People Of Influence Whom You Hardly Know – John McCormick – Independent Electoral Commission



BBC Scotland Controller – John McCormick

In the late 1990s, a “Scottish Six news” commanded cross party support from the then controller of BBC Scotland John McCormick. But the BBC said it was “not minded” to listen because such a move would be “bad for the UK”.

The Scottish Liberal Democrats called it a “classic London Establishment fix-up” and blamed a “control freak tendency”.

Professor Lindsay Paterson resigned from the Broadcasting Council for Scotland.


_70105040_johnmccormickJohn McCormick


Scottish Government -BBC Scotland Controller in stand off  0ver Holyrood Building Video Tapes

BBC Scotland controller John McCormick is adamant that only a court order will force him to hand over unseen television footage to the Lord Fraser Inquiry into the building of Scotland’s new Parliament.

His steadfast refusal to hand over the Holyrood tapes has been greeted with anger by opposition parties in Scotland and immersed the BBC in a highly public row with the Scottish Executive.

Lord Fraser, whose inquiry opened in Edinburgh on Tuesday, is said to be “dismayed” by the decision to withhold material filmed over five years for a BBC series, which he said could be of “immense value” to his investigation.

With the BBC involved in a high-stakes stand-off, the issue could land up in the courts as a legal battle between the two sides looms.

McCormick, fully supported by BBC director general Greg Dyke, (in post from January 2000 until 29 January 2004,  a position from which he resigned following heavy criticism of the BBC’s news reporting process in the Hutton Inquiry) said only a court order would make him change his mind.


220px-Greg_Dyke_from_acrofanGreg Dyke


The Independent Electoral Commission

Employed by the BBC for 34 years, John McCormick was Secretary then Controller of BBC Scotland, 1992 -2004  before being  appointed to the post of Commissioner in 2008, with the Electoral Commission, the independent elections watchdog and regulator of party and election finance.

The referendum held on September 18 last wasn’t so much an electoral process as an unfettered festival of jiggery-pokery and gerrymandering since the illustrious electorial commission is headed up by the former Controller of BBC Scotland whose best pal, (John Boothman) is a former apparatchik in Scottish Labour’s high command, and the Herald’s one-time business correspondent to boot. If you really must hatch a conspiracy theory, it might as well be both believable, and true, while at the same time hugely entertaining.

The Electoral Commission, argued John McCormick, is well-placed to lend support on Salmond’s historic plebiscite. The people of Scotland face a historic decision in the independence referendum and must have confidence that it reflects the will of the people. To command that confidence the referendum must be transparent, open to scrutiny and deliver a result accepted by all.


John BoothmanJohn Boothman









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