Poverty stricken Scots subsidize state pension payments to much longer lived English pensioners.

Mortality age by region

Up to the early 1950’s, Scottish mortality rates were broadly comparable with the rest of the UK. But from that time, attributed to increased levels of deprivation life expectancy, in Scotland hardly increased over a period of 60+ years whereas in England age survival rates increased year on year and there is now a very significant gap in life expectancy between England & Scotland.

England Home Counties & London

Male pensioners, in affluent areas of London & the South East of England enjoy a life expectancy of around 80 years. Female life expectancy is about 84 years.


In Scotland, male life expectancy is 72 years. Female life expectancy is 78 years.

Scottish pensioners subsidise their English counterparts in the South of England

Pensions to Scots men before death. £8k x 7 years £56K

Pensions to English men before death. £8K x 15 years £120K

Pensions to Scots women before death. £6k x 13 years £78K

Pensions to English female before death. £6K x 19 years £114K


Scottish pensioners heavily subsidize pension payments to much longer living English pensioners.

The Office of National Statistics recorded age expectancy in the period 2010-2012:

London & SE England: Males 80y Females 84y.

Glasgow & West of Scotland; Males 73y Females 78y.

Percentage of newborns in Glasgow & West of Scotland who reach age 65y; Males 73% Females 79%.

27% of males and 22% of females in Glasgow & West of Scotland will contribute to a pension all of their working lives and get NOTHING in return by way of pension.

So as to be fair, I selected one, (similar in population density) conurbation in each country: Glasgow & West of Scotland & London & S/East England.


Scottish pensioners are badly served by the Westminster government. Our people die much earlier in life than the English. Indeed the life expectancy for 25%+ of Scottish children indicates they may not survive beyond age 65y. A damming indictment of the so called fair and equal distribution of resources in the UK. Time we were out of it.

Pensions were severely eroded when New Labour changed the rules and tied state retirement pension increases to the rate of inflation.

Gordon Brown, with his insider  knowledge was aware that all was not well with the UK economy and the punishing adverse impact his change on pensioners income. In the first year the state pension increased by a miserable 14p.

Bailing out fraudulent bankers and austerity– pensioners driven to despair and early death

The 2008 financial crisis had a negative impact on pensions and pensioner poverty and continues unabated due to Westminster government fiscal policies.

Uk taxpayers, including pensioners are in debt to money lenders to the tune of nearly 3trillion. Interest payments are horrendous and it is doubtful the prime sum  of loans will ever be repaid.

But UK bankers who plunged the nation into financial crisis escaped unpunished. Indeed many bankers and associated politicians have been appointed to high office as peers of the realm and sit in judgement over the many millions of citizens they ripped off.

Bankers who remained in the “bailed out by the taxpayer banking system”  have been and continued to attract bonus payment measured in the hundreds of £millions. The rich have got much richer and old age pensioners and many disadvantaged members of society are dependent on charity being faced with a lack of support from an uncaring welfare state just to remain alive.

Apart from invidious severe cuts in welfare benefits the weapon favoured by successive Westminster governments has been the retention of interest rates at or near zero. The effect has been to reduce the value of pensions by around 35% over the past 10 years resulting in ever increasing numbers of pensioners requiring the assistance of means tested welfare benefits which cannot be guaranteed.

The final straw for pensioners is the removal of the triple lock which resulted in 60,000 of the UK’s least well-off pensioners, with partners of working age losing thousands of pounds a year as a result of benefit changes designed to save £1bn over the next five years.


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