Leslie Evans – “We may have lost the battle but we will win the war.” She was of course referring to her leading the Stonewall crusade. Nasty person

The LBGTQ attack on Scotland

Stonewall, Equality Network, Scottish Trans Alliance, Engender and a growing number of other groups such as the LGBTQ Trend and Rape Crisis, are discredited organisations provided with around £3 million annually and rising, from the public purse by the SNP Scottish Government. The SNP leadership seeks to justify the expenditure and promotion of the groups saying they exist to “promote equality and tackle discrimination and prejudice.” But their nebulous ideology imposes a toxic influence over social policy and Scottish law and has no place in Scottish society.

Leslie Evans – Stonewaller

The discredited former Permanent Secretary of the Civil Service in Scotland, who recently retired with a £2 million perks and pension package, launched a crusade in the summer of 2017 determined that the Civil Service would conform with and fully adopt the “Stonewall” agenda for change.. She was assisted in this by her colleague, Barbara Allison and the Scottish Government led by Nicola Sturgeon. This is what she wrote and circulated to all civil servants and Scottish Government employees on 12 February 2018:

Stonewall – Workplace Equality Index (WEI)

Equality for LGBTI colleagues in our workplace is something I am passionate about. The latest Stonewall WEI ranked SG at 101 out of 439 participating employers – a drop from last year when we ranked firmly within the top 100 at position 50. We can do better than this – and we must. I welcome Stonewall’s challenge for continual improvement and a strong focus on transgender policies and practice. Colleagues are meeting with Stonewall this week to receive detailed feedback on our performance and this will inform future work. We will continue to engage with Stonewall and our LGBTI networks to ensure a supportive and positive workplace for our trans, non-binary and intersex colleagues. This issue is firmly on my radar. I want to see the SG demonstrate our unwavering commitment to equality for all.

Harassment in the workplace

The new guidance on harassment I wrote to you all in November following media reports of alleged sexual harassment in Westminster and the Scottish Parliament, referring to work I had commissioned to ensure SG internal policies and procedures in this area were sufficiently robust and effective. As part of the ongoing review of our Fairness at Work policy a new process has been created to support colleagues raising sexual harassment complaints, including where these involve ministers. This is designed to ensure we listen to, take seriously and support anyone with a harassment complaint and provide clear routes for taking action. Of course, policies and procedures can only be effective in an open, inclusive and positive workplace culture. That’s why it’s vital for us to talk about this issue, and for each of us to feel confident to challenge unacceptable behaviour – ‘what you permit, you promote’. If you have any questions about the new guidance or suggestions for further improvement please contact our HR Professional Adviser team. I also encourage you to submit your views on tackling harassment via the UK wide civil service survey this week.

SNP -Policy on the hoof

All political parties, apart from the SNP introduced revised procedures in response to the late summer of 2017 “Metoo” campaign. The SNP was the only party which did not at the time display a code of conduct and relevant harassment policy on its website, or offer an easily searchable contact phone numbers or email to make a complaint. Indeed, the SNP code of conduct made no mention of sexual harassment specifically. Responding to questioning the SNP Chief Executive said the Party “continually looks to improve [its] policies and processes” and planned to introduce, in time, trained sexual harassment advisers.

By whom the first are tried

Within the week the Scottish Government, led by Evans launched it attack on the integrity of Alex Salmond. After a year of mind and body destroying attrition the SNP government was belatedly ordered to cease its harassment and was then judged to have conducted an unlawful war on Alex. Alex was awarded £512,250 costs. Immediately after the verdict Permanent Secretary Leslie Evans sent an email message to Barbara Allison, who was away on holiday sunning herself in the Middle East. It read: “We may have lost the battle but we will win the war.” She was of course referring to their crusade with with Stonewall. Nasty people.


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