Comic Relief – Plaything of the Chipping Norton Set – Makes Money Out Of Misery




When is a charity not a charity? When it is the toy of the, CHIPPING NORTON SET. Money for the boys and girls in power.

The Comic Relief Charity allegedly inappropriately invested, (£630,000) of the charities money, in Weapons Manufacturer BAE (The Serious Fraud Office Investigated).

Comic Relief bosses were left with red faces (as opposed to noses) yesterday when the BBC reported that the charity had invested in funds holding shares in arms and tobacco companies.

Of the various revelations uncovered by Panorama, the most richly ironic is surely the £630,000 invested in BAE Systems, while giving millions of pounds in aid to children in Tanzania.



The poverty-stricken country of TANZANIA HAS NO AIRFORCE.

But that didn’t stop them paying BAE Systems for a £28m on an out-of-date military aircraft control system that they didn’t need.

Not only was the deal massively inappropriate to the country’s requirements — it had been lubricated by at least £7.7m of what BAE euphemistically refer to as “commission payments to a marketing adviser”, known to the rest of the world as “bribes”.

When prosecuted by the Serious Fraud Office, BAE reached a deal last year which involved at least £29.5m going towards educational projects in the East African state.




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