SNP letters advising members of long-standing they are suspended from office pending removal of membership

In the past 2 weeks, I have been advised by 7 SNP officeholders/members of long-standing that they were in receipt of a letter from a more senior party official advising their suspension from official duties and any party political activity pending investigation of their behaviour and possible dismissal from the Party. I viewed four of the letters and the content of each is very blunt and very similar.

But how many more letters are in existence or in the pipeline?

Is there a Stalinist doctrine purge underway or is the spectre of McCarthyism on the horizon?


9 replies on “SNP letters advising members of long-standing they are suspended from office pending removal of membership”

All part and parcel of how the SNP operates.

It is no longer a democratically functioning party. All, and I mean all, of the SNPs processes are corrupted. The abuse of process is everywhere.

Suspending email contact between branch secretaries and members, delaying notices, cancelling meetings at last minute, rigging the selection processes, making un sanctioned changes to the constitution, removing selected people from receiving communication, using and losing members money, the list of malfeasance just goes on and on in what is now a shell of a democratic party.

In my own local area the process of council candidate selection was a filthy secret and corrupted process with candidates to match the process. Family and friends with a few retreads acceptable to the ruling clique is the cornerstone of the absolutely limited ability candidates going forward to the council elections in May.

But you know what. The word on the street is that like Nu Labour before them the SNP are becoming every bit as detested, and that there is going to be a show against voting for SNP councillors. And it’s very much needed. Sending a message like that is the only way that there may be a chance to get the SNP back on track. But personally I doubt it. The rot has set in. The SNP are a devolutionist unionist party fulfilling a comfortably paid colonial governance roll.

And that is why they want remaining long term members and independence members that have not already left removed from the party.

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How one man has destroyed Ukraine, just as one woman has tried to destroy Alex Salmond, Joanna and Indyref2 and has successfully destroyed the old SNP. We left England and come home in 2017 as a members and supporter of the SNP for 33yrs and looked forward to making the SNP stronger and Scotland Independent. Now I can’t wait for the total demise of the New SNP and if Alba or ISP aren’t standing in our area then we’ll not vote at all.
I have often had people come and say to me I’m one of the one’s who think the SNPBAD, I reply back and Say Yes and they are the Nasty party as well.
We would rather never see Indy than be ruled as a country under the SNP and Sturgeon, I would have never ever thought when I left England, I’d be saying things like this about the SNP.
Its only my opinion but legal, police and armed forces should never hold the power of office.

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I was a normal member of what used to be the exemplary SNP; however, that party has gradually changed into what is sometimes called ‘The British SNP’.
When someone like Joanna Cherry QC is aghast at: “the campaign of abuse, and violent intimidation against me?” I’d question any political party that’s fortunate enough to have such outstanding members, but still treat them as if they are disorderly? Simply NOT exemplary!

That behaviour must really delight London’s colonising mentality! The ‘pending investigation of their behaviour and possible dismissal from the Party’ and ‘Is there a Stalinist doctrine purge underway or is the spectre of McCarthyism on the horizon?’ Proves to be an understandable question!

I’m astounded at how Scotland’s political situation has gradually come to this peculiar and distracting phase? Back in 2014, the London government were scared by the trend towards a Yes success… Because the old Empire was about to lose its last colony, THEY couldn’t afford to let that happen… However, THAT result may still be open to question?


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