Aberdeen Independence Movement Membership Criteria – SNP and WOKE

May be an image of text that says '본 2 hrs Heads up. have it on good authority that members of AIM (Aberdeen independence movement) are going through snp members social media checking for Alba posts. Word is that it could lead to suspension!'

Aberdeen Independence Movement

In January 2018 a number of independence minded friends decided to form the “Aberdeen Independence Movement” (AIM) to campaign for Scottish independence concentrating their efforts in the North East of Scotland. The headquarters is located in Aberdeen. It is an umbrella organisation whose membership is made up of WOKE minded independence activists of any political persuasion (so long as your are SNP). It is not affiliated to any political Party.

Aberdeen Independence Movement to Host Biggest Indy Event of the Year | AIM  - Aberdeen Independence Movement

Aberdeen Independence Movement Executive Committee:

Fatima Joji: Nigerian-Scot from Westhill, Aberdeenshire, tops the SNP’s north-east regional list for the Scottish Parliament elections.
Kenny Anderson: Long time SNP supporter. Managing Director and Majority Shareholder, Anderson Buchan Properties Ltd.

Finance Team:
Virginia Dawod: Manager, Robert Gordon University. SNP activist.
Danny Forbes: Robert Gordon University – SNP activist.

Joshua Mennie: (media consultant), SNP, NEC member. List candidate North East Scotland

Theo Forbes. Graphic Media And Communications Officer for the Aberdeen Independence Movement (AIM). Post occupied from 17 Jun 2017. Before that from 2015, Graphic Customer Advisor in the employ of B&Q. Just to confuse matters was a member of the National Executive Committee and the the National Events and Fundraising Officer for the SNP group “Young Scots for Independence” from 2016-2018. But just to be really clear was also the Graphic National Events and Fundraising Officer. Being at a loose end for some time he attended Aberdeen University between 2017-2021 studying Politics & International Relations. Oh!! And he has been employed by the SNP as an intern from September 2020.

Aberdeen Independence Movement - Home | Facebook

Aberdeenshire Independence Movement (ASIM) launched January 2020. Team leaders:

Neil Baillie, SNP Councillor
Vicky Harper, SNP Councillor
Andy Stuart, SNP Convenor Aberdeenshire West
Fatima Joji, SNP List Candidate

Comment: Clearly an SNP funded organisation. Why so secret ?

Aberdeen Independence Movement - Home | Facebook


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  1. Re Theo Forbes – What is a Graphic Customer Advisor? Is it someone who swears and gives detailed obscene answers to the customers all the time when they are advising them 🙂 As someone who used to work for Dodge City/B&Q a long time ago I have never heard of that term – must be a posh replacement for shop assistant to make them seem important these days 🙂

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