The Machiavelli of the British Civil Service is dead – A look back at a few of his successful attacks on the Scots



The man that would have inspired Machiavelli is dead and politicians sleep  more soundly. If only it were possible to delve into his diaries.

Sir Jeremy Heywood, civil servant and permanent secretary to Prime Ministers Blair, Brown, Cameron and May and confidant to the rich and powerful elite of British politics and their hangers on died from cancer this week.

His death will bring about significant change.  But it is doubtful his replacement will enjoy the same privileges and political clout as  Jeremy who, armed with all of the secrets and knowledge of misdeeds of a huge range of politicians had all of the Prime Ministers and their cohorts in his employ, at his mercy. And boy did he wield his sword with murderous efficiency.

His hatred of free thinking Scots was without parallel, as his actions proved and Scotland can only benefit from Westminster’s loss.

I wrote many articles exposing his unfettered control of the civil service and I am publishing them again so that those who failed to pick up on his power can get to know the man who was king.









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