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The Ultimate Betrayal -The Black Watch and Its Soldiers to be Consigned to Skid Row


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Disbandment – The Ultimate Betrayal of Scotlands Oldest Highland Regiments

The UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace is to reduce the number of infantry battalions from 30 to 20 and The Black Watch and The Royal Scots are in the firing line for disbandment.

Savings are to be transferred to cyber-warfare, space, and artificial intelligence units and the infamous 77 Brigade will most likely be expanded to Divisional level.

Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross is not a happy bunny, saying:

“The Black Watch is more than just a symbol of our shared history and traditions, it’s a Scottish and British institution that continues to play a vital role in our armed services. These reports speculating about the future of the Black Watch are deeply unhelpful. I’m urgently seeking reassurances from the Ministry of Defence that this battalion will not be disbanded and we will continue to make the strong and compelling case that Scotland’s significant contribution to the UK Armed Forces is maintained.”

Comment: Westminster Government betrayal is firmly etched in the memories of all who have served with The Black Watch. The execution of the McPherson brothers, Malcolm and Sam and Farquar Shaw will never be forgotten. (Full story follows below).


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Cyber Warfare Starts and Flourishes in Scotland

I previously wrote an article providing a warning of the insidious growth of the UK Special Branch in Scotland.  77 brigade are well established in Scotland and will most likely be expanded further resulting from the demise of Scottish Regiments. This does not bode well for those who are seeking Scottish independence.


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Betrayal of a Scottish Regiment

In the spring of 1743, The Black Watch regiment was ordered to muster in Perth. There, in March of that year, they were surprised to be informed that orders had been received to march the regiment to England, an instruction they considered to be contrary to their understanding (when regimented), that the sphere of their services would not extend beyond the borders of Scotland.

To deceive the men, (from whom their real destination was concealed), they were told by their officers that the object of the march to England was merely to gratify the curiosity of the king, who was desirous of seeing a Highland regiment. Reluctantly accepting this explanation, (Others were convinced it was a ploy to round up Scottish soldiers and get them out of Scotland) they proceeded on their march.

Weeks later, as they approached London they were exposed to taunts and the increasing hostility of large crowds of drunken English peasants and became gloomy and sullen. They were affronted by the rudeness of the English especially since they were only in the country at the invitation of the Sovereign.

On reaching London the soldiers discovered that the King had left England for Hanover on the very day the highlanders had arrived and that a gross deception had been practised upon the regiment and that the real design of the government, fearing unrest in Scotland was to get rid of them altogether, as disaffected persons, and, with that view, that the regiment was to be transported for life to the American plantations.

That same evening 100 highlanders, (thinking they were avoiding deportation to the colonies) took it upon themselves to go home to Scotland. A few days later they were surrounded by a Regiment of English cavalry. Officers of the regiment met with the men and after listening to their grievances gave an assurance that if they surrendered they would be pardoned. They laid down their arms and returned to the regiment.

After investigation and acceptance by the Westminster government that the men had been duped by their officers it was decided that it could not overlook such a gross breach of military discipline.

The deserters were accordingly arrested and thrown into prison. Weeks later all 100 men were found guilty of treason by a general court-martial and were sentenced to be shot. A later appeal court changed the punishment, (after confirming the finding of guilt) sentencing 3 leaders of the alleged mutiny to death. The other 97 soldiers were sentenced to be banished for life to the colonies.

Corporals (brothers) Malcolm and Samuel Macpherson, and Private Farquhar Shaw were taken to the Tower of London and shot. They are buried there together in one grave.

The remaining 97 highlanders were equally divided between the garrisons of Gibraltar and Minorca, and a similar corps in the Leeward Islands, Jamaica, and Georgia. Confirmation in their belief that the government had indeed intended to deceive them. They never returned to Scotland.

The regiment was later reinforced and sent to Flanders to join the English army, fighting for German Geordie. In 1745 based in Kent they were kept well away from their troubled country but were tasked to Scotland at the end of 1745, to participate in a slash and burn campaign in the highlands not long after the defeat of Bonnie Prince Charles at Culloden. They departed Scotland in 1746 to fight for the Unionist cause and did not return to Scotland until 1790.

The fears of the brave men of Scotland that they would be deployed to the Colonies were well-founded. They were betrayed by Unionist supporters (their officers) who were sold to the concept that Scotland and England were “better together”.

A similar “better together” group actively participated in a war of attrition against their countrymen in 2014 denying (in the name of the Union) Scots the freedom which is rightfully theirs.


British Black Watch Highlanders at the Battle of Alma

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Scottish Referendum

National Service to be Re-introduced

National Service to be Re-introduced

UK armed forces have been reduced to levels which some believe are in conflict with the world as it is today. Expensive recruitment campaigns designed to cover the gap by increasing levels of part-time forces have abjectly failed and other measures, short of recruiting regular forces, are being considered. In preparation for the move a, “Private Members Bill” was introduced, for Westminster Parliamentary approval late 2013. It failed to get a second reading but the exercise was designed only to alert members to the possibility of major change securing the armed forces of the UK. In the event of a, “No” vote young Scot’s 18-26 might need to complete 1 year of compulsory National Service. A, “Yes” vote in the referendum will remove the threat since the policy of the Scottish government is to rely ensure the defence of Scotland is trusted to regular forces.

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The UK’s new Aircraft carrier

The UK’s new Aircraft carrier

The, “pride and joy” of the UK Royal Navy the “super duper” £7 billion aircraft carrier of the future, (ensuring retention of the UK’s position in the world as a superpower) is being kit assembled in Rosyth. The Queen formally named the ship in July 2014. The article, (attached) provides up to date news about the build together with interactive videos.

One of the new Lockheed Martin F35b stealth jump jets, (the carrier will have a compliment of 40) was scheduled to complete a fly-past and landing, demonstrating the power and flexibility of the new super fighter. But the plane was grounded due to design faults. It appears it’s introduction may be delayed by up to 2 more years. The plane might have been jinxed from the start. The design & build budget is hopelessly out of control and there is a growing unease in the Pentagon and Westminster. See attached videos.

It appears HMS Queen Elizabeth, (the new aircraft carrier without the aircraft) widely reported as being built in Rosyth Dockyard are a bit wide of the mark. It is simply being assembled in Rosyth. In excess of 80% of fitting & manufacturing work is contracted out to business located in England and other places well removed from Rosyth. The local economy is gaining very little. Another, “Bitter Together” lie methinks.

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Comic Relief – Plaything of the Chipping Norton Set – Makes Money Out Of Misery




When is a charity not a charity? When it is the toy of the, CHIPPING NORTON SET. Money for the boys and girls in power.

The Comic Relief Charity allegedly inappropriately invested, (£630,000) of the charities money, in Weapons Manufacturer BAE (The Serious Fraud Office Investigated).

Comic Relief bosses were left with red faces (as opposed to noses) yesterday when the BBC reported that the charity had invested in funds holding shares in arms and tobacco companies.

Of the various revelations uncovered by Panorama, the most richly ironic is surely the £630,000 invested in BAE Systems, while giving millions of pounds in aid to children in Tanzania.



The poverty-stricken country of TANZANIA HAS NO AIRFORCE.

But that didn’t stop them paying BAE Systems for a £28m on an out-of-date military aircraft control system that they didn’t need.

Not only was the deal massively inappropriate to the country’s requirements — it had been lubricated by at least £7.7m of what BAE euphemistically refer to as “commission payments to a marketing adviser”, known to the rest of the world as “bribes”.

When prosecuted by the Serious Fraud Office, BAE reached a deal last year which involved at least £29.5m going towards educational projects in the East African state.



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The UK cannot rely on a nuclear defence – Scrap Trident – Increase Conventional Forces is the way forward



In the course of the past year there has been an ever increasing frequency of Russian spy planes overflying the North Sea and Atlantic ocean not that far off the coast of Scotland. Response  from the UK has been patchy, often interception and close monitoring has been, “just in time” by the RAF.  This makes nonsense of recent changes to UK defences which included removal of  many planes from Scotland and closure of a number of bases.

At sea there were  reports of  Russian submarines  in the Atlantic, near to the Clyde and not that far away from routes taken by UK nuclear equipped submarines. The UK had no immediate resources available capable of identifying and monitoring the movement of submarines and had to call upon the USA to complete the mission.



In recent months Russian bombers equipped to carry nuclear weapons have been identified on a number of occasions, in the English Channel and in the Atlantic off the coast of Devon having flown from the North past the coast of Scotland and Ireland.

The increased Russian presence is of concern since it appears the first the UK is able to positively identify and warn them off is at the time they are close to entering UK waters.



The on-going testing of the UK defences is clearly driven by events in the Ukraine. It is evident the UK is lacking  surveillance aircraft capable of overflying and monitoring the Arctic area to the North and East of the UK, a situation created by the Con/Dem government forming part of their defence review which slashed conventional equipment replacement programmes in favour of retaining and indeed replacing the Trident Nuclear weapons defence system.



I first wrote this blog note many months ago warning of the folly of moving defence dependence of the country away from conventional forces to nuclear. I do hope the chickens do not come home to roost. There is still time to do as the Americans wish.  That is to give up Trident at the time it becomes obsolete in 2017 and transfer UK dependence on nuclear cover to the USA. It is preferable to be protected by a 2000+ warhead umbrella s opposed to the 60+ the UK might be able to gather for use, if when needed. Which would be a once only option since it would be taking the country down the road of mutual destruction. Unthinkable but!!!


30.10.12: Martin Rowson on Trident

The money saved could be diverted back to the replacement of conventional weapons systems , getting the UK’s conventional land and sea forces back to  optimum levels  allowing their rapid and effective deployment protecting the country.




What I wrote many months ago:

Scrapping the Nimrod MRA4 planes Leaves a, “big hole” in the UK’s defences.

The all British, “Spy in the Sky” Nimrod MRA4 surveillance and reconnaissance plane was a unique, world class, multi-role platform aircraft. In addition to completing traditional maritime roles, it also had intelligence gathering capabilities, crucial in today’s troubled world.



The MoD and BAE signed a contract with BAE, in 1996 to build 21 Nimrod spy planes. This was later reduced to 12 and later still to nine. Then the multi-million pound Nimrod MRA4 surveillance and reconnaissance planes project was scrapped, in the defence review by the Con-Dem government. Nine of the planes, which were nearing completion were then dismantled for scrap metal. Protesters described the decision as the, “greatest blunder in the history of the UK aircraft industry”

The Nimrod MRA4 development programme had been in place for many years. To date, in excess of £5bn had been spent and this was written off. Approximately 2000 workers were laid off in consequence of the cancellation.



Later. In an open letter to the Times signed by; (Marshal of the RAF Lord Craig, Major General Julian Thompson, Air Vice-Marshal Tony Mason, Major General Patrick Cordingley, Admiral Sir John “Sandy” Woodward and Air Commodore Andrew Lambert) they warned that scrapping the RAF’s Nimrod surveillance aircraft has left a “massive gap” in UK security;



“Vulnerability of sea lanes, unpredictable overseas crises and traditional surface and submarine opposition will continue to demand versatile responsive aircraft”. “Nimrod would have continued to provide long-range maritime and overland reconnaissance – including over the UK – anti-submarine surveillance, air-sea rescue coordination, and perhaps most importantly, reconnaissance support to the Navy’s Trident submarines.”



Union leaders also attacked the Government’s controversial decision to scrap the Nimrod spy planes. Unite national officer Bernie Hamilton said:  “The lunatics have taken over the asylum when the Government orders the Ministry of Defence to break-up £5bn worth of world-class defence equipment.”



A Ministry of Defence spokesman statement said: “Ministers and service chiefs have made clear that the decision not to bring the Nimrod MRA4 into service was difficult, but it would not be reversed.



An Audit Report later reported there were many other reasons, behind the decision to cancel the project. See attached;



The levels of incompetence and deceit are breathtaking and I expect the adverse effects will be with the UK for some years ahead.


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Why All The Wars?

Why All The Wars?

“The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.”

It is sometimes frightening to read posts about the horrors of war. And there never seems to be any realistic alternative put forward. But an alternative to war was established in 1945 and agreed to by all nations – The United Nations and a charter spelled out the fundamental aims of the body. It states;

“We the peoples of the United Nations determined to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, which twice in our lifetime has brought untold sorrow to mankind, and to reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person, in the equal rights of men and women and of nations large and small, and to establish conditions under which justice and respect for the obligations arising from treaties and other sources of international law can be maintained, and to promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom, and for these ends to practice tolerance and live together in peace with one another as good neighbours, and to unite our strength to maintain international peace and security, and to ensure, by the acceptance of principles and the institution of methods, that armed force shall not be used, save in the common interest, and to employ international machinery for the promotion of the economic and social advancement of all peoples, have resolved to combine our efforts to accomplish these aims.”

Westminster would not be denied

War, is a much valued tool, through which politicians impose their will upon nations, other than their own, and they were determined not be denied their conflicts. War has been erased from political and military vocabulary to be replaced with, “humanitarian action” providing a mechanism allowing the USA, assisted by the UK too, (in support of the special relationship) commit our armed forces to the provision of charitable and extraordinarily expensive assistance, easing the burden of oppression wherever in the world it might surface.

Media outlets are now an extension of the state, (witness BBC Scotland’s biased coverage of the referendum campaign.) There are no, “War Correspondents” only, “embedded journalists” who produce heavily censored and sanitized reports. Where targets used to be, “bombed into submission” they are now subject to, “surgical strikes” creating a false premise that such actions are, “healing” by their nature. Death of civilians and massive destruction of dwellings reported often as, “collateral damage”.

What a confusion, “War is Peace and Peace is War” George Orwell

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Clap For Our NHS Heroes-Westminster Political Political Jingoism at its Worst!!!!?


Why is the NHS in crisis? - New thinking for the British economy



Clapping for our NHS heroes

When confronted with a health crisis beyond comprehension and increasing numbers of health service workers sacrificing their lives caring for their patients, it was nauseating witnessing the recent cynical political manipulation by Westminster politicians who decided upon asking the public to “clap for our NHS heroes” who have exceeded their duty of care attending to their patients performing their duties with admirable courage and dedication.

And the very same politicians are placing a financial noose around the necks of the electorate in the form of a 20+ year austerity programme by borrowing many billions of £ sterling with interest, from already ultra-rich corporations and similar organizations, not for the express purpose of providing financial support to many millions of workers and their families struggling to survive, but to provide finance bailing out companies like Branson’s Virgin Atlantic,  and many thousands of rich businessmen and politicians who register their funds offshore enabling the avoidance of applicable business taxes which would boost the exchequer reducing the level of borrowing.

There is also the obscenity of tens of thousands of highly paid executives continuing to allocate themselves a financial bonus topping up huge unjustifiable salaries at a time when their companies and organisations are in freefall. The philosophy appears to be, “get rich now boys hard times are near hand”.

If politicians were genuinely serious in their praise of health service staff they would approve the immediate payment of a £10k bonus to all frontline NHS workers and a £100k payment to the NOK of workers who have lost their lives doing their duty.

And we have been here before. Remember the Afghanistan debacle??


This crisis has exposed that the Army is the only part of the ...





Political Jingoism!!!!? Armed Forces Day

In 2006 as British armed forces casualties began to increase in Afganistan, Gordon Brown, (Chancellor of the Exchequer) identified an increasing recurring cost to the exchequer resulting from a need to maintain support to maimed and permanently disabled servicemen and women being returned to the UK.

Intent on reducing the recurring financial burden on the exchequer he proposed that a “Veterans Day” be held on the last Saturday in June each year, providing an opportunity to encourage young people to learn about the history and realities of war and to show their appreciation of war veterans together with rest of the nation celebrating the contribution made by those who had served in the Armed Forces.

The day was held in each of the years 2006 – 2008  and raised public awareness, (and lots and lots of money) for the needs of veterans,

But, in late 2008, faced with the reality that the war in Afganistan was not going well. It became necessary to find a way to mobilize the nation to continue to give their support to the military while avoiding any discussion or critical examination of Westminster’s political support for the war.

In 2009 Brown, by then Prime Minister decided on a change in emphasis, shifting policy away from the remembrance of veterans, introducing the jingoistically named  “Armed Forces Day” claiming its intention was to raise awareness and appreciation for those on active duty well knowing that the intent was to stir-up blind patriotism and support for the unpopular war.

“Armed Forces Day” was subsequently celebrated from 2010, on the last Saturday of June, at arranged venues throughout the UK, feeding upon the feelings and beliefs of people whose belief is that Westminster  politicians are always honourable and right in their support of aggressive acts against other countries

The  2014 “Armed Forces Day” was particularly poignant as I reflected and shed tears, upon the fate of three of my uncles, (all Calton, Glasgow boys who were forcibly conscripted and sent to die in Belgium, sating the greed and power of politicians in Westminster. One of my uncles died in battle at, “Ypres”. Another two died at the “Somme”. My Uncle Johnny was only 18y. 

In the war 1914-1918, of the 557,000 Scots who enlisted or were conscripted in all services, 27 percent lost their lives.

This compares with an average death rate of 12 percent for the rest of the British army between 1914 and 1918.

The primary cause of the higher-than-average casualties among the Scottish soldiers was that they were regarded as excellent, aggressive shock troops who could be depended upon to lead the line in the first hours of battle.

An Eton educated General when asked by one of his brigadiers why his Scot’s had to, despite a mauling four days before, lead the line in a planned assault, said, ” Because they need to be less concerned with politics and more with survival”.

35 General’s serving with the Army in the war were educated at Eton. “Lions led by Donkeys” indeed!!!

In a free Scotland “Armed Forces Day” should be replaced once again with a day of respectful remembrance denying Westminster politicians a way of transferring the cost of their wars onto an unwitting public.


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