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Return of the White Helmets under a different guise as NATO ramps up its predatory fake news campaign against Russia in Ukraine

Allegations of war crimes against Russian forces in Ukraine

The alleged discovery of mass graves in Bucha – and many eyewitness accounts of sexual violence at the hands of Russian troops have led US President Joe Biden to call for Vladimir Putin to face trial for war crimes.

Russia’s UN ambassador has denied any massacre in Bucha and accused Ukraine of engaging in a “staged provocation” with Western countries.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has accused Russia of genocide and is due to address the UN Security Council on 5 April 2022.

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Funding The White Helmets

the organisation is funded through the UK Government’s £1bn Conflict, Stability and Security Fund (CSSF)

They are used as:

  1. means of supporting and lending credibility to opposition structures
  2.  A supposedly impartial organisation that corroborates UK government accusations against Russia

There has been controversy regarding the CSSF, as details of some of the projects it funds are secret and even senior MPs are not told what they are.

The 2017 Annual Report provides revealing details:

Click to access conflict-stability-security-fund-annual-report-2016-2017.pdf

The Jo Cox Memorial Fund

One million pounds were raised in her honour in just three days. The scale and speed of the public response were overwhelming and showed how powerful her story was. Finance raised was to be used to support causes she believed in, including The White Helmets: Volunteer search and rescue workers in Syria. Unarmed and neutral, these heroes have saved more than 51,000 lives from under the rubble and brought hope to the region. 

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Who are the White helmets?

The murder of a rising star in UK politics, Jo Cox, MP  sent shock waves across the world. Within hours of her death, a special fund was established in her name to raise money. One cause supported was the Syrian White Helmets.

But credible allegations soon surfaced that the plea for financial support was a cynical exploitation of Jo Cox’s murder to revive the flagging credibility of a US State Department & UK Foreign Office asset on the ground in Syria.

Phillip hammond meets white helmets

The alleged “non-governmental” organisation received funding from at least three major NATO governments, including $23 million from the US Government and $29 million (£19.7 million) from the UK Government$4.5 million (€4 million) from the Dutch Government. In addition, it received material assistance and training funded and run by a variety of other EU Nations.

Hammond with members of the white helmets rescue mission.

The White Helmets were established as a crucial component of a US, UK and NATO shadow state operation inside Syria.  The group was essential to the propaganda stream that prosecuted a merciless media and political campaign against the elected Syrian government and permitted the US and NATO to justify their regime of crippling economic and humanitarian sanctions against the Syrian people.

The ‘NGO’ blueprint was successful and might well be deployed in future destabilizing operations providing a direct intra-venus line into the field of battle and acting as a conduit for information, equipment and medical support.

The foregoing matches the projected future of warfare described as “swarming” and is outlined in a report produced by the RAND Corporation entitled: Swarming and the Future of Conflict.

“The emergence of a military doctrine based on swarming pods and clusters requires that defence policymakers develop new approaches to connectivity and control and achieve a new balance between the two. Far more than traditional approaches to battle, swarming clearly depends upon robust information flows. Securing these flows, therefore, can be seen as a necessary condition for successful swarming.”

Relevant articles and interviews are provided below.  There needs to be a serious public and political re-evaluation of the morality of funding the US, UK and NATO groups established to further “regime change” objectives.

White Helmets exposed as US, UK agents embedded with Al Nusra and ISIS

“Behind the Headline,” investigative journalist Vanessa Beeley pulled back the curtain on anti-Assad ‘freedom fighters’ and ‘moderate rebels,’ revealing a carefully calibrated propaganda campaign to drive the US / UK intervention in the war-torn country.” Watch:

Mint Press: US Propaganda War in Syria: Report Ties White Helmets to US Intervention

“White Helmets’ primary function is propaganda” reported an independent journalist, who tied the group to George Soros and the controversial advocacy group Avaaz.”

Sputnik: Soros Sponsored NGO in Syria Aims at Ousting Assad not Saving Civilians

“One of the largest humanitarian organizations operating in war-torn Syria – the White Helmets – has been accused of being an anti-government propaganda arm that encourages direct foreign intervention.”

21st Century Wire: Syria’s White Helmets, War by Way of Deception Part 1

This piece examines the role of the Syria Civil Defence aka,’ The White Helmets’ currently operating in Syria and takes a closer look at their financial sources and mainstream media partners in order to better determine if they are indeed “neutral” as media moguls proclaim these “humanitarians” to be.

21st Century Wire: Part II. Syria’s White Helmets, “Moderate” Executioners

The NGO hydra has no more powerful or influential serpentine head in Syria than the Syria Civil Defence aka The White Helmets who, according to their leader and creator, James Le Mesurier, hold greater sway than even ISIS or Al Nusra confabs over the Syrian communities. This article explores the White Helmet’s involvement in terrorist executions of civilians, particularly in Aleppo.

21st Century Wire: Humanitarian Propaganda War Against Syria – Led by Avaaz and the White Helmets

“The White Helmets in their haste to point the finger of blame at Moscow, managed to tweet about Russia’s airstrikes several hours before the Russian Parliament actually authorized the use of the Air Force in Syria.” ~

Eva Bartlett: Human Rights Front Groups Warring on Syria

This page will continue to expand as more so-called “Human Rights” groups are outed for propagating anti-Syria war rhetoric and false allegations against the Syrian government and the Syrian Arab Army.  As it is, the list of players is quite extensive.  Below, I’ll list the known HR front people and groups (many, if not most, with links to the US State Department and criminals like George Soros).

Ron Paul Institute: Syria the Propaganda Ring

We have demonstrated that the White Helmets are an integral part of the propaganda vanguard that ensures obscurantism of fact and propagation of Human Rights fiction that elicits the well-intentioned and self-righteous response from a very cleverly duped public. A priority for these NGOs is to keep pushing the No Fly Zone scenario which has already been seen to have disastrous implications for innocent civilians in Libya, for example.

We will add to the above articles and interviews as they become available.  Vanessa Beeley has just completed a speaking tour of the UK and Iran during which she highlighted the role of the NGO complex in general and the White Helmets in particular as a new breed of predatory humanitarianism being unleashed against target nations. Videos of her talks will be published as soon as they become available from the AV7 conference and Frome Stop War.

Author Vanessa Beeley is a contributor to 21WIRE, and since 2011, she has spent most of her time in the Middle East reporting on events there – as an independent researcher, writer, photographer and peace activist. She is also a member of the Steering Committee of the Syria Solidarity Movement, and a volunteer with the Global Campaign to Return to Palestine. See more of her work at her blog The Wall Will Fall.


SNP letters advising members of long-standing they are suspended from office pending removal of membership

In the past 2 weeks, I have been advised by 7 SNP officeholders/members of long-standing that they were in receipt of a letter from a more senior party official advising their suspension from official duties and any party political activity pending investigation of their behaviour and possible dismissal from the Party. I viewed four of the letters and the content of each is very blunt and very similar.

But how many more letters are in existence or in the pipeline?

Is there a Stalinist doctrine purge underway or is the spectre of McCarthyism on the horizon?


Unionist Labour Party in Scotland courts the Orange Order- fun and games ahead

Political Fun and Games

The Unionist press and media made claims that a resurgence in the fortunes of the Tory Party in the last Council elections was part-attributed to a transfer of the protestant Orange Order away from the Labour Party to the Tory Party which had courted the Order by changing its title back to the “Conservative and Unionist Party.”

The Torys benefited again in the next General Election when the Labour Party voter base in Scotland collapsed due to in-fighting over the political direction the Party would commit to.

The polarisation of Scottish politics appeared to be established. The Conservative and Unionist Party claimed the right to defend the Union and the influence and role of Labour and the Liberal Democratic Party had been reduced to that of political spoilers.

But the Tory Party is well capable of “shooting itself in the foot” and Boris Johnson’s government duly did so with its mishandling of Northern Ireland post-Brexit where the Republican voter base now marginally exceeds the Unionists increasing the likelihood of an early referendum and the reunification of Ireland.

The article that follows provides a detailed history of the Orange Order in Scotland and its capacity for disruption.


The Orange Order in Scotland

The Orange Order first surfaced in the north of Ireland in 1795. Its constitution commits members to the defence of Protestantism and the British Crown. It provides a focus for Protestant ethnic groups in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Although its promoted activities are focused on social and religious matters the political dimension has always been considered to be of prime importance and the Order has provided a number of political activists and leaders at many levels of Scottish political society.

The Order is not exclusively an Irish import to Scotland since the politics of native Scots in the West of Scotland is historically sectarian in nature.

This ensured the political growth of the Irish-Protestant working class in Scotland would be influenced by native Scots who were more inclined to embrace socialist ideology as opposed to confrontation.

The loss of many thousands of young Scots soldiers and the depression after WW1 changed the mindset of Irish immigrants and their descendants who became more reliant on the Order to ensure their place in Scottish society. This brought with it a significant increase in membership and a much enhanced Order presence in the politics of Scotland in the 1920-1939 period.

At the end of WW2 and up to the late 1950’s the Order was influential in ensuring the political direction of the Protestant working-class vote in the Central belt of Scotland.

The industrial downturn and slum clearance programmes in Scotland brought about the establishment of overspill areas, such as Easterhouse and Castlemilk. Expansion of town and village living; Coatbridge, Airdrie, Motherwell, Hamilton and the new town of Cumbernauld.

Similar programmes were completed in Edinburgh and the East of Scotland forming overspill areas such as Muirhouse, Sighthill and the new towns of Glenrothes and Livingston.

The impact of the changes on the Order was significant. Membership fell sharply as the population of the Central belt of Scotland became more dispersed and the influence of the Order was lessened markedly.

But although much reduced in numbers the Order in Scotland is still influential in Protestant communities.

Membership has remained consistent in the West of Scotland (in or around Glasgow) and North Lanarkshire

West Lothian, in the East of Scotland, is an Order stronghold and there are a significant number of lodges in Renfrewshire, Wigtownshire and Ayrshire.

Conversely, there are few lodges in Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen and the Highlands and Borders regions.


Male members of the Order

The highest ever male concentration of the Order in Scotland was recorded at 10% in Govan and Rutherglen, but overall Scottish male membership density rarely exceeded two per cent. In 2017 the figure is reduced to less than 1%. For comparison male membership of the Order in Belfast routinely peaks at around 20%


Membership Patterns

In Glasgow, at the Ward level, pockets of the Order are to be found in; Govan (Kingston), Ibrox, Kinning Park, Fairfield, Kingston, Rutherglen, Cowcaddens, Drumchapel, Maryhill, Possil, Cowlairs, Baillieston and Bridgeton.


Causes of Membership Change

Order membership improved following the introduction of licensed social clubs coupled with an ever-increasing appeal of soccer and paramilitary activity in Northern Ireland. Spikes and fluctuations in membership are also attributed to a number of factors:

Threats to Protestantism: marked decrease in Scottish Protestant church membership and increasing secularisation resulting in declining church attendance and Pastoral influence.

Threats to the Union: e.g. a visit to Scotland by the Pope


The Northern Ireland Troubles of 1969-90

In the 1960s and throughout the troubles the policies of the Order in Scotland became ever more militant answering the perceived threat to the Union by Nationalists.

“Scottish” Lodges and their bands travelled to Northern Ireland in increasing numbers during the “Marching” season. Over time the distinct “Scottishness” of marching lodge members was replaced with “Ulsterness”. Scottish saltires were replaced with the Red hand of Ulster and the Union Jack. Surveys identified that Order members claimed their identity to be “British” and it was the protection of the “Union” that drove them to go to Ulster each year.

The Grand Lodge of Scotland which supported financial contributions to Ulster was also heavily involved politically, throughout the period with the many different factions in Ulster and UK governments. The Order benefited from the troubles achieving the highest ever level of membership in many years.


The Sea Change

The 1982 visit of the Pope proved to be the turning point for the Order and its steady decline in membership and influence. Hard-line “Ulsterised” rank and file members demanded militant action preventing the visit but were not supported by senior Order officers or the Grand Lodge.

A number of small groups ignored instructions and went ahead with protests causing an amount of disruption. The failure of the Grand Lodge to establish control encouraged lodges to ignore instructions forbidding them from introducing Sunday opening, the sale of alcohol and singing and dancing. An added impact was the increasing militancy and unruly behaviour of marching bands and their supporters. Bands had evolved from the Scottish pipe bands of the 1960s, first to the accordion, then to “blood and guts” flute bands whose average membership age was under 30y. Despite suspensions, the bands continue to perform at many “Orange Walks” in Scotland and Northern Ireland.



The Order in Scotland can be credited with the establishment of a working-class Unionist Tory base through the lodge system and its influence over political events in Glasgow up to the start of WW2 was substantial resulting in a number of Tory Orange Order MPs being elected to Westminster. The Order had little purchase however in the rest of Scotland since there were no other significant Orange Order clusters.

The Scottish Unionists’ successful political recruitment and retention strategies up to the early 1960s were centred on cultivating the votes of the Order membership without compromising its aims and ideals. But the Tory party alienated many members of the Order when it turned away from Unionism retaining only “Conservative” in its title. Many Order members drifted away to the Labour party.

Thatcher’s agreement to support the 1985 Anglo-Irish Agreement proved to be the catalyst that severed links between the Order and the Tory Party in Scotland. Disillusioned Order members, supported by the Grand Lodge formed a political block to the Tory Party using their votes tactically making claim to a reduction in the number of Tory MP’s in Scotland.

Political observers have inclined to the view that the withdrawal of their support had less impact on the fortunes of the Tory party in Scotland blaming other Thatcher actions against Scotland.


Freemasonry in Scotland

The Scottish Protestant tradition of Masonry stretches back to the middle ages and the organisation of Freemasons in Scotland is broadly similar to that of the Orange Order. Indeed there is a school of thought that supports the view that the Order first adopted the rules of Scottish Freemasonry and amended them to suit their own needs. It is of no surprise that the Orange Order has done so well among Scottish Protestants.

Scotland’s total of around 170,000 Masons is the largest Masonic membership rate worldwide making it a Protestant institution guaranteed its place in Scottish society.

The stability of Scottish Freemasonry is attributed to its “articles of association” which require members to be strictly apolitical and non-religious, unlike the Orange order, (with 70% of its Scottish membership clustered in Central Scotland.)

It is also important to draw attention to class differences between the two groups of Protestants in Scotland. In Glasgow, Masonic Lodge halls are primarily located in the more affluent West of the City and in the satellite villages and small towns on the city’s outskirts. Major concentrations of Masonic lodges are also to be found in the Borders, Highlands and the Northeast. Other lodges are located, in Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Perth. Conversely, Orange Order Lodge Halls are located in working-class areas of Glasgow and similar locations in other towns in the West of Scotland.


In the last 30 years, Scottish Protestant church membership and attendance have fallen significantly and the Grand Lodge is increasingly impotent in the control of younger, often more militant members who challenge its right to dictate policy in regards to the support of Ulster Orange men.

The continued presence of the Order is directly attributed to the past influx of Irish-Protestant immigrants and their descendants and its power is only retained in areas of historic Irish-Protestant immigration such as Larkhall, Airdrie and parts of West Lothian. Overall however the strength of the Order, (even in the West of Scotland) is relatively weak.


Radical gender ideology in schools is a serious and insidious problem endangering vulnerable children

Radical gender ideology is taking over public schools and harming children

In late March 2022, the Heritage Foundation hosted an event titled, “How radical gender ideology is taking over public schools and harming kids.”

One of the speakers was Abigail Martinez, a mother of four from California. She shared, for the first time, the utterly heart-breaking story of the suicide of her daughter Yaeli.

According to Abigail, Yaeli was a happy “girlie girl” through her early childhood. She loved singing and dancing and wearing princess dresses. But in her teenage years, she began to exhibit signs of depression. Abigail informed the school and sought their help something she now regrets.

Yaeli allegedly became convinced, thanks in part to school psychologists, that she was a boy and wanted to be called Andrew, which her mother allowed. But the change did not give her daughter the happiness she sought. After an attempted suicide, Yaeli (now Andrew) ran away.

School officials told social services that Andrew would be ‘better off out of the house’ and she was placed in foster care at 16-years-old.

Abigail said “When I went to court, I asked the judge to please let my daughter have a psych evaluation.” The school social worker insisted that she needed to be affirmed as transgender, and so, the judge denied Abigail’s request.

In September of 2019, Yaeli committed suicide by kneeling in front of an oncoming train. It was her mother, Abigail, who was left to bury the literal pieces of her daughter and live every day with the loss. Not the school social worker, not the principal, not the judge, not her teachers. Tragically Abigail’s story is extreme but not unique.

Also speaking at Heritage was mother, January Littlejohn, who shared the story of her daughter’s confrontation with gender ideology.

January and her husband Jeffrey, filed a suit in the U.S. District Court in October 2021 seeking “vindication of their fundamental rights to direct the upbringing of their children” after their daughter’s school failed to notify them that their 13-year-old daughter had entered a school-sanctioned gender transition plan without their consent. A situation that the newly introduced “Parental Rights in Education” bill prevents.

But how could education authorities and teachers possibly think it’s their role to teach this kind of content to children? The answer is they think that isn’t just their duty, but their right.

The scaremongering tactics of LGBTQ++ activist groups is not a spontaneous backlash against States introducing parental rights in education bills.

It is a rerun of government and LGBTQ++ sponsored “critical race theory” debates that embroiled education authorities and school boards across the US in 2021.

In the course of many debates parents were told they had no right to oversight over their children’s curriculum and weren’t entitled to a say on anything.

During a debate between two favoured candidates for the governorship of Virginia, one said: “I believe parents should be in charge of their kids’ education.” In response the second candidate said: “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.” The views of candidate one clearly resonated with Virginia parents, since they elected him Governor and only a month later parents in Virginia reasserted their rights to have a say about what their own children were being taught in classrooms. (Summary of an article written by Bethany Mandel)


In jailing Craig Murray the Judges confirmed the views of many Scots that they are the luddites of modern society

23 Jul 2014: Summary of the Human Rights Council panel discussion on the safety of journalists

On the question of who could be considered a journalist, the High Commissioner confirmed that, from a human rights perspective, all individuals were entitled to the full protection of their human rights whether the State recognized them as journalists or not; whether they were professional reporters or “citizen journalists”; whether or not they had a degree in journalism; and whether they reported online or offline. In this context, she reminded the Council that the Human Rights Committee had, in its general comment no. 34, defined journalism as “a function shared by a wide range of actors, including professional full-time reporters and analysts, as well as bloggers and others who engage in forms of self-publication in print, on the Internet or elsewhere”.

She also drew the attention to General Assembly resolution 68/163, in which the Assembly acknowledged that journalism was continuously evolving to include inputs from media institutions, private individuals and a range of organizations that seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, online as well as offline, in the exercise of freedom of opinion and expression, thereby contributing to shape public debate. The High Commissioner therefore urged States to approach the issue under discussion from a human rights perspective, and to protect journalists and other media workers in the broadest sense.

Full paper here: