Rhys Crilley betrays the ideals of his profession in his unwarranted attacks on Alba

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Rhys Crilley, is a native of Wakefield in West Yorkshire who lives in Glasgow. He is a gifted academic, prolific writer and university lecturer. His primary interests are in war, militarism, scandals and outrage.

His partner is leading WOKE activist, Councillor Rhiannon Spear and through her he maintains close political relationships with senior SNP leaders and actively supports the policies they espouse. To that end it is important that readers of his political articles give due deference to his situation as it is in April 2021.

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Election 2021: Why is Alex Salmond’s Alba Party polling poorly? By Rhys Crilley

Rhys Crilley (WOKE) supporter and guest columnist for the Herald asked the question of readers but produced no evidence to support his claims. Very poor journalism. But he did get a response from some readers.

David P S****:

Why? Total failure on the part of the media to print anything but abuse, innuendo and personal attacks, and the cowardice of the same media in failing to hold the SNP government and NS to account in any way whatever for their actions in attempting to frame an innocent man.

Crilley’s remarks about support for trans rights infer that he alone is sufficiently well informed and humane to pontificate on this. In fact I’d suggest that very few people regard trans rights as an issue which will affect their vote, but as far as this opinion piece is concerned it gives him another stick to hit Alba with. Really if this wasn’t written by Crilley, it could as well have been scrawled by some overheated youth in Nic’s office.

As a long term (now former) member of the SNP I experienced the lean days when we had little support. We routinely struggled to get a quorum for branch meetings. So Crilley’s observations that Alba is struggling to make an impact is disingenuous. Alba will grow, in time for the election. and, where I am now is vastly preferable to being a supporter of a party which oversaw the shambles of the Salmond trials, the internal gerrymandering of the rules to eliminate dissenters, the alleged disappearance of £600,000 of funds, secret unrecorded meetings with donors who were subsequently awarded preferential treatment. So don’t waste my time or Alba’s with your pseudo intellectual (“tropes” indeed, Dr Crilley, pretentious or what?) tripe.

Rhys Crilley (@rhyscrilley) | Twitter

Zander T***

And to be expected, Rhys Crilley, the author of this piece is at the forefront of Trans Rights, the GRA and gender self-ID. He is all for and 100% behind and in support of Trans men, who have self-ID as a woman, free rein to enter Ladies toilets, everywhere in Scotland. Here’s what he wrote on June 6th 2019:

“The Scottish government’s ongoing review of the Gender Recognition Act has also brought bathroom politics to the fore. Some politicians and pundits have suggested that allowing transwomen to use women’s toilets threatens the safety of women. But research shows that places with trans-inclusive bathrooms have no recorded instances of harassment or assault from transgender people.”

So to all women of Scotland, if you are unhappy with the idea of men dressed as women coming into a public toilet whilst you are there, do not vote SNP and do not vote GREEN. In fact whatever you do, if you find this disturbing, say nothing, because the SNP and the GREENS will send you to jail via the Hate Crime Bill. Scotland has truly become a most unpleasant wee country in which to reside. (The Herald, today)

A urinal in a Scottish pub reveals why toilets matter in international  politics


Swinney I decide the sex education curriculum so button up!!

Oct 2019: The National Parent Forum of Scotland (NPFS) conducted an online meeting to discuss matters arising from John Swinney’s new curriculum for Scottish children.

Right from the start parents expressed anger at his addition without discussion and agreement of a new relationship, sexual health and parenthood programme to the curriculum.

Providing graphic descriptions of what was being taught to kids a father said:

“Right from the beginning of primary school they are teaching that sex is assigned at birth and gender is a subjective factor. I think that is a very dangerous and confusing message for young people. Masturbation is being positively promoted in schools. Children as young as 6yo are getting compulsory sex education lessons on ‘self-stimulation’ and touching themselves.”

NPFS chair Joanna Murphy reminded the father that the session was being streamed online. To which the father replied:

“If what I am raising is not suitable for discussion among a group of adults how can it possibly be suitable to talk about in schools?”

He continued:

“The curriculum features links to video content directing older pupils to erogenous zones in the anus. And one lesson plan explains that in some cultures male masturbation is seen as a waste of semen, which is supposed to be about creating life. And transgender life is introduced between P5 and P7. One lesson plan encourages kids to be whatever kind of girl or boy they want to be, free from stereotypes and gender-biased expectations”.

Swinney replied:

“A lot of care has been taken to ensure that the contents of the material are truly age appropriate. That involved extensive dialogue with a number of organisations whose confidence I have wanted to make sure are in place around these materials. It is promoting nothing. It is equipping young people with a knowledge and an understanding of what they can make their judgments about as responsible citizens. It simply deals with the world as it is and makes sure that young people will be equipped to handle that. I understand that there will be parental opinion that will not like this, and that should be a source of dialogue with schools to resolve that issue. I repeat my commendation for the materials . . . I don’t think we should allow our young people to be able, without context, to see things and experience things in our society that we have not properly equipped them for.”

Comment: End of discussion. But I am wondering, as I am sure you are also, just who were the “organisations” Swinney dialogued with!! Stonewall!!! for one I bet.