The Westminster Government is Content that All Is Well With Procedures for Nuclear and Hazardous Waste Disposal and Incident Reporting At Coulport and Faslane But The Facts Indicate Their Content Is badly Misplaced



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28 Nov 2018: Marked Increase in Safety Incidents Aboard UK Atomic Submarines

A recent report released by the MOD lists around 259 safety incidents on Trident submarines, and 246 on other nuclear-power but conventionally armed hunter-killer submarines, in the past 12 years (including near-misses, equipment failures, human error or procedural failings) and the number of incidents is growing.

23 incidents had high potential for releasing radioactive elements, posing a potentially a serious health and contamination risk which was fortunately averted.

It is of increasing concern that 30% of the 12 year total had been added in the last 2 years. So instead of getting safer, the situation has gotten more dangerous. The MOD has downplayed the risks but so long as these weapons are maintained the danger of a more serious and potentially catastrophic accident remains.

Arthur West, chair of the Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, highlighted that there are many who are against the deployment of nuclear weapons.

He said: “The majority of Scottish politicians are opposed to nuclear weapons and the public are increasingly aware that the risks involved in maintaining Britain’s nuclear arsenal heavily outweigh any perceived security advantages that Britain might gain.”

Full article:

Comment: The health and safety record at Coulport and Faslane is appalling but there is sod all the Scottish government, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (Sepa) or local authorities can do to bring about any improvement since devolved environmental laws exclude MOD sites such as Coulport and the neighbouring nuclear submarine base at Faslane.

A representative of the Scottish government described the MOD waste failings as “deeply worrying” and raised the question, “are these incidents a result of negligence or is the MOD willfully cutting corners placing public health and our environment at risk”? He also called for the MOD to be made accountable to the Scottish Government for the environmental impact of its operations in Scotland.


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30th Dec 2018: MoD’s Secret Plan To Dump 22 Nuclear Submarines In Scotland

The UK Government secretly planned to dump the radioactive hulks of 22 nuclear submarines in the sea off north west Scotland, documents released by the National Archives reveal.

A survey for the Ministry of Defence (MoD) in 1989 identified six sites for “seabed storage” of defunct naval submarines near the islands of Skye, Mull and Barra for up to 60 years – and probably longer.

Detailed and highly confidential MoD studies concluded the plan was “feasible” and would “obviate the international problems which we would face were we to dispose of these vessels in international waters.”

One MoD official said the aim was “to remove submarines from public view”. Another hoped that “everyone will forget about these submarines and that they will be allowed to quietly rot away indefinitely.”

Full Article:

Comment: The plan was shelved but not abandoned. They will be back with another plan which will include Scotland as the favoured location for dumping redundant Subs.


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Massive Blast at Dounreay- Huge Concrete Lid Blown Off Lethal Secret Radioactive Effluent Dump

Early in the morning of Tuesday 10 May 1977 there was a loud explosion at the Dounreay nuclear plant on the north coast of Scotland.

The UK Atomic Energy Authority, which runs the plant, had dumped sodium and potassium down a 65-metre shaft packed with radioactive waste and flooded with seawater.

The results were dramatic. The sodium and potassium reacted violently with the water. The explosion blew off the shaft’s huge concrete lid, threw its steel top plate 12 metres to one side, badly damaged the 5-tonne concrete blocks at the mouth of the shaft, and blasted scaffold poles up to 40 metres away. An eyewitness reported a plume of white smoke blowing out to sea. And, as government watchdogs much later revealed, the ground around the shaft was littered with radioactive particles hot enough to injure and kill. Over the past 18 years, almost 150 of such particles have been found on Dounreay’s beaches.

The accident is the most serious ever at Dounreay, and the particles it spewed out perhaps the most dangerous ever released by the British nuclear industry.

Full article:

Comment: The “clean up” is still in progress 50 years after the incident. It is understood that a similar “dump” is in use at the Hunterston nuclear power station. Thats the place where 2 of the four reactors have been shut down because of significant cracks in their structure. The plant is scheduled to close in 2023 but, on the grounds of safety, it should be shut down now.  The good news is that the clean-up of the site will provide highly specialized jobs for a few workers for 50 years.  Jackie Baillie would be well chuffed if she was able to claim Hunterston to her constituency.



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Possible Perimeters  for a Sovereign Base at Coulport and Faslane?



MoD Waste Dumping on Peaton Hill halted Amid Investigations

Work transferring lorry loads of waste from Faslane to a hillside on the Rosneath Peninsula on the Gareloch has been dramatically halted.

It emerged this week that there are problems with the licence of the Rosneath Peninsula site being used by the Ministry of Defence.

For several months lorries have been moving waste material – said to be soil and stones from building work at HM Naval Base Clyde – to a site on Peaton Hill.

The MoD says that 15,500 cubic metres of waste – the equivalent of six Olympic-sized swimming pools – has already been moved.

The moorland site has seen significant excavation work, while the public are deterred from access by a sign warning of ‘bull beef’, although there is no sign of cattle.

Full article:

Local Comment: When dumping first started it was said that it would comprise non-hazardous materials only. So there was nothing to be concerned about. But the MOD has form when it comes to dumping.

The exploding shaft at Dounreay, the radium dials in Fife, some really nasty stuff at Rosyth and closer to home the August 2017 incident at the Royal Naval Armaments Depot at Coulport, when at the time of a visit to the site Scottish Environment Protection Agency (Sepa) staff found untested waste from submarines, potentially containing radioactive material, had been mixed with other waste.

Meaning that radioactive waste could have been taken off site and disposed of as if it were non-radioactive waste.

The only reason the untested material was not taken off the base was because vigilant civilian waste contractors refused to pick up the incorrectly processed waste.

A Sepa letter to the MOD said that the watchdog considered this type of incident as “significant” adding that had the Royal Navy been a civilian operator, it would have considered issuing a formal written warning.

Campaign group Navy not Nuclear pointed to a long history of MOD “poor practice” when it comes to handling nuclear materials in Scotland, dating back more than a decade.

“The most damning thing about this is that nothing has changed. The MOD are still failing to follow their own operating procedures, and they’re still failing dismally when it comes to telling the regulator and protecting the environment.”

The group called for more to be done by both the MOD and Sepa to alert the public when environmental incidents occur.

“It shouldn’t be the case that this information should come to light by freedom of information, they should have a statutory public duty to disclose this information,” it said.

Goodness only knows what the MOD has dumped in uncontrolled landfill sites in Scotland as “Non Hazardous”.


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50 Years of Discharging Radioactive Effluent into the Gareloch

The Ministry of Defence has revealed proposals for a new ‘Nuclear Support Hub’, which it says will reduce the amount of radioactivity discharged into the Gareloch.

It adds that radioactive liquid effluent and solid waste from nuclear-powered submarines has been successfully treated and disposed of at Faslane since 1967.

The new building would treat and dispose of liquid waste, treat and condition solid waste and decontaminate tools and equipment used in maintaining nuclear-powered vessels.

Effluent would be processed to a level where it can be discharged into the Gareloch.

Full article:

Comment: Well! well! well! Confirmation solid waste and effluent has been routinely dumped at Faslane for over 50 years. Our children and grandchildren will never forgive the folly of UK governments who actively promoted the retention of nuclear submarines and weapons on the Gareloch.


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MOD Police at Faslane and Coulport to Police Rosneath Peninsula

MoD police based at Faslane and Coulport are to expand their operations into civilian areas outside the nuclear bases on the Clyde. The moves have prompted fears about “increased militarisation” of policing.

The MoD police are not accountable to the Scottish government but instead answer to the Ministry of Defence in London.

Police Scotland said there had been no discussions about the expanded civilian role of MoD officers.

MoD police officers have told the local community to expect “greater interaction” as they increase efforts to combat crime and terrorism across the Rosneath peninsula.

Full article:

Comment: This type of activity is a pre-curser to the introduction and expansion of a controlled area within which members of the public are first prevented from free movement, then over time the public will be banned from the area completely.

Electrified fencing will be put in place prior to the entire area becoming a “Sovereign Base” in perpetuity. Mirroring an arrangement in place in Cyprus. Scottish independence may only be permitted with the foregoing rider.


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Tories Confirm Ruth Davidson Has No Future in the Party- But Will She Resign??






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Tory Party Hard Right Wing Views on Society Exposed in New Poll

Ruth Davidson’s views on society are at odds with her colleagues and her future in the Party is uncertain in the event of a leadership election should Teresa May resign given the findings of a new poll of Party members. Murdo Fraser might be a challenger for the leadership.

Report summary.

Conservative Party members are a “breed apart” from the loyal followers of other UK political parties on issues like the death penalty, same-sex marriage, and education, according to new research.

Academics at the Queen Mary University of London have found that a card-carrying Tory is much more likely to hold authoritarian views compared to Labour members and those of the Liberal Democrats.

The polling, published on Thursday, is the biggest ever into the views of British political party members. It is based on responses from over 1,000 members of each party since the June snap election.

The findings suggest that future Conservative leadership hopefuls from the moderate wing of the party, such as Ruth Davidson, could have a tough time trying to woo the membership, who ultimately crown the leader.

The research found that:

59% of Conservative members do not support gay marriage. Over 80% of members in Labour, Lib Dems and the SNP support it.

54% of Tory members support the death penalty. On the other hand, just 9% of Labour members, 8% of Lib Dems, and 23% of SNP members do.

84% believe schools should focus on teaching kids to obey authority. Just 31% of Labour members and 38% of Lib Dems and SNP members agree.

44% support the censorship of the media in the name of “upholding moral standards,” which is significantly more than members of the other parties.

11% felt that austerity measures had gone too far, compared to 98% of Labour members, 93% of SNP members, and 75% of Lib Dems.

14% of Tory members want Britain to remain in the single market and customs union, commonly described as a “soft” Brexit whilst 87% prefer a hard brexit. In contrast, 87% of Labour members want to stay in the single market and 85% want to remain part of the customs union.

14% of Tories believe there should be a nationwide referendum on a final Brexit deal, compared to 78% of Labour members.

It goes some way to explaining why Jacob Rees-Mogg, a socially conservative backbench Brexiteer, has been a popular choice among Conservative members to be a future leader in recent opinion polls. Mogg opposes gay marriage and abortion.


Full report here:



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Tory Fisheries Policy Towards Scotland is Decided in Consultation with the Scottish Fisheries Federation whose membership is dominated by Five North East Coast – Multi Millionaire Families – Whose Trawlers Dominate the Whitefish Industry. But the West Coast is Where the Money is Yet It is Ignored





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Impact of the 2014 and 2016 referendums

In the 2014 referendum the affluent North East of Scotland constituencies voted to remain in the UK Union. In the 2016 referendum they voted to leave the EC.

In 2016 the Tory party concentrated their political campaigning in the North East of Scotland, on post Brexit fishing policy, arguing that the SNP was determined to keep Scotland in the EC, and the European Common Fisheries Policy and electoral success for the SNP would adversely affect many constituents who were dependent on fishing for their livelihood.

David Duguid, who would become the successful Tory candidate for Banff and Buchan, met with fishermen’ leaders, and said:

“I have signed and I will honour the Scottish Fishermen Federation’s Brexit pledge. I will be a strong and influential voice for our fishermen, who are rightly determined to make the most of the huge opportunity afforded by the Brexit vote. I do not believe that this industry should ever be considered expendable and I will ensure that the views of our fishermen are heard at the highest levels of government. I will stand up for the interests of our fishing and farming communities.”

Only a few weeks later Andrea Leadsom, the UK Secretary of State in charge of fisheries, in a letter to Bertie Armstrong, Chief Executive of the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation wrote:

“No decision has yet been made on the extent to which the EU legislation governing the Common Fisheries Policy will be incorporated into domestic law. But a number of parts of the EU Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) will be retained as part of UK law. The Government will continue to champion sustainable fisheries and we are committed to ongoing cooperation with other countries over the management of shared stocks and ending discards.” ” a “bombshell” delivered.

Ruth Davidson was summoned to an urgent meeting in Peterhead, to answer Tory friendly fishing industry leaders’ call for Scotland’s fisheries not to be used as a bargaining chip in the Brexit negotiations. She failed.

In a statement after the meeting fishermens’ leader, Bertie Armstrong said:

“The whole industry, from those who go to sea through the processors to the hauliers, is united behind one simple aim: our coming out of the EU and the CFP. Brexit offers us a huge opportunity to re-assert control of our waters and to establish once and for all a sensible, practicable new fisheries management regime.”

Clear enough. but the Westminster government ignored him.

“The Government’s Brexit White Paper merely said:

“Given the heavy reliance on UK waters of the EU fishing industry and the importance of EU waters to the UK, it is in both our interests to reach a mutually beneficial deal that works for the UK and the EU’s fishing communities.”

A Churchillian gesture to Scottish fishermen.

Eilidh Whiteford, (SNP) commented:

“The letter is a bombshell which utterly demolishes the Tories’ bogus claims about fishing. The cat is now out of the bag. While Ruth Davidson is heading to the North East to pretend the Tories are the fishermens’ friends, her Westminster bosses are plotting a gigantic sell-out.  The letter couldn’t be clearer. For all their rhetoric, the Tories are planning to incorporate key parts of the CFP ‘into domestic law. And they are also committed to ongoing cooperation with other countries over the management of shared stocks. That means that they are planning to use Scottish waters and our fishing industry as a Brexit bargaining chip. In doing so, they are also taking an enormous gamble with the livelihoods of those fish processors that depend on European exports by jeopardizing our position within the single market.”


Only recently released, under the 30-year rule,(with other heavily redacted documents) was the Tory controlled Scottish Office statement, (made at the time the Common Fisheries Policy was being negotiated in the 1970’s), that:

“in the wider UK context the fishermen of Scotland must be regarded as expendable.”

So no change in policy between 1970 – 2017!!!!

Asked to comment David Duguid, Tory MP for Banff and Buchan, said:

“The Conservative Government at Westminster is following through on the democratic will of the British people to leave the EU.”

So much for his pledge to honour the pledge. Yet, the North East of Scotland electorate ignored all warnings of duplicity and elected Tory candidates to office at the General Election.


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The family’s Klondyke Fishing Company is the UK’s third-largest quota holder.



19 Jul 2017: North Sea cod certified fully sustainable

North Sea cod has today been officially certified as fully sustainable and can be eaten freely. The green light was given by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) which has given the fishery its all important blue tick label. The decision will provide a major boost for the UK fishing industry and the Scottish fleet in particular.

The situation is a complete contrast from the situation a little over a decade ago when North Sea cod stocks were at a critically low level. The MSC said today the blue tick indicated that North Sea cod caught by Scottish and English boats is “sustainable and fully traceable”.

Cod stocks in the North Sea stood at around 280,000 tons just 40 years ago and then went into steep decline due to over-fishing when stock fell to under 40,000 tons. The EC Common Fisheries Policy instructed a ban on cod catches, until such time as stocks would be recovered. Forming part of the strategy to resolve the problem of over fishing the Grimsby fleet of more than 100

North Sea trawlers was reduced to a handful of local boats. The stock recovery plan was in place for around ten years and the policy brought long term dividends for Scottish fisheries.

The MSC said the announcement that cod was now sustainable was a “momentous achievement” for the industry. But the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), conservation body WWF has warned that historically, the population of North Sea cod was still at a low level and efficient control measures will need to kept in place.

Comment: Without the Common Fisheries Policy the North Sea would most likely be barren of cod so far as trawler fishing is concerned. The over fishing policies of the Grimsby trawler fleet operators was decided by the needs of the Grimsby fish processing industry which had in place many contracts with the EC and worldwide for the supply of processed fish.

Conversely, the Scottish North Sea trawler fleet was primarily deployed to catch fish for the “fresh fish markets” of the UK, EC and worldwide and did not impact on cod stocks to the same extreme as the Grimsby fleet.


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26 Jul 2017: Brexit – Grimsby area MPs appointed to key fisheries posts

Grimsby MP, Melanie Onn has been elected to chair the House of Commons, All-Party Parliamentary Group for Fisheries. Her duties will ensure she discharges a leading role shaping the future of Britain’s post-Brexit fishing industry.  The influential cross-party group of MPs will meet regularly to take evidence from key players in the seafood industry and experts, and will be empowered to question Government Ministers on their policies towards fisheries. It will also be able to hold the government to account in the all important Brexit implications for the fishing industry.

She said:

“my appointment will give me more influence and a better chance to fight for Grimsby’s seafood industry. I’m delighted to be elected to this position. Thousands of people in Grimsby work in the seafood sector, and I will now have a bigger platform from which to pressure the Government into providing greater support for the industry. I said during the election campaign that I would fight for the best Brexit deal for Great Grimsby, which means holding the Government to the promises made to the fishing industry during the referendum, and protecting the seafood sector’s ability to trade with Europe. My new role will give me more opportunities to question the Ministers responsible for these areas, and to make sure they know how their actions will affect the livelihoods of workers in Grimsby.”

Other members of the committee are: Alistair Carmichael, Lib/Dem MP for Orkney and Shetland, Sheryll Murray, Tory MP for South East Cornwall, Peter Aldous, Tory MP for Waveney and David Duguid, Tory MP for Banff and Buchan

Meanwhile, Martin Vickers, the Tory MP for the neighbouring constituency of Cleethorpes has been appointed vice chairman of the Commons Iceland group. He said:

“Three quarters of all the fish processed in the Grimsby and Cleethorpes area comes from Iceland and Icelandic investment supports hundreds of local jobs, so the country is very important to us.”



1. As an all-party committee the composition of 4 Conservative and 1 Lib Dem MP is disgraceful abuse of the electorate of Scotland. It is clear the Tory party intends protecting Grimsby, the main fish processing centre in the UK at the expense of all other outlets.

2. Pinney’s  (fish processors) of Annan closed in 2017, with the devastating loss to the small community of 450 jobs, following the transfer of all fish processing on the site to from Scotland to centres of excellence in England (Grimsby & Calisle).


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6 Dec 2017: Scottish affairs discussion at Westminster

David Duguid:

“Fishing is a totemic industry in my constituency of Banff and Buchan, where there is real concern that the Scottish Government wish to take Scotland back into the common fisheries policy. Can my hon. friend, Mr Mundell reassure me that in all conversations and negotiations, he stands firm on taking Scotland’s fisherman out of the CFP, and keeping them out?”

David Mundell:

“My hon. friend, has already come to be seen as a champion for the fishing industry. I can give him an absolute guarantee: unlike the Scottish National Party, which would take us straight back into the common fisheries policy, this Government will take Scotland and the rest of the UK out of that discredited policy.”

Comment: A loaded question designed for effect rather than purpose. Duguid and Mundell are perpetuating the “boggie man” myth of the SNP in a blatant attempt to hide the truth from the electorate. The Tory government, as previously advised by Andrea Leadsom, the UK Secretary of State in charge of fisheries, will be unable to completely remove the UK from its commitment to the EC fisheries policy.


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The EC Common fisheries Policy allocates two-thirds of the entire UK fishing quota to Scotland

In Scotland, five families on the “Sunday Times Rich List” own or control a third (33%) of the entire Scottish quota and when taking into account minority stakes, companies wholly or partly owned by these families hold close to half (45%) of all Scottish quota.

Rich List Families:

Alexander Buchan and family are ranked 804 in the 2018 Rich List, with an estimated net worth of £147m. The family’s Peterhead-based Lunar Fishing Company owns or controls 8.9% of the UK’s quota holdings, making it the biggest quota holder in the UK.

Jan Colam and family are ranked 882 on the Rich List (estimated worth: £130m). The Colam family-owned company Interfish is the second largest quota holder, with 7.8% of the UK total.

Robert Tait and family are ranked 980 on the Rich List (estimated worth: £115m). The family’s Klondyke Fishing Company is the UK’s third-largest quota holder, with 6.1% of the UK total.

Unearthed’s investigation reveals that the Tait family’s “Klondyke Fishing Company” is now the third-largest quota holder in the UK and has paid out dividends totalling £56m over the past five years. The owner,Peter Tait, 50, reportedly purchased Scotland’s most expensive house in 2014.

In 2012, four members of the Tait family, received fines and confiscation orders totalling more than £800,000 for their role in landing undeclared fish as part of the “black fish” scandal, (a large-scale fishing fraud reportedly worth £63m.)

Andrew Marr and family are ranked 567 on the Rich List (estimated worth: £209m).

The family’s Hull-based Andrew Marr International owns or controls 5.1% of UK quota holdings making it the UK’s 5th largest quota holder. It also has minority stakes in companies and vessel partnerships that hold a further 5.4% of UK quota.

Brexit Flotilla: the “Christina-S” trawler was a flagship in the “Brexit Flotilla” of boats which sailed up the Thames with Nigel Farage in 2016, calling for Britain to leave the EU to improve access to fish.

Ernest Simpson (71) and his son Allan Simpson (49), who are partners in the partnership that operates the vessel, were ordered to pay more than £850,000 in fines and confiscation orders for their role in the black fish scam. (The Christina-S) vessel partnership, in which English “Rich List” fishing baron Andrew Marr also has a stake, is the sixth-largest quota holder in Scotland.

Sir Ian Wood and family are ranked 77 on the Rich List, with an estimated worth of £1.7bn (a fortune built largely on oil and gas services). Sir Ian’s fishing business, JW Holdings, holds 1% of the UK’s fishing quota and has minority investments in businesses/partnerships that hold a further 2.3%.


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Many thousands of Scottish fishermen have been forced out of business and entire fishing communities have collapsed directly due to the hi-jacking of fishing quotas by the “big 5” which would be distributed more efficiently and fairly among single boat and small fleet fishermen whose impact on the environment is much reduced over the “big 5”. Fishing villages, lost over time could be rebuilt throughout Scotland and freshly caught fish would become widely available to customers, at a decent price.





Post Brexit fishing: the facts:

Many of the important to the UK fishing stocks are shared and straddle maritime boundaries and the UK and its future fisheries neighbours (the remaining EU27, Norway and the Faroe Islands) will be obliged to prepare new fisheries agreements which set a Total Allowable Catch (TACs) for each species and allocate it between the parties.

In determining the allocation of quotas to each party the EU will seek to maintain the Common Fisheries Policy’s relative stability keys, whilst the UK will seek leverage from a claimed greater zonal attachment of stocks to its waters.

Whilst there is no comprehensive data on spatial distribution of fish stocks in current EU waters, it has estimated this for a Brexit scenario on the basis of 2014 catches reported for each sea area defined by ICES, the International Council for the Exploration of the Seas.

The estimate is that the potential UK catch arising from the threatened post-Brexit exclusion of EU vessels from UK waters could increase by as much as 671,000 tonnes (representing a gain of 90 per cent of current catches).

However, since much of this would be lower value species such as blue whiting, the benefit would fall to 387,000 tonnes in cod equivalents.

The ICES areas in which the UK would gain the most would be the sectors West of Scotland and the northern parts of the North Sea.

UK operators would however lose important access to fishing grounds to the West of Ireland.

It is expected the UK will hope to retain access to important fish stocks in Norwegian waters of the North Sea, which it currently enjoys via the bilateral EU- Norway Fisheries Agreement.

But that access, which involves almost half of the EU quota of cod, is linked to the European Economic Area ( EEA) Treaty, and the British Government has all but ruled out retaining membership of this body.

The fear is the current UK quota of these Norwegian stocks might then be lost in a post-Brexit scenario (for example the quotas could be retained by the EU and divided among the remaining  27 states, or revert it back to Norway).

Even if access is not lost, the UK will have to come up with the quotas to exchange. All of these factors reduce the likely benefit to the UK from the attachment of European fish stocks to the UK zone.

Furthermore, the UK exports approximately 80 per cent of its wild caught seafood, with 66 per cent going to 27 EU states, so UK fishers have a strong interest in maintaining tariff-free access to that market.

However, the EU will most likely seek quota and access to fish in the UK zone in return as it did with Norway and Greenland so the waters ahead for the UK fleet may not be the plain sailing it had anticipated.






Fishing policy, post Brexit will be decided by the Westminster government. Nothing of substance is in the public domain as yet, although the ever productive Michael Gove compiled and issued a briefing document so full of excessive gobbledygook as to render it very difficult to full understand.

But the gist of it indicates that:

1. Bulk processing of fish stocks is to be centralized in Grimsby, which will be the single British processed fishery producer and distributor to the EC and Worldwide.
2. Deep sea fishing fleets will be encouraged by contract, to offload fishing catches at Grimsby achieving significant reduction in the industries carbon footprint (transportation).
3. Allocation of fishing quota’s by country is to cease. The fishing industry is to be classified as a “National” resource.
4. Inshore fishing is to be downscaled concentrating catches providing support to local communities.
5. Demographic changes are to be anticipated as work and boat harbouring transfers to England

I have to conclude with congratulations to the North East of Scotland fishermen who, in voting in compliance with their rich bosses orders have succeeded only in cutting the throats of themselves and their families.


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Truth Will Out

The wall of silence may not be able endure much longer.

Foreign Office minister Alan Duncan ordered an official investigation into the Institute, and Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry, a target of the Initiative’s critical tweets, seized the issue with some gusto.

In a parliamentary debate December 12, she noted the “Integrity Initiative’s” use of “Twitter” as a tool for disseminating information had “not been a fringe activity”, but “an integral part of its applications for Foreign Office funding over the past two years”, a period in which it had been funded to the tune of £2.2 million by the British state. She went on to say:

“The budget for its agreed objectives of increasing reporting in the media and expanding the impact of its website and “Twitter” account amounted to £275,000 in this financial year.

In the list of key deliverables the Foreign Office promised in 2018, it stated explicitly that one of its instruments of delivery will be ‘600-plus “Twitter” followers, including influential players”.

​She asked further:

  1. “Whether Foreign Office officials were monitoring the Initiative’s “Twitter” output, and if so why they didn’t flag concerns to ministers about the dissemination of personal attacks. If not, why was this misuse of public funds going unchecked?”

2. “Does the funding agreement governing the integrity initiative make clear that its use of funds and its public statements must comply with Cabinet Office rules? “

3. “If the Government intend to renew that funding for the next financial year, what arrangements and agreements will be put in place to ensure that nothing of this sort ever happens again?”


Duncan, Minister of State for Europe and the Americas reported back to the Commons and said he had “established the facts” concerning the NGO and was “satisfied that our money does not go towards funding any kind of UK domestic activity.” Absolute twaddle!!!!

It is shocking that the disinformation activities of the “Integrity Initiative” have been barely mentioned, much less criticized, by the mainstream media and extremely troubling that after so long, it’s still not clear what the “Institute of Statecraft” actually is or does, and who or what funds and supports it.

With such vast sums flowing from the Treasury straight into its shadowy coffers, British citizens — and those of all countries in the organization’s cluster cross-hairs need to be told.


'Yellow Vests' protesters in London



16 Dec 2018: Old Reliable BBC Gives Support to “Integrity Initiative”

The BBC press service confirmed the authenticity of correspondence between a BBC journalist in London and a fellow correspondent covering the “Yellow Vest” demonstrations in Paris.

The London correspondent was seeking to know if Russia had something to do with the protests in the French capital.

In reply, the BBC correspondent explained that she had not seen any Russians at the protests.

Her colleague in London was not satisfied with the answer and conjectured live on air:

“Well, maybe some Russian businesses are capitalizing quite well on  the protests. Maybe, the protesters are eating cutlets en masse”.

Her colleague in Paris laughed in response.

The BBC journalist  in London further explained that she was “looking for various angles” since the broadcaster was “out for blood.”

Chris Hernon of the BBC is a Senior Fellow of the “Institute”: tasked with (Disinformation, Media & Technology) and is responsible for the digital development of the BBC media monitoring department.
Employed by the BBC his remit should be of interest to Scots since the corporation claims its news and current affairs content is impartial, but not where the UK is perceived to be under threat. A statement applicable to the desire of Scots to gain independence from Westminster.



Chatham House Involvement and Counter Intelligence

Chatham House is a world-leading policy institute. Its mission:

“To help governments and societies build a sustainability secure, prosperous and just world.”

“A key part of its work is producing high quality, independent commentary from its extensive network of experts”

John Lough and James Sherr, (Fellows of  the “Institute of Statecraft”)  provided an example of its so called expert “independent” analysis.








The “Institute For Statecraft” and Brexit

It is of concern that there are proposals in place suggesting that Chris Donnelly, the Director of the “Institute for Statecraft” should take charge of the Foreign Office.

The attached report: “The Challenge of Brexit to the UK: Case study – The Foreign and Commonwealth Office” is required reading:


18 Dec 2018:  Anonymous and the Third Leak – UK-government funded “Integrity Initiative” planned to infiltrate European media.
Required reading:
It’s been over a month since hackers began exposing the Scotland based ‘Integrity Initiative’ as a UK government funded propaganda outfit.
More details of the organization’s clandestine activities have been leaked by a group claiming to be associated with the Anonymous hackers.
Documents have been released in three batches, to date:
Batch 1. Revealed that the “Integrity Initiative” was stealthily operating “clusters” of influencers across Europe working to ensure pro-UK narratives dominated the media.
Batch 2. Showed that the organization was also running disinformation campaigns domestically, (specifically a smear campaign against Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.)  All done under the guise of combatting “Russian propaganda.”
Batch 3. Exposes the make up and delivery of the overall project to be similar to “Operation Mockingbird”, ( a secretive 1950s project whereby the CIA worked hand-in-glove with willing journalists in major media outlets to ensure certain narratives were adhered to.)
But this time, it’s a UK-funded organization with deep links to the intelligence services and military passing itself off as a non-partisan “charity.”


(Https:// , List of  Uk members

(   (List of all  anonymous exposures to date.)(


22 Dec 2018: Cui Bono? David Leask, Ben Nimmo and the Attack on Ordinary Scottish nationalists

Ben Nimmo works for the Atlantic Council, funded inter alia by NATO.

He is also on a retainer of £2,500 per month from the Integrity Initiative, in addition to payments for individual pieces of work.

For his attack on Scottish Nationalists Nimmo was therefore paid by the Atlantic Council (your taxes through NATO), by the Integrity Initiative (your taxes) and by the Herald (thankfully shortly going bankrupt).

Leask claims to have received nothing but a cheese sandwich from the Integrity Initiative, but has briefed them in detail on Scottish nationalism, attended their seminars, and they have included Leask’s output in their “outcomes” reports to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

I took apart Leask and Nimmo’s horrendous attack at the time, revealing among other things that one of Nimmo’s criteria for spotting a Russian bot or troll was use of the phrase cui bono.

Nimmo’s role as witchfinder-general for Russian Bots appears very remunerative.

His August 2016 invoice to The Institute for Statecraft, apparently the 71st invoice he had issued to various neo-con bodies that year, was for £5,000.

The contribution of David Leask

There is a very important aspect of the detailed minute of David Leask’s briefing for the Integrity Initiative, which CommonSpace cut out of the extracts which they published.

Leask says that the Integrity Initiative are “pushing at an open door” with the SNP leadership and the editors of The National, who he characterises as reliably anti-Russian and pro-NATO:

I am afraid Leask is not wrong. The continual willingness of the SNP leadership to endorse Britnat anti-Russian rhetoric without question is a nagging worry for many nationalists.

Precisely the same department of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office which funds the Integrity Initiative, funds the Westminster Foundation for Democracy which paid for a joint Britnat/SNP leadership group event at the last SNP Conference, featuring a Ukrainian politician also used by the Integrity Initiative.

Full articles here:




23 Dec 2018: Inegrity Initiative is the biggest story of 2018 – but not because of anything it did

Exposing a sinister state-funded underhand influence network is a scoop.
Yet the real conspiracy is the blind eye turned by the Western establishment, which appears fine with subterfuge, as long as it doesn’t come from Russia.

From the start, the unmasking of the smugly Orwellian ‘Integrity Initiative’, progressed like a post-Assange spy thriller.

The first tranche of insider files is uploaded on November 5 to a niche Anonymous server.

There it lays broadly unnoticed for a fortnight among the anarchist tracts and hubristic threats to remake the world from behind a monitor.

But this leak is substantive, and once opened and disseminated – first through Twitter, then Russian media, then other alternative media sources – explosive.

Internal documents talk of creating a “network of networks” to fight “malign” Russian influence.

Applications for funding from the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) promise to set up over a dozen undercover “clusters” of “competent, committed and well-connected individuals, ideally with a suitable institute affiliation” from Canada to Germany to Georgia that would be deployed in the service of specific anti-Russian “goals.”

Full story, to date:




Other Relevant links:







The “Institute For Statecraft” and “Shared Outcomes Initiatives”  

In a summary of a “private discussion” between Chris Donnelly, the Director of the “Institute for Statecraft” and retired British Army officer Gen. Sir Richard Barron, the British Army’s Twitter and Facebook wing, the 77th Brigade is praised for its “exploitation of social media.”

In a document published on the IfS website, Donnelly also suggested special training programs to instill “moral and ethical values” into children as young as eight-years-old, in what appears to be some kind of 1984 Orwell-style effort to indoctrinate children with a pro-government bias.


A number of fully funded and supported charitable organizations are operating within the UK under the umbrella of the above noted organization.


Aims and Objectives

  • They are charitable programmes run by the charity “The Institute for Statecraft.”
  • They work with young people from minority communities who live in areas facing economic and social challenge.
  • They offer free activities that develop employability skills, build confidence and provide accredited qualifications.
  • They are funded by The Dulverton Trust, The Ellerman Foundation and The Armed Forces Covenant Fund (under their community integration scheme).
  • Their programmes have strong links with the Army and a range of activities are run by them.




The Initiative Network

  • Activities are delivered to local community groups and schools across the
  • UK.
  • Local community groups and schools reach out to young people within their communities offering the opportunity to participate in the activities of the Institute.
  • Mentors from  community groups and schools accompany young people on their activities.
  • Participants are encouraged to volunteer within and outside their communities widening the scope of the Initiative.




The Indian Muslim Welfare Society

Lotus Life, based in Brent Cross.

Huddersfield Pakistani Community Alliance

The Karimia Institute. Based in Nottingham.


Scottish Communities Initiative One of our partner community groups based in Scotland.


Scottish Communities Initiative:  Based in Scotland, (primarily Glasgow, where the largest group of immigrants are located)

Not to be confused with:

The Scottish Sustainable Communities Initiative funded by the the Scottish Government.










13 Dec: 2018:  British Security Service Infiltration, the Integrity Initiative and the Institute for Statecraft

Craig Murray published his take on events in his blog:



“Having been told where the “Institute for Statecraft” skulk, I tipped off journalist Kit Klarenberg of Sputnik Radio to go and physically check it out. Kit did so and was aggressively ejected by that well-known Corbyn and Sanders supporter, Simon Bracey-Lane.

It does seem somewhat strange that our left wing hero is deeply embedded in an organization that launches troll attacks on Jeremy Corbyn. I am not alleging Mr Bracey-Lane is an intelligence service operative who previously infiltrated the Labour Party and the Sanders campaign.

He may just be a young man of unusually heterodox and vacillating political opinions. He may be an undercover reporter for the Canary infiltrating the Institute for Statecraft. All these things are possible, and I have no firm information.

But one of the activities the “Integrity Initiative” sponsors happens to be the use of online trolls to ridicule the idea that the British security services ever carry out any kind of infiltration, false flag or agent provocateur operations, despite the fact that there are repeated court judgements against undercover infiltration officers getting female activists pregnant.

The “Integrity Initiative” offers us a glimpse into the very dirty world of surveillance and official disinformation. If we actually had a free media, it would be the biggest story of the day.

As the Establishment feels its grip slipping, as people wake up to the appalling economic exploitation by the few that underlies the very foundations of modern western society, expect the methods used by the security services to become even dirtier.

You can bank on continued ramping up of Russophobia to supply “the enemy”, as both Scottish Independence and Jeremy Corbyn are viewed as real threats by the British Establishment, you can anticipate every possible kind of dirty trick in the next couple of years, with increasing frequency and audacity.”

More Info:


Reader Comments:

“So yes, they are already in our schools and targeting the vulnerable. I agree with educating people, but when the culprits are the ones doing the educating??!

“Why the cloak and dagger? If it were open, transparent, accountable and unbiased I would probably support it but it is clearly none of these things.”

“I saw a picture of them presenting a PowerPoint to a school, where they were teaching children how to pick out the fake news/tweets next to “true” ones. I keep deleting what I want to write next. Lets just say it makes me extremely angry to think what they are doing to our kids.”

“Is Avisa the French version of Institute for Statecraft? I believe titled “combatting-russian-disinformation.pdf” is a proposal from them. In the document they give a list of partners and also “The strategic committee of the group, includes, Lynton Crosby, Boris Johnson and David Cameron’s election strategist, Joe Trippi… it goes on.”
“I read the slideshow and reminds me of the bell Pottinger fiasco. I didn’t realize all those politicians were involved in the company. The first duty of the Government is to protect the public. That is what we are told all the time when yet another war has to be fought or laws passed to curtail our freedoms.”

“The Secret Services are a law unto themselves, with unaccountable budgets. They smear, blackmail, overthrow and kill. All in the name of National Interest. This is a big lie.”

“If the government and its agents were doing their job, we would not be in the mess we are in or the chaos we have inflicted on other countries. Blow Back and bad consequences are the result of their actions. Far from protecting the public all they have done is to make us and the whole world less safe.”



Recruiting and Organising Project Teams

A leaked briefing note, prepared by Simon Bracey-Lane,  the “Institute for Statecraft” research fellow documents how new “Integrity Initiative” associates were enlisted in the Balkans.

Noteworthy is the  active  courting of persons critical of Russian foreign policy.

There’s no indication Lane has a background in the intelligence services, but his professional resume is nonetheless somewhat puzzling.

He has been in the media spotlight before, in 2016 appearing in several articles tracking Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaigning efforts.

For example, in a BuzzFeed piece published in February that year, he is referred to as a “recent university graduate”, who was “inspired” to join the Labour party in September 2015 after Corbyn was elected leader.

At that point he was holidaying in the US, “so he joined the Sanders campaign, and never left.

He said:

“I had two weeks left and some money left, so I thought, f*** it, I’ll make some calls for Bernie Sanders.

I just sort of knew Des Moines was the place, so I turned up at their HQ, started making phone calls, and then became a fully-fledged field organizer,”


Simon Bracey-Lane



In May the next year, evidently having returned to the UK, Lane established Campaign Together, an organization offering training to door-to-door political activists supporting progressive candidates during the 2017 General Election, and facilitated ‘vote swaps’ — a role which would’ve potentially granted him significant insight into the internal workings, strategy and tactics of the election campaigns of several political parties, as well as personal voting intentions.

Once the effort ended, he swiftly moved on to the “Institute for Statecraft”, in October hosting an event for the organization — “Cold War Then and Now” — at which a panel comprised of Ukrainian nationalists, British military staff and NATO officials discussed, among other things, the “threat posed to European values and security” by Russia.



Read This:


It’s extremely curious an avowedly impassioned Corbyn supporter of extremely progressive ideological sympathies became so quickly and intimately involved with an organization that has disseminated anti-Corbyn material, sought to enlist harsh critics of Corbyn to its efforts, and worked to discredit left-leaning political figures abroad.

Requests for clarity on this seeming incongruity submitted to Simon via the “Institute for Statecraft” web form are as yet unanswered.

likewise, neither the Institute nor “Integrity Initiative” have responded to any of many put to them over the past few weeks.



Reds Under the Beds – McCarthyism at Fever Pitch Yet again – Democracy in Danger yet again part 2





10 Dec 2018: “Anonymous”  Exposes UK’s Cyber Warfare Project

On 5 November 2018,  The international hacktivist group “Anonymous” exposed the UK’s “Integrity Initiative” to be an offshoot of the “Institute for Statecraft”.

The “Institute”, backed by the secret service was created by London to meddle in other states’ domestic affairs.  More details here :





Aims and Aspirations:
The “Institute” employs a wide network of researchers, contributors and associates from government, academia and the corporate world.
The “Institute” appoints “Fellows” for a three-year term and, with their permission their names and the topics of their particular interest are published publicly. See: (



It’s a Secret

On November 5, international hacking syndicate “Anonymous” published a series of internal files it had appropriated from “Integrity Initiative,” an off-shoot of the “Institute for Statecraft.”

The material was explosive, revealing the organization, which claimed to be concerned with defending democratic institutions from Russian “destabilization campaigns”, to be an international “information war effort” run by British military intelligence specialists, which has disrupted the domestic politics of other countries.

As part of this enterprise, the organization has amassed  “projects” the world over, which comprise lists of politicians, business people, military officials, academics and journalists, who  can be mobilized to influence policy.

Files suggest “projects” to be operational in France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Norway, Serbia, Spain and the UK, and there are plans to extend the scheme to every corner of the globe.

Read this:




The senior manager of “Integrity Initiative” appears to be Chris Donnelly, a reserve officer in the Army Intelligence Corps who once led the military’s Soviet Studies Research Center at Sandhurst, and was appointed an “Honorary Colonel in Military Intelligence” in 2015, the same year the “Integrity Initiative” was launched.

Between 1989 — 2003, he was also the NATO Secretary General’s Special Adviser for Central and Eastern Europe.

Another senor manager is Dan Lafayeedney, who was previously in the SAS and attached to a regiment running spy cells in Russia.

Read this:



The UK “project” team includes Ben Nimmo, a fellow at the “Atlantic Council”, who has repeatedly claimed Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is being supported by the Russian state through various means, including a “twisted cyber campaign”, without any supporting evidence whatsoever.

The “Integrity Initiative’s” official “Twitter” account has also posted numerous tweets and links to articles attacking Labour, Corbyn — one post said he was a “useful idiot” in service of the Kremlin — and other prominent party figures.

Documents, published by “Anonymous”, showed that the “Integrity Initiative’s” costs for the fiscal year ending on March 31, 2019, were estimated at £1.96 million pounds.




Searching for Answers

Learning anything about the “Institute for Statecraft”, let alone contacting the organization, isn’t easy.

Its minimalist website provides no contact information or address, a webform being the sole means of getting in touch, and likewise offers little clue as to its raison d’etre or services.

A section titled ‘activities’ being entirely comprised of laconic and virtually impenetrable bursts of corporate jargon.

Visitors are told the Institute:

  1. ” Promotes peace and security through the skillful use of state power.”
  2. ” Seeks to grow the capacity for strategic thinking and developing a national competitive advantage.”
  3. ” Combines its experience and capabilities to enable its people to devise and implement solutions to challenges which [it] has been commissioned to address.”
  4. ” Is distinguished from “Think Tanks” in that its research is primarily focused on enabling it to deliver effective projects and programs.”

Read This: Defamation Impossible: Hackers Leak More Details on UK’s Info War in Europe

Moreover, the organization is registered as a charity in Scotland, listing its principal office address as Gateside Mills, in the small Scottish town of Cupar, Fife — the same is true of its Companies House records .

Gateside Mills is a crumbling, derelict building, with no indication the Institute ever operated there.

Providing false information to the “Scottish Charity Regulator” is illegal, and a spokesperson for the body has confirmed an inquiry into the Institute has been launched.

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