Chief Executive Centre for Confidence and Well Being.  July 2006. Awarded an honorary […]

people-of-influence-whom-you-hardly-know – Wendy Alexander – One time Labour stalwart – Suffered from foot in mouth – Retired From politics

Wendy Alexander   Wendy Alexander:  is a retired Scottish politician. She graduated from the University of Glasgow with a First Class MA (Hons) in Economic and Modern History. She later gained a postgraduate MA in Industrial Relations from the University of Warwick, and an MBA from INSEAD. After her MBA Alexander worked for Booz & […]

People Of Influence – Sarah Smith – BBC Presenter – Arrived in Scotland Quietly – Grew Fast and Strong – Then Crowded Everyone Else Out of The Nest- Is There Nothing We Can Do?

    Sarah Smith     An Introduction A few months before the start of the 2014 Scottish referendum campaign the BBC decided to clear out a number of Scottish based presenters replacing them with  reliable Unionists. Broadcaster Sarah Smith, the daughter of the late Labour leader, John Smith who fitted the profile perfectly, was […]