The Scottish Government legislates for the majority not the minority and LBGTQ+ policies will be retained and greatly expanded in Scottish schools.

Schoolteachers rule over parents rights in Scotland

The current debate over gender discussions in Scottish schools is driven, in part by seemingly endless revelations highlighting the SNP government, education authorities and teachers alleged abuse of their privileged positions in society through the compulsory imposition on children of the LGBTQ+ agenda.

Teachers are briefed to “create an environment that fosters the exploration of sexual orientation, gender identity, and expression.” actively undermining the traditional role of parents through the witholding of information on their children’s inclusion in LGBTQ+ clubs, and the tactics they use for identifying and recruiting them at an early age including tracking their internet use.

Advice is available to teachers on best practice for subverting parents, deflecting obstructive communities, and discussions of the principals of gender identity and sexual orientation and includes the provision of LGBTQ+ information and support to teenage club organisers who equip members with the confidence to answer questions resolving issues that might be raised by interfering parents who do not wish their child to be involved in such activities.

Anonymity is maintained since the retention of written membership records is discouraged and teachers routinely disguise the true nature and purpose of clubs by giving them names such as “Community Skills Club”, “Equality Club” etc.

Any indications of parental opposition “fighting-back” are defused by ensuring teenagers are briefed to first emphasise to their parents the negativity of bullying and its links to children who might be “different” before going on to highlight “gender identification” and the support of it which authority argues is the key to the success of the schools anti-bullying policies.

On occasion parents who continue with their objections are being asked to consider removing their children to private education.

The Scottish Government has said it legislates for the majority not the minority and LBGTQ+ policies will be retained and greatly expanded in Scottish schools.


5 thoughts on “The Scottish Government legislates for the majority not the minority and LBGTQ+ policies will be retained and greatly expanded in Scottish schools.

  1. This goes way beyond disturbing. The concept of Schoolteachers who presumably will in some instances be parents of school age children are actively supported to collaborate in the subversion of parental influence within the family unit is a bridge too far.

    The continuing propagation of this policy will become a magnet for the disciples of ‘Woke’ into the teaching (profession?) and the inherent threat by association of the remnant tentacles of what once was the now disbanded Paedophile Information Exchange.

    The retiring General Secretary of the EIS has much to answer for in not promoting ethical policy to the membership that would seek to protect teachers AND the families and pupils vulnerable to potentially compromising educational policy.

    Although taken some time ago it is interesting to note First Minister Sturgeon absents herself from this unique photo opportunity, sleekit or what? Perhaps she had liberated her pronouns in the road in and was busily searching!


    1. I did notice her absence from the photo opportunity. She might have been in the US plotting future LBGTQ + strategy. It is rumoured that non- conformist teachers are being denied access to promotion and other measures designed to ensure their unqualified support for the LBGTQ+ agenda.

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  2. You can only wonder what Scotland would now look like if we didn’t have a closeted homosexual FM who wants to exact revenge on the homophobic Scotland she grew up in, utterly destroying it, one with no children and a mind to undermine parenthood itself.

    She is a deeply mentally and emotionally disturbed individual, and many of her gay cabinet are much the same, real hetero haters. What a tragic and disgusting mess. And it’s only going to get worse along with help from smug extremists like Harvie and Slater. Sturgeon truly is a loose cannon, and has ruined our nation. Her name deserves nothing but spitting on.


    1. She is determined on creating a society in which individuals the accepted norm is behaviour devoid of any commitment to the accepted standards of family life. The level of LGBTQ+ attrition in the US is around 3 years in advance of Scotland and a study of recent events provides evidence that a number of States are rejecting changes forced through by Washington. We live in interesting times indeed.


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