The Threat to Women is a Real and Present Danger

Puberty blocker firm funded Liberal Democrats - Christian Concern

The Liberal Democratic Party is pledging ‘complete reform’ of the Gender Recognition Act

Assisting their efforts with donations exceeding £1.3million, is Ferring Pharmaceuticals a company that markets drugs used in gender-identity clinics to delay puberty.

The party has already upset feminists, who worry that the “extreme trans-ideological” policies in its manifesto will put vulnerable women at risk.

The company is owned by the Swedish billionaire Frederik Paulsen and markets the drug, which is used to block puberty among adolescents.

The Lib Dem manifesto pledges “complete reform of the Gender Recognition Act to remove the requirement for medical reports, scrapping fees and recognition of non-binary gender identities”.

It also promises to “introduce an ‘X’ gender option on passports and extend equality law.

Details of the donations to the Lib/Dems. Other Parties and Stonewall are in on the act billions being spent on gender bending. Women need to be warned of the threat to their existence as a separate gender.

We've finally hit peak insanity over trans… haven't we?

Feb 2015: Russian Consul’s puberty blocker drug firm bankrolls the Liberal Democrats

A Drugs company owned by a Swedish billionaire philanthopist and explorer, who is an honorary Russian consul and lives in Switzerland, has given nearly £500k to the Liberal Democrats.

Frederik Paulsen, who lives in Lausanne, is worth an estimated £3bn and owns Ferring Pharmaceuticals. The company is ultimately controlled from Curacao, a Caribbean tax haven.

Electoral Commission records show that the British arm of the company, based in West Drayton, west London, gave four donations to the Liberal Democrats between December 2013 and June 2014. Three of them exceeded £100,000.

The British arm of Ferring Pharmaceuticals was set up in 1975. Ferring said the company had made the donations because it supported Liberal Democrats policy on Europe. (Sunday Times)

Comment: And the Lib/Dems had the hard neck to criticise Alex Salmond for broadcasting his show on RT!!!

Clegg's £30,000 Bung from Offshore Pal of Putin - Guido Fawkes

Feb 2016: Shameless Liberal Democrat Nick Clegg has trousered a massive £30k payment from an official “friend of Putin” whose company is based in an offshore tax haven.

Clegg received the bung from Frederik Paulsen, the billionaire chairman of drugs firm Ferring Pharmaceuticals. 

Paulsen was personally awarded an “Order of Friendship” medal by Putin himself. The Vlad acolyte who has poured huge amounts of cash into Russia, was given the gong by the Russian Foreign ministry, and is an honorary Russian citizen. Not only that, his company is ultimately controlled from a Caribbean tax haven…

The Liberal Democrats accuse other Party’s and politicians of siding with Putin. Conduct which is at the highest level of hypocrisy given the Party and its leader’s happiness to line their pockets with huge wedges of cash from Putin and his friends.

Obama Says Transgender Bathroom Directive Based on Law


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