Team Sturgeon was determined to get Alex Salmond and they very nearly succeeded

20 December 2017: Draft letter compiled, from the First Minister to all former Scottish Government Minsters advising that a new retrospective examination of allegations of harassment would be applied from the opening of Holyrood. There was no indication of any intention by the Government to conduct a “lookback” trawl of previously investigated and settled claims. […]


Sturgeon -Starmer and Corbyn – One Winner

Sturgeon attacks the Zionists Mindful of the power of the Zionist movement many Scots were concerned when Sturgeon ferociously criticised Israel. They feared that the special relationship between the Scottish Government and Israel was fractured when Sturgeon urged Tel Aviv to halt the violence after armed Israeli police stormed Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. “Attacking a […]

Leslie Evans – “We may have lost the battle but we will win the war.” She was of course referring to her leading the Stonewall crusade. Nasty person

The LBGTQ attack on Scotland Stonewall, Equality Network, Scottish Trans Alliance, Engender and a growing number of other groups such as the LGBTQ Trend and Rape Crisis, are discredited organisations provided with around £3 million annually and rising, from the public purse by the SNP Scottish Government. The SNP leadership seeks to justify the expenditure […]

Judith Mackinnon wreaked havoc within the Police force before being recruited to the Scottish Government Personnel Secretariat by Evans

MacKinnon was Head of Human Resources governance for the Scottish Police Authority between 2015 & 2017. Her prime responsibility was to provide assurance to the Authority that they were a responsible employer and a sustainable organization, achieving this goal through the introduction of efficient personnel policies aiding the professional development of management and staff. The […]

Political correspondent Brian Taylor – aided by the BBC Defoe styled management briefed against their nation’s best interests in 2014- adding insult the compulsory licence fee levy on Scots funded their extravagant salaries

BBC News & current affairs presenters are biased against Scottish Independence A video was released on UTube casting significant doubt on the willingness and ability of the BBC to cover Scottish independence campaigners in an impartial manner.  The leaked videos featured in-house presentations by four senior BBC presenters giving explanatory background briefings to an audience […]

Comprehensive report covering the attempted political assassination of Alex Salmond – Scotland’s finest statesman-It is a very long read!!!!

A synopsis of the main characters involved in the unfounded allegations of harassment against Alex Salmond Leslie Evans: Permanent Secretary: the most senior civil servant in Scotland and head of the civil service supporting the Scottish Government. Also the principal policy adviser to the First Minister and Secretary to the Scottish Cabinet. Not a lot […]

Oxfam Scandals – Employment in the UK charity sector is dominated by Labour Party political polemicist appointee’s with little, if any experience in charity work

Oxfam Oxfam was reported to the Charity Commission by the Tory Party in 2014, for publishing a faux film poster, headed “Lifting the lid on austerity, Britain reveals a perfect storm and it’s forcing more and more people into poverty.” Showing a broiling sea under clouds titled: The Perfect Storm. Added were the words ‘starring […]