Sturgeon -Starmer and Corbyn – One Winner

Sturgeon attacks the Zionists

Mindful of the power of the Zionist movement many Scots were concerned when Sturgeon ferociously criticised Israel. They feared that the special relationship between the Scottish Government and Israel was fractured when Sturgeon urged Tel Aviv to halt the violence after armed Israeli police stormed Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. “Attacking a place of worship at any time is reprehensible, but attacking a mosque during Ramadan is utterly indefensible,” she said. “It is also a violation of international law. Israel should heed calls to halt the violence immediately.”

Many influential Jews went as far as saying her words were tantamount to the “desecration of a synagogue” and the relentless volley of anti-Semitism allegations against her was viewed in some political circles to be part of a concerted effort to destabilise the leadership of the SNP and Scotland’s independence movement. The Scottish Council of Jewish Communities, pointed out that similar measures were not taken against other states that have territorial disputes, such as Tibet, Kashmir or Cyprus but, “When the Jewish state is singled out then that is as much anti-Semitism as the desecration of a synagogue,” it insisted.

Despite meeting representatives of the Jewish community in an effort to calm some of their more outraged leaders, Sturgeon’s appeasement strategy failed. Co-founder of the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Mick Napier, suggested she might be “lined up for the Corbyn treatment”. A reference to the ousting of Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and his replacement by self-proclaimed Zionist Sir Keir Starmer. According to Napier, “Whereas Scottish Jewry has courted the Scottish Government assiduously in recent years, they now claim that discouraging trade and investment in Israel’s illegal settlements expresses hostility to Scottish Jews. Not only hostility but Jew-hatred on a par with the desecration of Jewish houses of worship.

The very existence of Israel is reliant on the unconditional support of its allies on the Security Council, of which the United Kingdom, France and the US are its greatest friends. Known collectively as the P5, the other permanent members are China and Russia. Any one of them can veto a resolution, which often proves invaluable to the rogue Zionist state which has violated or ignored nearly 200 UN Resolutions since it was created in occupied Palestine in 1948 and the greatest threat to Israel is the stated intention of the SNP to have nuclear weapons removed from Scottish soil within three years of gaining independence which would result in the removal of England from the Security Council since it would no longer be a nuclear power.

Scottish Independence

At the beginning of 2022 Sturgeon kick-started yet another independence campaign with a view to making preparations for a vote on independence in October 2023. Not long after she announced her plans an attack was launched by the Union of Jewish Students president Nina Freedman who told The Times: “Jewish students in Scotland are a vital part of the Scottish Jewish community, and these actions by the SNP have a large impact on their Jewish life and wider university experience. We have seen across the UK that when BDS [Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions] is implemented, campus becomes incredibly hostile for Jewish students.” The student group is an opponent of the Scottish government’s criticism of trade between Scotland and illegal settlements in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories.

Within days of that statement Starmer visited Glasgow and in a shared platform with Anas Sarwar took a hard line towards the SNP vowing that Labour would never enter into deals with a Sturgeon led SNP even if it meant that the Party would need to go into a minority government following the next general election. They also forcefully stated that they would not grant another independence referendum.

Disarming the Labour threat

From around 2018 Sturgeon implemented an SNP recruitment strategy centred on attracting Scotlands Muslim voters of which there are approximately 100,000, a number expected to double in number over the next ten years. Muslim organisations receive more public funding for ‘equality’ than all other religious groups clubbed together. Almost 60% of the multi-million pound grant funds distributed by the Equality Unit go to Muslim groups.

The Glasgow-based, Ahl Al Bait Muslim charitable organisation “Love Life Waste Less” project has been awarded more than £220,000 through the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund. The project offers: free support to help the Middle Eastern Community of Glasgow to reduce carbon emissions in the areas of energy, waste and food. Project activities include home energy advice visits to help improve household energy efficiency and tackle fuel poverty. Other initiatives focus on repair and upcycling, food growing, food waste and sustainable cookery. The project also offers interactive climate change educational workshops and climate leadership training.

The weakness of Sturgeon’s strategy

Not content with roping in the Muslim vote with very generous financing of its communities she determined on the aggressive recruitment of teenagers and the young and in the process she forced Scottish society to embrace the invidious policies, eg; self indentification, of Stonewall and a myriad number of LGBTI organisatons and campaign groups. The latter completely negates the former so she shot herself in the foot.


One thought on “Sturgeon -Starmer and Corbyn – One Winner

  1. Sturgeon looking for a headline on that day? She has never been slow to pull the anti semitic card on members of the SNP when it suited. Denise Findlay and Neale Hanvey being recent victims. At Westminster Stewart Mc Donald has been cheerleading on behalf of Israel with the support of Oswald and Blackford to name but two.

    If all those minority groups claim ”hostility’ towards them perhaps they might stand in front o’ a big mirror. There might they see the root o’ OOR concern!!

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