The betrayal of the working class of Scotland that is the real crime the SNP leadership perpetuated against the people

That is the real crime the SNP leadership perpetuated against the people.

The betrayal of the working class of Scotland

Sturgeon poses, with a great deal of success, as a woman of the people.

But this doesn’t stand up to any real scrutiny. Sure, throw a few bungs towards Scotland’s impoverished communities.

But with all of the power at her disposal, no real reform has taken place in favour of the working class.

Even tinkering with the various devolved tax powers is out of bounds.

Indeed, it isn’t even allowed to be discussed.

While the corporate lobby exercises a hundred times more power and influence than the SNP membership, the party hierarchy also comes down hard whenever the working class start to mobilise in their own interests.

They have shown they are willing to utilise Tory anti-trade union laws against striking cleansing workers in Glasgow.

Indeed, Susan Aitken, who wins the award for reintroducing the word “ned” into public discourse, is driving an agenda in Scotland’s largest “Yes” city based on a programme of massive privatisation.

If Swinney really did cut and paste Osborne’s business rate proposals for his conference speech in 2015, then Susan Aitken is a dead ringer for David Cameron.

In true “Big Society” fashion, the citizens of Glasgow are asked to do their own community cleaning in an initiative co-sponsored by McDonalds, who were given the green light for a new drive through in Toryglen despite concerns raised by local residents who fear the impact it will have on children’s health and traffic.

At the same time, the SNP led City Council has spent £10 million on private cleansing contractors in recent years.

A union organiser reflected:

“It beggars belief they are lining the pockets of private contractors with millions of pounds of public money while the city’s waste crisis keeps growing.

It would be far better if these monies were redistributed properly by investing in more full-time staff and better resources to help make our communities cleaner and greener.”

These processes, local and national, are furnished with a “quango class” composed of “influential bankers, retired senior civil servants, well-connected industry insiders, powerful chief executives and former politicians.”

As the cost of living crisis takes hold, Sturgeon is putting the focus on Westminster. But there is a hypocrisy here.

Because the SNP are gearing up to take on the public sector unions as their own Spending Review commits to a plan that will cut around 30,000 jobs.

At the same time, their strategy for independence amounts to box ticking.

In the end, the votes, money, activism and support for the SNP, drawn primarily from Scotland’s working class, has been funnelled directly into sustaining the architecture of the Scottish establishment.

That is the real crime the SNP leadership perpetuated against the people.


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