War in the Ukraine ignore the hype in the Western media these are the facts



The Ukraine – The forced marriage of two independent States

At the end of WW2, the Province of Ruthenia was ceded to the Soviet Union by a restored Czechoslovakia. The Western province was then merged with the Russian-speaking province of Novarossya and a new state, “The Ukraine” was formed. Relations between the two provinces were never other than barely tolerant. A state of affairs not assisted by failing crops and famine in Novarossya which created the “haves” in the West and “have-nots” in the East. The USSR then invested in agriculture in Western Ukraine and in heavy industry and shipping in the mineral and seaport rich, (coal and the Crimea) East.

This is the pseudo country that gained its freedom when the USSR collapsed. The Ukraine has never really been a single entity and this being the case, the Eastern State of Novarossya had every right to hold a referendum and then declare independence from the Western State of Ruthenia.

February 2014: President Obama admitted the US orchestrated a coup in Western Ukraine so that the Ukrainians would be brought on-side expanding NATO.

Obama told Fareed Zakaria, a member of both the Council For Foreign Relations (CFR) and Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission, that the United States “brokered” the coup in Ukraine in February 2014.

Obama’s candid admission did not come as a surprise following the release of a recorded conversation between Victoria Nuland, the US-Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, and Geoffrey R. Pyatt, the US Ambassador to Ukraine.

Their conversation centred on ousting Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych and replacing him with one of several hand-picked US State Department choices. Nuland formally instructed Pyatt to “have the UN glue this thing” then dismissively added “fuck the EU” for its lack of leadership over the crisis.

The U.S. orchestrated “transition,” as Obama characterized it, resulted in the appointment of right wing fascists to key positions in the Kiev government and this led to the launching of an invasion of the Eastern State of Novarossya by the forces of the former confectionery magnate turned Ukrainian president, Petro Poroshenko.

Western Ukraine’s war on those in the Eastern province who refused to accept the US backed government in Kiev resulted in the death or injury of over 5,000 people, mainly civilians. 


2014: Russia Reacts

But Putin was determined Eastern Ukraine and the Crimea Peninsula, the base for the Russian fleet, would not transfer allegiances under duress to an ever expanding NATO, and he authorized a peaceful takeover of the Crimea.

Following on from a successful referendum of the mainly Russian-speaking population, he formally annexed the Crimea, returning it and the large Russian Naval base back to Russia.

The EU and the USA imposed sanctions on Russia. Putin imposed “counter-sanctions” on the EU and abandoned any dialogue with Europe then turned to the East and quickly established a new banking and business treaty (BRICS) with China, India, Brazil, South Africa and a host of other nations.

Russia, which had previously opened its economy to European and US capital, witnessed thousands of Western companies withdrawing investment and set about replacing them with companies from their new partners.

Yet again, the old saying, “every loser wins” aptly fits. The pro-western euphoria of perestroika embraced by President Gorbachev and Russia was unfortunately ended by the US and the EU, and any future business will be entirely pragmatic regardless of leadership.


January 2017: Eastern Ukraine in flames as Western Ukraine forces breach peace accord

The situation in the Donbas deteriorated sharply after Western Ukrainian security forces struck powerful artillery barrages on the positions of the defending forces of the Eastern Province of Novorossiya and residential areas of Donetsk, as well as settlements of Makeyevka, Yasinovataya, Gorlovka and Dokuchaevsk. A power line was damaged in the shelling and electricity supplies to the Donetsk filtering station were curtailed.

A resident said that the scale of destruction and the intensity of the attacks, in which many homes were destroyed, mirrors that of the hostilities of 2014 and speaking about the current situation said:

“The Western Ukraine armed forces shell us all around the clock. It appears that they are completing a pre-planned mission to destroy water supplies. They targetted a major filtering station. There are other infrastructure losses, but the worst is civilian casualties.

The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) monitors do nothing to stop the attacks, confining their efforts to recording the impact of the Western Ukraine forces attacks and their expansion within the exclusion zone. The situation has worsened dramatically in recent days because the Minsk Accord has had little effect on the aggression of the forces of Western Ukraine.”

Crimea to join Russia

December 2021: Russia, NATO and the US where do we go from here?

Hard line officials in the State Department in Washington continue to pressurize Kiev to use military action to bring an end to the referendum supported autonomous Eastern province, which would compel Russia to protect its mainly Russian-speaking population, triggering a large scale conflict. Such action will be supported by Western propaganda which will go into overdrive portraying Russia as an aggressive enemy, determined to coerce Ukraine into seeking peace, when the truth is that Russia is only defending its own people.

Sanctions will be imposed, but these will constitute an acceptable risk when compared to the inherent dangers incurred by an encirclement of Russia by NATO forces who do not take Russia’s warnings seriously.

Indeed, a number of NATO members still view Russia through the prism of the Cold War, which, in their view, Russia lost, ruling out the relationship of equals promised by Gorbachev and Reagan.

Experts at the Center for Security Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, believe that the US and NATO will continue with their provocative expansionist actions, so long as Russia appears to be reluctant to do anything about it.

The US State Department in Washington perceives Moscow’s diplomatic, rational approach to foreign relations as weakness and is basking in the confidence of its victory. There can be no place for peace in such a scenario. Russia needs to get tough with the West.

Commenting on the growing crisis, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov recently stated:

“If the US and NATO continue to avoid discussions, Russia will take measures to ensure that its security, its sovereignty and territorial integrity does not depend on anyone else,”

But following an online discussion between the US and Russian presidents, the parties agreed to set up a body that would formulate and agree proposals related to security guarantees for Russia. To facilitate the foregoing, Russia agreed to prepare a document based on the concept of indivisible security and its legal guarantees. This will be forwarded to the President of the US. United States for study and promulgation. It is to be hoped that the US “deep state” does not nullify the initiative.

But, it will be impossible to fully resolve the conflict in Ukraine until other difficulties are first settled. Namely, Russia being given a key role within the European security system. NATO cannot be expanded to the detriment of the interests of other countries, and relationships pertaining to European security that evolved after the Cold War need to change.

Ukraine west v east

10 replies on “War in the Ukraine ignore the hype in the Western media these are the facts”

Thank you for your article on The Ukrane. It prompted me to do some deeper reading myself, which was incredibly enlightening.


I almost made it all the way through this projective piece of fiction but just couldn’t stomach the Kremlin propaganda. Literally none of this is factual. Just a couple of points for you;
1. BRICS was formed in 2006, not 2014
2. The OSCE “does nothing” in occupied Ukraine because the Kremlin soldiers in Ukraine kicked them out!
Don’t forget, RT rots your mind, that’s why its getting banned all over the world. If you want honest articles about the war Russia started in Ukraine, visit


NATO needs to accept that the Crimea will not be returned to Ukraine and the difficulties in Eastern Ukraine will only be resolved through diplomacy and good sense, which is dependent on the existence of a stable, competent government in Kiev which is truly tolerant and representative of ethnic minorities and Russian-speaking people in the eastern part of Ukraine. Until now, Kiev has been judged by the peoples in East Ukraine, as pro-European to the exclusion of the Ukraine’s major trading partner, Russia.

Addressing the other issues you raised, I prefer to be guided in my opinions and judgements by many sources including the American political archives which support my assessment of the situation.


There is Russian language all over Ukraine but the same can’t be said about anything Ukrainian in Russia. Also, after Putin’s invasions into Ukraine now one Hyrvinia can get you three rubles. Talk about “responsible” governing. Heck, minimum wage and average wages are higher in Ukraine now too. Putin fails.


Red Square maidan: Your comments provide impetus to my assertion that the way forward is dialogue and cooperation between the peoples of West and East Ukraine.
This can only be achieved through the election of a parliament in Kiev fully representative, and accountable to the people of all communities in the Ukraine.

Your remark about inflation is of interest and might well provide impetus to an early return to the Hyrvinia as the currency, but inflation is clearly adversely affecting the Ukraine’s export markets, so caution is needed.


Why doesn’t Putin admit what he wants (Crimea)[legalized], and makes an offer? If he thinks by rigging referendums, elections and trying to force his will on Kyiv he will lose. If ukrainians and russians share the same roots, Putin should fear ukrainians and finally come to his senses. Ukrainians will never surrender anything at gun point.


Mike: You wrote, “Ukrainians will never surrender anything at gun point.”
I support that sentiment, but the same statement applies to the Russian people of East Ukraine, who have been defending their right to autonomy for many years. In my view, people in West Ukraine should accept reality, back off and re-establish relations with East Ukraine based on equality for all.

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The author of this screed is abysmally ignorant on the history of the region. He’s also ignorant of what went on in the Obama “maladminstration.” The uprising in Ukraine took place because Yanukovich was preparing to betray his country to Russia. Anyone beliving that Obama and his associated idiots were abled to create such an uprising is an ignorant buffoon.

The war was started by Putin. Russia and its troops (many of whom have been captured and paraded on Tv with their Army identification) has continually violated any ceasefire that has been put in p[lace. Putin has violated the Budapest agreement. You can push Putin’s lies all you like, but that simply marks you as an idiot.


ohengineer: No need for rhetorical language. I am well aware of the events that triggered the break-up of the Ukraine and agree the actions of President Yanukovich soliciting the assistance of Russia without the support of the Ukranian parliament could be construed as hasty but in his defence he believed at the time that his country was close to collapse under the pressure of political insurrection of extremist agitators encouraged and supported by external forces.

Putin is no angel, but he is correct in his assertions that the West and NATO are in breach of many agreements not to expand NATO into countries previously aligned with Russia.

The ceasefire protocol you refer to was put in place in good faith by all sides, which was laudable.

Reports of recurring ceasefire violations have been levelled at all participants in the ongoing conflict, and it is difficult to be certain of the truth of any allegation.


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