Charity starts at home (or with the SNP Government)

Publishing Scotland Publishing Scotland is a registered charity, governed by a main Board of Trustees with responsibility for overall policy setting and financial matters. It is very generously supported by the Scottish Government, with finance released to it through Creative Scotland, (annual charitable distribution between £75-£100million) It is also part funded by annual subscriptions from […]


I’ll bet this is news to you!!! Sturgeon’s had 50 conversations with Alex between April and July 2018

Sturgeon’s near 50 conversations with Alex between April and July 2018 are evidence of her inability to delegate to Evans the authority to investigate the allegations so she contented her ego and passed on the responsibility whilst retaining overall control. In her written submission to the Holyrood Inquiry Sturgeon finally admitted to the meeting on […]

The Alex Salmond Stitch-Up – Events on 06 June 2018:

The Alex Salmond Stitch-Up – Events on 06 June 2018: In her statement to the Holyrood Inquiry Sturgeon said: Alex Salmond sent me a message on 03 June 2018. Both the tone and content of this message led me to conclude that legal action by Alex Salmond against the Scottish Government was a serious prospect […]

Leslie Evans conspiracy and contempt of court not followed up by Police Scotland. Why??

Police investigations – Conduct obstructing or calculating to prejudice the due administration of justice. 21 August 2018: Chief Constable Iain Livingstone, and a Detective Chief Superintendent colleague met with Crown Agent Harvie at his request. He told them that the government had referred the complaints about Alex to the Crown Office “for Police investigation of […]

Over two-thirds of Special Advisers are friends with or the partners of senior SNP politicians or Party influencers and are an elite bunch of chancers slipped into positions of power and influence, thriving on patronage using it to by-pass the democratic rights of the Scottish electorate.

The First Minister’s ever expanding army of “Special Advisers” “Special Advisers” are political appointments and are exempt from impartiality requirements normally expected of civil servants in order to provide them with the freedom to give political advice to Ministers. Although never elected by the public nor subject to the normal rules of employee recruitment and […]

Sturgeon’s “Get Salmond” team of civil servants ignored professional guidance and botched their mission to destroy Alex Salmond and Scottish taxpayers paid the price forking out £ millions

12 December 2017: Sturgeon’s “Get Salmond” team of civil servants was provided with guidance documentation from the UK Cabinet Secretary’s office so that they would be assured their new procedure for investigating retrospective allegations of harassment against former Ministers would incorporate best practice and be legally sound. They ignored all of it believing they knew […]