Aberdeen Independence Movement Membership Criteria – SNP and LBGTQ+

The official sales pitch of the Aberdeen Independence Movement (AIM)

The Aberdeen Independence Movement (AIM) is a non-partisan pro-independence group based in the North East of Scotland. We focus on making the local case for independence where we prioritise issues that affect Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire in particular. Our target audience is the undecided voters and through our discussions, we hope to convince everyone that independence is the pragmatic choice. We believe that a local and more professional approach is what is required to achieve our goals. Our active members are not all SNP supporters but are convinced about the arguments for independence. (jokingly) !!!


Its activities to date reveal it to be an umbrella organisation with its membership almost exclusively SNP and influential LBGTQ+ minded activists.

Alan Petrie – AIM Co-Coordinator – reveals the truth

Our movement is open, diverse, progressive, welcoming, and equitable.

Alba candidates have voiced bigoted views against (amongst other groups) gipsy/traveller communities, trans people and gay people– no action has been taken, no investigations, no suspensions, nothing. Instead, the Alba party has chosen to either remain silent or to even participate in this festival of bigotry.

Aberdeen Independence Movement does not make recommendations on who you should or should not vote for, we’re an explicitly non-party political organisation, however, we do feel we have a moral duty to call out people who risk bringing our movement to a very dark place with their hatred.

It’s taken us a while to decide on what to say about the utterly disgraceful scenes playing out, we had been worried that we’d risk giving hateful people oxygen, that us making an intervention into this deeply ugly episode in Scottish politics would serve only to extend the reach of those who wish to marginalise, undermine, and otherwise harm people they designate as ‘other’.

Ultimately, we have decided that on balance, the only option for anyone with a shred of decency, when faced with utterly vile bigotry, is to publicly call it out. Aberdeen Independence Movement will always stand against bigotry and those who spread it.

Aberdeen Independence Movement originating executive committee:

Fatima Joji: Nigerian-Scot from Westhill, Aberdeenshire, tops the SNP’s north-east regional list for the Scottish Parliament elections.
Kenny Anderson: Longtime SNP supporter. Managing Director and Majority Shareholder, Anderson Buchan Properties Ltd.

Finance Team:
Virginia Dawod: Manager, Robert Gordon University. SNP activist.
Danny Forbes: Robert Gordon University – SNP activist.

Joshua Mennie: (media consultant), SNP, NEC member. List candidate North East Scotland

Theo Forbes. Graphic Media And Communications Officer for the Aberdeen Independence Movement (AIM). Post occupied from 17 Jun 2017.

Before that in 2015, Graphic Customer Advisor was employed by B&Q.

Just to confuse matters was a member of the National Executive Committee and the National Events and Fundraising Officer for the SNP group “Young Scots for Independence” from 2016-to 2018.

But just to be really clear was also the Graphic National Events and Fundraising Officer who at a loose end attended Aberdeen University between 2017-and 2021 studying Politics & International Relations.

Oh!! And he has been employed by the SNP as an intern since September 2020.

Comment from someone who knows him:

What is a Graphic Customer Advisor? Is it someone who swears and gives detailed obscene answers to the customers all the time when they are advising them 🙂 As someone who used to work for Dodge City/B&Q a long time ago I have never heard of that term – must be a posh replacement for a shop assistant to make them seem important these days?

Aberdeenshire Independence Movement (ASIM) – Team leaders:

Neil Baillie, SNP Councillor
Vicky Harper, SNP Councillor
Andy Stuart, SNP Convenor Aberdeenshire West
Fatima Joji, SNP List Candidate

Aberdeen Independence Movement - Home | Facebook


Petrie and his partners AIM to hide their real identity from the electorate which reflects badly on its real motives which are to undermine the legitimate aspirations and expansion of other independence supporting groups such as ALBA and to promote the growth of the society damaging LGBTQ+ agenda


6 thoughts on “Aberdeen Independence Movement Membership Criteria – SNP and LBGTQ+

  1. When you check out their various backgrounds and who and what they align with, Scottish Independence is clearly a front for promoting the deniers of biological science and the disciples of that cult. Dawod incidentally boasts a BA Geology and Science 1st class.

    Shysters, all of them, however our man Charlie standing for ALBA in Kincorth/Torry will be well Abel to reel them in.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The word that Aberdeen Indy is lost to the woke has been known for some time. I’m in Dundee and know that. Thanks though for the skinny on who is actually responsible so honest Indy folks know to avoid them.


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