Misogynist Patrick Harvie will ensure trans rights and GRA policies are forced onto statute aided by gerrymandered consultations

Patrick Harvie raises Prince Philip's 'extreme privilege' in Holyrood  tribute | The National

A Warning

The Scottish Green Party has joined with the SNP and formed the next government at Holyrood.

The establishment of a coalition government was a cynical move by Sturgeon and Harvie enabling them to make relatively unchallenged advances in their controversial social behaviour agendas.

Voters need to be alerted to excesses inherent in a number of these policies. Namely the implementation of the discredited Yogyakarta principles and other trans rights and GRA policies which will be forced onto statute by a government supported by gerrymandered consultation and with the active assistance and support of the all powerful “Equality Network”.

Voters concerned about plans to remove women’s rights and exposure of their families to regulatory imposition of oppressive social norms need to be alerted to the foregoing so that they will be better informed and able to give their vote to “ALBA” a party that fully intends to consult with and gain the support of the electorate before adding any new statute to the Laws of the Country.

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23 Apr 2019: Green Party Leader accused of being a misogynist

The blog “A Thousand Flowers” posted a derogatory twitter article declaring Joan McAlpine SNP the winner of its weekly wanker accolade for airing her views about the rights of women and transgender people.

Patrick Harvie couldn’t resist commenting and shared it with his followers writing: “If the SNP wants to be a safe and supportive place for trans and gender non conforming people, they have to squarely take on those trying to prevent trans people having the same rights as anyone else“.

Twitter users were horrified. A spokeswomen for the Scottish Women’s blog tweeted “Good grief! I’m horrified that Harvie could ever retweet an abusive blog about another politician. Surely this goes against the code of conduct expected from our parliamentarians?” Her comments were echoed by other contributors.

But Harvie has form. In a previous twitter exchange he questioned the online abuse Joan had received when he said: “there is a serious debate to be had about such “abuse” but we can’t have it if people react with outrage to complaints from anti-trans campaigners but say nothing of the horrific wave of transphobic hostility, prejudice and violence that’s destroying people’s everyday lives”.

To which Joan responded: “My comments were in response to (male to female) trans activists who called me trash and justified violence against women who disagree with them. And the male leader of the Green Party in Scotland, pins his colours firmly to the she was asking for it mast.”

Harvie replied: “It’s disappointing that Joan McAlpine and a few others in the SNP have promoted anti-trans rhetoric in recent months, and apparently want to roll back trans people’s equality and human rights. Those attitudes and actions should be challenged, robustly but without abuse.”

Joan said: “Patrick Harvie should be ashamed of trying to justify the online abuse of women and indulging in it himself. Women are concerned their rights to privacy, fairness and dignity and safety are affected by proposals which means males can legally become women without surgery, medical diagnosis or gatekeeping. It is not “anti-trans” to question this proposal, but doing so has resulted in women being abused or threatened with violence. That Patrick Harvie seems to think they are asking for it is very worrying but bullies will not silence us.”

Patrick Harvie: Don't let Pride give in to hatred | The Scotsman

23 Jun 2019: Harvie stirs the sh*t at the Edinburgh Pride march

I met up with around a dozen like minded friends aged between 20-60. Some were wearing t-shirts proudly proclaiming “we are Lesbians”. We wanted to ensure lesbians would be visible yet despite an outward display of confidence we were alerted to an undercurrent of nervousness between the marchers and ourselves. Our apprehension was based on the negative attitude of other groups who did not approve of relationships that excluded men in our choice of partners. Acceptable? Yes!! but only if we conducted our chosen lifestyle in secret.

But we displayed our banners and sang our songs. Other lesbians came up to us and said they wished they had known we were marching and bemoaned the lack of Lesbian spaces and community in Scotland. They waved their hand-made purple and black placards, courageously yet quietly proclaiming their Lesbian existence and relieved to have support and solidarity of like minded people. There was an act of physical aggression against our group when an angry young person grabbed a placard and destroyed it screaming “TERF” but the stewards soon restored order.

But what was chilling and caused fear in our group was the content of speeches from MSPs who addressed the crowd at a pre-march rally, from the top of an open top bus. In particular the words of Patrick Harvie, Green MSP, where he said “I am sorry that this parliament very recently was used as a platform for transphobic hatred and bigotry”. And went on to say he felt compelled to apologise for the undemocratic workings of Parliament, and its decision to put a hold on GRA reform until it had been fully considered and deliberated by a broad range of groups who might be affected and, importantly, the conflation of sex and gender that has infested policy making in Scotland. His speech whipped the crowd into a frenzy, since they had already been warmed up by previous similar speeches. And whilst the promoted theme of the “Pride” was “Be Yourself”, the real focus was not about the right to be loved and to express love without prejudice, it was about “trans rights” and only that.

Thanks to the spittle infused rhetoric espoused by Harvie our group’s situation was upscaled from hostile to dangerous. We feared for our safety and attack from the mob, since immediately after, a number of people started shouting “get the TERF’s out” They meant us and we had already been blocked in by some very large people with “Trans” and “Non-Binary” flags draped over their shoulders cancelling out our groups “lesbian visibility” banners.

It later transpired that lesbians had abandoned the march after they had been harassed by “trans rights” activists who accused them of being bigots for standing up for female rights and forcing politicians to add their support. Lesbians were no longer welcomed at “Pride” marches.

Full story here:

Scottish Greens hint at red lines for potential coalition with SNP | The  National

4 replies on “Misogynist Patrick Harvie will ensure trans rights and GRA policies are forced onto statute aided by gerrymandered consultations”

It is staring out of him what Patrick Harvie is and we should not in the least be surprised by his verbally abusive attacks on those who choose not to identify with his QUEER theory propaganda.

Jackie Mearns in her account describes as “CHILLING” the content of speeches delivered by MSPs on that occasion, it is somewhat unfortunate that she did not publish their names, they all need to be outed.

The SNP/GREEN coalition led by Sturgeon has demonstrated a blatant disregard for public concern over this issue, Harvie, Slater, Robison and Sturgeon all culpable in promoting “BIGOTRY” against women.

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They keep on saying that we all want to deny them their rights. They have precisely the same rights as everyone else. What they actually mean is: don’t stand in our way because we are coming for YOUR rights to add to our own.

It is quite simple: we can have ‘trans’ rights and we can have women’s rights; what we cannot have are ‘trans’ people violating the spaces and rights of the other sex or of other people, in general, and that includes biological females invading male spaces, such as toilets, changing rooms, etc.

Ergo, we require THIRD spaces and a toughening up of the 2010 Equality Act to protect female rights to safety, privacy and dignity, as well as all civil and human rights that others in society have. That means that ‘trans’ women cannot, under any circumstances access female spaces and rights.

This is where the law comes in: it must limit, by necessity, the advance of the ‘trans’ lobby IN LAW; and it must be made clear that anyone accessing a Gender Recognition Certificate has limited rights under that certificate and these do not include the right to change your birth certificate without the retention of birth details.

There is no other way to check a person’s real name, sex, etc., and if these are retained for the general population, just who the hell do these people think they are? To all intents and purposes, except IN LAW, these people can be whoever they wish to be, but the law must be obliged to retain their true identity details. If self-ID is put into law, society will not be able to cope with the numbers of law-breakers of every description who will be able to start over with a clean slate and continue to offend undetected.

If men are allowed IN LAW to become women and vice versa, no female rights or spaces will exist from that date forward. That is the reality we are facing here, not the hurt feelz of fetishists, in the main, whose sole reason for ‘transition’ is precisely to gain access to female spaces and rights. What is wrong with people that they can’t see what the likes of Patrick Harvie, Lorna Slater and many others, in the SNP, are trying to do? What will it take to make the scales fall from their eyes? What? The law must stand firm now.

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Let’s not overlook wee Pat’s status as alumni of the US State Department’s, International Visitors Leadership Programme.
And a remarkably early participant at that (2010).
Now why would the State Department identify such a fringe character as a “future leader”?
The last time I checked, the American permanent state hardly qualified as sandal wearing, lentil munchers.
Identity politics of course. The permanent state’s preferred instrument of distraction, diversion and division.
The last true, active proponent of actual environmentalism (Andy Wightman) was effectively driven from the fetishist freak show that is now the Scottish Greens.

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