Labour Party elder statesman Baron (Wreck it and Run) Reid Warts & Plenty of Them

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Baron John Reid – Labour MP – leader of the Monklands mafia – sex predator

Reid was a Cabinet Minister who led nine different departments and left a trail of destruction behind in each of them. It is no wonder he was known as “Wreck it and Run”.

Baroness Dawn Primarolo, is a British Labour Party politician who was an MP from 1987 until 2015 when she stood down. She was nominated for a life peerage in 2015.

In May 2007 Cabinet Minister Reid, announced that he wouldn’t stand against Gordon Brown for the party leadership and would be leaving the Cabinet.

At the time, rumours were circulating in Westminster that a tabloid was preparing to run a scandal story if he announced his candidacy.

The newspaper concerned was the Mail on Sunday, who ran the story alleging that Reid had been sexually harassing a fellow MP, Dawn Primarolo. An extract from the report stated:

“He is a drunken sex predator who, when he was Shadow Defence Secretary in 1994, was involved in a second incident, witnessed by several people.”

Describing events, one witness said: “John came lurching up and said to Dawn, “I want to have sex with you, I want to f*** you, you want it as well.”

Labour MP later Baroness Jean Corston who was present intervened and said to Reid: “You are a disgusting creature. Get away from her,” adding, “That’s it, I’m going to report you.”

Another Labour insider said: “Dawn was on the verge of tears. She said Reid had been harassing her over a period of years and had propositioned her in the bar. It was very painful for her.”

Reid was summoned by Labour leader, John Smith who read him the riot act, telling him to stop drinking and giving him a one time warning that he would be dismissed from the party if there was any further nonsense.

Labour Party Conference October 2002 Blackpool Dr John Reid MP Northern  Ireland Minister receives applause from Tony Blair PM Stock Photo - Alamy

2014 Independence referendum – Reid Accused “Yes” campaigners of sex harassment. Rich coming from him!!!

In a public speech, Reid accused Scottish supporters of independence of running offensive misogynistic campaigns using the “language of abuse” against female unionists such as J K Rowling and businesswoman Michelle Mone. (

Reid Censured by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards

Reid became the first senior cabinet member ever to be severely censured by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, Elizabeth Filkin. He was accused of using taxpayer’s money, to pay the salaries of his son and other staff who were working for Labour’s electoral campaign. In the course of the inquiry, it emerged that Reid had held, “discussions” with witnesses, “which in unparliamentary language sounded a lot like threats”. (,2763,659705,00.html)

Reid and the Medical Consultant’s excessive salary increases

As Health Secretary, Reid was responsible for introducing a revised medical consultants’ contract. The final recurring cost of his “new deal for medical consultants” took up a significant amount of the new money allocated by the treasury for the entire staff of the NHS in England and created large recurring financial deficits for health boards

Lobbygate at Holyrood

Kevin (my father is John Reid) Reid, then a media lobbyist boasted to potential customers of his contacts, “I worked for Jack (McConnell) and for Wendy (Alexander—Minister for Communities) and for Henry (McCleish—Enterprise Minister) and for Donald (Dewar—First Minister) on a one-to-one basis. I also worked with the Labour Party media team, briefing and monitoring the press team each evening.” (

Reid & War Criminal Karadzic

Reid admitted that he spent three days at a luxury Geneva lakeside hotel as a guest of Serb rebel leader and indicted war-criminal Radovan Karadzic in 1993 after they became firm friends. (,2763,659705,00.html)

Reid the salesman

Reid exploited the death of a soldier in his blatant security sales pitch to the House of Lords. (

Say no to Reid

Reid the Corrupt Politician

Reid blames uncontrolled immigration on Gordon Brown

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