LGBTQ+ beanbaggers control SNP branches with impunity

LGBTQ+ beanbaggers control SNP branches with impunity

There is a fast-growing realisation within the Scottish electorate that standards of societal behaviour commonly accepted for many years as normality is under threat from virulent attacks from recently formed LGBTQ+ groups within the SNP primarily comprised of young, politically naive youngsters aged under 30 years who full of beans first destabilise then take control of local branches with the full blessing and active support of the Party leadership who are sworn to deliver the aspirations of billionaire LGBTQ+ activists based in the US.

Aberdeen North leads the way in the North East of Scotland and is wholly driven by LBGTQ+ activists but with luck and forward planning officials in the other constituencies might be alerted to a threat of removal and subsequent branch morphing into something foreign to their political thinking and unacceptable.

But is Aberdeen North the only constituency under threat? I wonder!!!!


One thought on “LGBTQ+ beanbaggers control SNP branches with impunity

  1. Quite frankly the anger and angst being dredged up by trans activists to consume everyone’s waking hours is creating a wave of resentment among ordinary folk.

    Quite how individuals who want to pish and shite next to, and maybe on, each other can be presented as a mainstream right that only a racist intolerant fascist would deny is truly quite incredible.

    But that is what comes across with so many at the helm of the SNP. Mhairi Black MP for example wears a T shirt emblazoned ‘ you can pee next to me ‘ whilst Cllr Rhiannon Spear poses alongside with a yellow SNP logo emblazoned ‘ Trans Ally’ What kind of message is that?

    Or senior SNP who promote the adult fetish of defecating in diapers. Or of another man who not declaring his background secured a senior job in a women’s protection charity funded by the Scottish Government.

    Or the teaching of young children using a jar of Nutella and a banana to represent anal sex, this type of thing goes on and on. Human behaviours know no bounds. There are even folks of a scatological disposition who indulge in the pleasures of eating or covering themselves in poop. Are we therefore to have to take it that abhorrence to these behaviours, to the promotion of acceptance of these behaviours, is wrong and potentially criminal. Seems very much so.

    You can pee next to me was no accident. It reflects part of what the SNP have become. And so, tolerant of most freedoms as most people are, folks, folks will have a view on the SNP, policy of what many might now describe as the Shit N Pee party, and may well bear it in mind come the May council elections and beyond.


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