Tories in Scotland developing links with the Orange Order and DUP is actively promoting the return of bigotry



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Tories in Scotland developing links with the Orange Order and DUP is actively promoting the return of bigotry

Pastor Jack Glass established his Zion Sovereign Grace Baptist Church in Glasgow’s Polmadie area in 1965. From there he conducted a 40-year “fire and brimstone” crusade against the LGBT community and the Roman Catholic church.

In 1982 he inflamed local politics conducting an offensive aggravating hatred and bigotry on Scotland’s volatile streets attempting to force government and local authorities to ban the Pope from visiting Scotland.

In 2002 the Church of Scotland General Assembly was disrupted by Glass and his followers protesting that the measure was contrary to god’s will when church leaders formally apologized to Scots for its long-held sectarian policies.

He and his congregation detested popstars and comedians claiming they were involved in the devil’s work corrupting the youth of Scotland.

The official policy of his church was that Xmas festivities were “pagan rituals” and had no place in a Christian society.

When Glass died of cancer in 2004 a Church of Scotland minister commented that whilst there was sadness at his death he was a “flawed Christian, a flea who lived on the back of the established church’s elephant.”

The Tory Party in Scotland in linking their Unionist dogma and political and financial strategy to the Ulster Unionist Party and the Orange Order presents a danger to the health, safety and well being of Scots. God forbid Scots might return to the arms of people like Pastor Jack Glass.


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